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  1. nicklockard

    Touareg fuel economy

    I'm only getting 18mpg highway and 15.5 when towing. This is a 2010 post-fix Tdi. What kind of fuel economy are you getting?
  2. nicklockard

    Who's going to Nobe or Aptera after their current TDI?

    In the interest of copying the 'Who's going to Tesla after their current TDI' thread, I'm curious if any of you are also interested in the Nobe, the Aptera, or any other electric vehicles?
  3. nicklockard

    FS: Stealth Hitch combination for BMW 335d--$574. Phoenix, AZ. Will ship to lower 48

    Hello, Since there are more than a few BMW owners here, I have for sale this Combo pack from Stealth Hitches I paid $837. FS at $574/offer. Can ship @ your cost using my Fedex business account to all lower 48 US states.
  4. nicklockard

    Trade your X5 35d for my 335d

    There's a 98% chance this is the fastest diesel you've ever been in . My wife and I are buying a food trailer, so we need a tow vehicle. I have a: 2009 335d sport with NAV, paddle shifters, sport seats Montego blue exterior on anthracite interior 152k miles Alphabet deleted Urea tank present...
  5. nicklockard

    "The top 15 cargo ships worldwide emit more pollution than Earth's 1 billion cars"

    "The top 15 cargo ships worldwide emit more pollution than Earth's 1 billion cars" Hello, I was watching a video and heard this claim that the world's top 15 cargo ships emit more pollution than all the cars on the planet. This sounds like such a radical claim to me. Here is the video where...
  6. nicklockard

    Possibly the most unique and coolest rat rod every built Neat.
  7. nicklockard

    Rare Porsche diesel tractor FS

    This is not mine, but I post for any collectors on here: I'd be happy to check it out on your behalf. PM me.
  8. nicklockard

    2002 ALH pricing totally insane
  9. nicklockard

    How auto standards & non-tariff trade barriers limit consumer choice in North America

    How auto standards & non-tariff trade barriers limit consumer choice in North America Good read over on r/depthhub: Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  10. nicklockard

    Traveling through Europe, any GTG's?

    Hello, I will be traveling from Stuttgart to Barcelona by rental car from 13 August to 23 August. Our approximate path is Stuttgart (13th), Munich, Verona, Piacenza, Nice, Avignon, Montpellier, Barcelona(22nd and 23rd). If any Get-Together's are happening along the path, it'd be nice to stop...
  11. nicklockard

    Howdy, Tucson neighbors

    Hi everybody. We've relocated to Tucson from Portland, Oregon. The Mexican food is awesome!! Who's up for a GTG? Some barbecue, some wrenching, some beer drinking? I'm thinking a weekend day after 5:45 when the sun's a little lower and it's cooler. Anyone?
  12. nicklockard


    Hey people, this is common-sense , but we're a very geographically-diverse and international group here. As a big favour to yourself and prospective buyers, please clearly state the location of the classified items in the title of your thread! (even if you're willing to ship--it just cuts...
  13. nicklockard

    Great Audi commercial
  14. nicklockard

    Goodbye Ducati

    Hello Sprint!
  15. nicklockard

    Can't stop laughing!!
  16. nicklockard

    SmartForTwo CDI into...?

    Made in America Elio 3 wheeler. What kind of mpg could it get?
  17. nicklockard

    75 Year old soviet ISU-152 Tank Destroyer gets jump started from where it's been

    since WWII: (Originally found on reddit)
  18. nicklockard

    Only 35 mpg!

    This tank: 306 mile round trip to camping. All other trips were 7.2 mile work commutes. 448 miles on tank 12.561 gallons 35.66 mpg Car: 1998 1.9 L gas 4cylinder BMW 318ti :( I'm only getting Mark 6 tdi-like fuel economy :D:D No hypermiling at all. All I've done is shift down at every light...
  19. nicklockard

    R. Q. Riley XR3 Deluxe plans--fundraiser

    Hello, I have Bob Riley's deluxe plans for building the 3-wheeled XR3 At this point, I don't have the garage space or requirements to embark on this build, but I'd love to see someone else try! So here's the deal: let's raise money for TdiClub with these plans. I originally paid $300 for...
  20. nicklockard

    2.5" Magnaflow cat and v-band clamp &75

    Shipped to lower 48. Barely used. Sent from my phone. Any misspellings or grammar mistakes are my phone's fault. Go by what I mean, not what my phone says.