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  1. GeWilli

    1Z TDI motor+transmission for sale $2,000

    1996 B4V Donor Shell and good motor, ~251k miles on engine and body. timing belt done at 245,000 Starts perfectly, no smoke in summer, some smoke at start up in winter but no smoke once warm. Clean running, smooth, and well maintained engine. Comes with transmission and clutch that has less...
  2. GeWilli

    Rear Passenger Side hard brake line?

    So, I'm guessing that it is not a factory part? The line blew on mine just as it comes out from under the resonator heat shield. only a few blocks from home so I was able to get back no big deal. Lines going into the brake pressure regulator from the front are in good shape, but the ones from...
  3. GeWilli

    Strut Tower Cover/Seatbelt guide removal ?

    Okay, I'm probably missing something pretty obvious... So I'll ask. how do you get get the rear Strut tower cover off on the Wagon? I've removed the two #2 philips screws, but the black plastic belt guide doesn't budge and I don't seen any visible clips/screws or tricks to remove it. Pushing...
  4. GeWilli

    B4V Air Conditioning Clutch Replacement?

    Anyone changed just the clutch on these? My compressor works fine but the clutch plates are wicked loose. With the AC on it does get a bit quieter but with it off? It is loud. It had been making a little rattle for a bit but lately it has become worse quite suddenly. I tried to tighten the...
  5. GeWilli

    Do you have any B4V bits laying around in New England?

    Maybe say a spare stock muffler that you took off when you went to a nice aftermarket one? Maybe you have say some (most importantly the right) rear brake calipers laying on a shelf collecting dust? Want to part with either of them for short money? The B4V failed inspection today, and I...
  6. GeWilli

    Fuse Panel question

    Simple question... before I try, how far down can the panel be pulled w/o detaching any wires? I need to check the back (and maybe re-route the high beam fuses) and figured I'd head to the repository of information about this vehicle... i gave it a slight tug but it didn't drop out when...
  7. GeWilli

    Transmission removal in a B4

    So yeah I did it. And unlike the old GeWilli with the golf i took ZERO pictures. Sorry. But. I will add a few notes about how to get that transmission out easily. I more or less used this as my guide because i couldn't find my B4 cd (just found it here at the office - lot of good it did me...
  8. GeWilli

    transmission removal in RI

    Okay so i've got it all unbolted but be it the heat - my rusty wrenching skilz or what - sum***** isn't coming out. You see on the 2nd the car stopped/locked up. throw out bearing like noise for a bit leads me to believe something there went kaboom. and locked it all up. Of course well...
  9. GeWilli

    B4V parts, engine? Anyone looking for stuff in NE?

    It might be too early to know but I'm working on the worst case scenario here. My wife slid into a nice hard RI rock curb Friday in the rain and messed up the rim, and who knows what else. bend the pass side drive-shaft by the looks of it and who knows what else. Best case, replace the shaft...
  10. GeWilli

    low power continues on my B4V

    Yeah so i'm working through GoFaster's thing. But since I can't do anything for a few days while it is being driving around (and i don't have parts at the moment) lets do some good old school GeWilli hashing a problem out online. Yeah? Sound like good old days fun? I thought so to (no not...
  11. GeWilli

    RIP my golf

    Hey MI gang - the golf is gone, heater/battery/something while plugged in. Up in flames this morning. that car had many good years and miles in Michigan - lots of good times in Lew's Hondo's and Marty's "garages"
  12. GeWilli

    turbo to manifold bolts - snap snap snap

    Got the head off, but in the process the turbo to manifold bolts all snapped... got the Bolts (wicked hard steel btw) out of the turbo flange (at least ELSA says to always renew - check - can't reuse bolts in two peices). But the stud is still in the exhaust manifold, which is still attached...
  13. GeWilli

    WTB Summer/all season 195 60R14 tires

    Looking for some mounted up on 4x100 rims, steel rims are fine too. Do you have a stack after upgrading your A3/B4 that are sitting around and you feel like selling them to a good home at a good deal? Or how about trading them for 5 4x108 Volvo alloy wheel with good 195-60/15 rubber mounted on...
  14. GeWilli

    First fill up of the B4V

    Just had to share - other B4V owners may not remember the first time they filled the tank up, but coming from a tiny little fuel tank in my Golf this was a shock... The only other previous fill up was at a Hess station in NJ with ridiculously low diesel prices, and well that's full serve. No...
  15. GeWilli

    anyone around here have...

    a B4V ('96) bentley paper manual I can borrow for a couple days? I got a bit of fixing up to do. While I trust my ALH brain will be able to figure out what is what and where stuff is supposed to be... it would be nice to have something to look at... Yes, the Wagon has landed. We are now...
  16. GeWilli

    need a bit of help in NoVa

    Limp mode on trip to VA and Back car hit limp mode on the way down here... still in limp mode. here being Gainsville/Manassas area of Northern VA... Anyone around friday or saturday that might be able to check the codes? drop me a PM or an email to gewilli at gmail TIA g PS yes, my vag-com is...
  17. GeWilli

    nokian dealer in RI/SE Mass?

    or at least a reccomendation? i see tasca volvo has em and some place in cumberland... but wondering if any 'locals' have a line on a good dealer... i am lookin at the i3 cause, well I need something to replace the bald b-stones on there oh and HI EVERYBODY (insert waving smilie) :D
  18. GeWilli

    RI member?

    Saw a guy at breakfast in Riverside. Don't recall the name, but he said he's the largest used TDI dealer in the country. Any one have his username? I think the food coma erased my memory.
  19. GeWilli

    What goes Clunk, rattle clunk clunk

    minus the rattle... its front end... not the motor mounts (checked all three - rubber's doing great) not the sway bar, could get it to make the noise with it completely disconnected (i think) its a very disconcerting sound... kinda like something is going to fall off... ball joint? it...
  20. GeWilli

    Oilguard Bypass Filter Update

    Long time old school F&L poster here... figure i'd drop an update on a test i'm running. Way back in the middle ages of TDIclub-dome i installed an Oil Guard Bypass filter (the EPS-10 when it was sold with no hardware or hoses). And i bought maybe 5 or 10 filter elements. Well i was down to...