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  1. BakoTDI

    Should I or should I not? B7 Passat

    Hello everyone. So, I may be in the market for getting a TDI Passat and wanted to know what is the overall experience for these models? pros and cons. I have an MK4 ALH Jetta but I know nothing of Passats. are there any commons issues with engines, transmission, electrical, computer, etc. I...
  2. BakoTDI

    Show us your MK4 mods

    I'm always on the lookout for mods for my Jetta so I hope you can share some of your mods, swaps, etc. that we may put some of them on our endless to-do-list for our cars. I'm currently working on the 1.8T rotor & caliper swap. Once my diesel inspection from the CA DMV is done, I will be...
  3. BakoTDI

    Shifter style ?

    has anyone seen this shifter before? If so, what is the code for it? I'm guessing it's from a euro-only model. I came across a guy from Serbia that asked me how to remove the slop on this shifter, as you probably have with your 02J kit from dieselgeek. But I have never seen this before. He has...
  4. BakoTDI

    Is my tune ok?

    Hello everyone, I currently have a Malone Stage 3 tune with stock turbo, Firad 502 (0.216) injectors and South Bend Stage 2 Endurance. I currently have EGR valve and cooler installed. Everything is stock besides nozzles and clutch. I have been seeing a lot of posts of guys having more...
  5. BakoTDI

    Relay 109, missing terminal?

    Trying to diagnose why my car won’t start. Battery is good. Starter is new. Checked power to clutch sensor and I did get 12v there. Checked for voltage on the wire going to the starter solenoid and got 12.3v. So I then checked other posts and got directed towards relay 109. Went under dash and...
  6. BakoTDI

    Fog light help needed

    So, I got a fog light wiring kit from Ebay with fuse and relay and even though the terminal ends were not right, I was able to splice on the VW connectors from wires that I got from the JY. So considering this diagram, I connected the wire to slot #8 on the switch harness, like this...
  7. BakoTDI

    FS: 02J Shifter box and cables SOLD

    I have an extra 02J shifter with cables. No cable ends nor tower. $100 shipped OBO (US only please)
  8. BakoTDI

    Sunroof (aftermarket) parts/issues

    Guys, I have an MK4 99.5 Jetta that had an an aftermarket sunroof installed. It worked for a long time and suddenly, it started giving me issues when trying to close. After some troubleshooting and research, found out that the cams need replacement. Was wondering if anyone had an aftermarket...
  9. BakoTDI

    Alternator swap question

    So I have already swapped my SB tensioner and the annoying noise is still there. I planned to remove/replace the alternator pulley but noticed the internal splines, the ones on the shaft, were stripped. I can try two things: 1-remove the alternator to try and remove the pulley, which may or...
  10. BakoTDI

    FS: GTI MK5 Flat Bottom Steering wheel (no bag)

    SOLD! Got this from an MK5 GTI. Was not able to get airbag. It has paddle shifters and other controls. $155 shipped (US only)
  11. BakoTDI

    02J and 02A swap

    So I picked up an 02J shifter assembly to upgrade my 02A in my 99.5 Jetta. My question is: Will this just be a straight swap or do I need to swap anything else beyond the cable ends?? Wondering if I’ll have to go back to JY and look for another manual tranny with the 02J shifter.
  12. BakoTDI

    What is your best junk yard find?

    I was happy to find newer interior door grab handles since mine were brittle and were not staying on the door panels anymore. Also, super clean sun visors! Minor stuff to freshen up the interior some. What about you?
  13. BakoTDI

    FS: VNT15 Turbo w/exhaust manifold and actuator

    Recently replaced my stock turbo and I have this just laying around. Actuator is in good working condition. I took it apart to clean it out and found that the guide pin was worn (see pic below). $100 shipped Thanks!
  14. BakoTDI

    Nozzle and clutch upgrade: need guidance

    So I need a new clutch for my ALH Mk4 Jetta. I have the stock turbo but I need to replace my nozzles. I’m in desperate need of guidance on this. I can’t upgrade turno at this time so what options might I have in order to be able to support a possible turno upgrade in the future? Been...
  15. BakoTDI

    Any fellow TDI owners in Bakersfield?

    Looking for other TDI owners in Bakersfield CA that are willing to share their wisdom! :D
  16. BakoTDI

    Strange rattling-like noise

    I know the title of this thread is very cliche but nevertheless, I have not been able to identify what might be happening with my engine. This started a while ago and at first, I thought it was the serpentine belt tensioner. After changing it, it continued. When I was under the car checking my...
  17. BakoTDI

    Caliper painting: what color to choose?

    Wanted to get your input on what color to paint my brake calipers. My car is not a true red, but more like a burgundy, Canyon Red I believe. What colors do you guys think would look best with my car's body color? Haven't been able to find pics for Jettas of the same color as mine...
  18. BakoTDI

    WTB: Center Console Black MK4 Jetta

    Looking for center console: lower front and rear parts (BLACK) I had this style of the rear part, but I think all are interchangeable. Thanks
  19. BakoTDI

    Boost Gauge Test (video)

    Hello guys, I recently installed a new N75 valve and VNT15 Garrett Turbo on my 99 MK4 ALH Jetta. I installed a new Newsouth Performance Boost gauge in order to see what the boost is actually doing. I know that the best way to see proper operation of the boost is by looking at the logs...
  20. BakoTDI

    Is this crucial?

    Put on my turbo again but I think I forgot the put this back on ... so I need to remove the manifold again?