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  1. Mythdoc

    SOLD: Chipwerke Piggyback Chip Tuner 3.0 L TDI $99 OBO

    Hard to find anymore, removable, undetectable (by dealer) piggyback chip tuner for 3.0 liter TDI engine. (also works with Touareg or Porsche) Cabling included. Installs between the rail pressure sensor and the ECU. Used but works great! Get the benefit of greater performance and/or better mpg’s...
  2. Mythdoc

    Good Lord, it’s a Buyer’s Market on Low Miles Golfs

    I decided to look for low miles Golf TDI S for my son’s daily driver. I set a search for under 30K miles, within 200 miles of my zip code, under $17K. There must be 75 cars in the list. Several are under $14. Dieselgate is a gift that keeps on giving!
  3. Mythdoc

    DPF replaced under warranty?

    I have a question for the 2.0 owners. I can’t seem to find it answered anywhere. In another forum for 3.0 owners a disagreement has emerged over the dieselgate extended warranty coverage for the DPF. Some insist that the coverage only extends to the DPF “breaking.” I insist that it extends to...
  4. Mythdoc

    Is anyone with a gen 2 3.0 still waiting for half the Bosch money?

    I just called their info line and the representative, reading off a sheet, seemed to be telling me that because I purchased after September, 2015, the other half of my payment would not be payable until April, 2020. Which seems like BS. I have a Q5 purchased in January. The former owner did not...
  5. Mythdoc

    Hyundai of Cookeville: Worst Persons of the Week

    Amount of offer in envelope: $17,225 Amount of my buyback: $43,300 Now, please don't misunderstand, I am aware there is nothing illegal about this scheme. But it is wrong, in my opinion. If they sent a generic letter offering an incentive to VW diesel owners to buy a Hyundai there would be no...
  6. Mythdoc

    Audi, Porsche Open to Selling TDI's in US Again

    This would be for the larger 3.0 engine, where gasser technology has more difficulty approaching the economy and power of a diesel.
  7. Mythdoc

    Chipwerke Piggyback Tuner: 3.0 Dieselgate Solution?

    After much deliberation, I have decided to install a $300 Chipwerke Pro piggyback tuner in my 2015 Q5 TDI. As one who has never done any modifications to a car, even this little step was big for me. Here's why. My 2011 Touareg is/was the best car I've owned. (It's parked awaiting the buyback.)...
  8. Mythdoc

    Nice A8 TDI for sale

    In Atlanta:
  9. Mythdoc

    Asking Prices Going Up?

    This is not a scientific study, but mirrors other anecdotes we have been finding.
  10. Mythdoc

    EPA Permits Sale of Inventoried TDIs

    According to Reuters, one of the most reliable news sources on VW:
  11. Mythdoc

    European TDI Fix Fails

    Interesting torque curves:
  12. Mythdoc

    Efficient Use of the 3.0 TDI in a Q5 -- Thoughts?

    I posted this in the AudiWorld Q5 forum and got basically no response. There are a few diesel owners over there but most are gasser owners and not TDI enthusiasts who want to know all about the engine or care that much about fuel efficiency. I come over from a 2011 Touareg TDI with vastly...
  13. Mythdoc

    TDI veteran, now in Q5

    Hi! Thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a 2011 Touareg TDI owner awaiting buyback. I couldn't face a future without diesel torque so I just purchased a 2015 Q5 TDI. I am confident that the 3.0l gen 2 fix will leave us in good shape. Also I am betting that good service on the TDI engine will be...