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  1. compu_85

    B4 fog light dummies on parts blowout

    Guess VW found a couple: COVER 3A0-941-777 $60 $14.99 75% 114
  2. compu_85

    FS: Passat NMS Upgrades: LEDs, Xenons, Seats

    Our ‘12 Passat goes back to VW next week. I'd like $250 Chinese market LED tail lights. With trailer light controller so they work with the USA lighting code. Demo here: Come over and I’ll help install them! Will need your USA tails to go back on our car. $350...
  3. compu_85

    FS: 1999.5 Jetta TDI GLS. Black on black, many upgrades! $3,750 in DC Metro

    The time has come... For sale is my 99.5 Jetta GLS TDI 5 speed. Odometer is just under 313,000 miles. Some highlights: -Power windows, locks (working!) -New timing belt, water pump, oil pump chain & tensioner, front main seal, cam seal, lifters and clutch at 280k. Clutch is a TDI friction w/...
  4. compu_85

    FS: 2012 Passat TDI SE DSG $12,500*

    Sadly, the time has come for VeeDubTDI and I to part with our 2012 Passat TDI. As everyone is aware, VW is offering to buy this car back. So here's the deal... the buyback offer is $17,987. The modification offer is $5,487. If you pay us the buyback amount up front, we won't complete our claim...
  5. compu_85

    Adaptation for preglow time on EDC16 PD motors?

    This post is mostly directed at our friends from Ross-Tech :) As many here know, the easy preglow time adaptation for the ALH doesn't work for the PD motors sold here. I was Googling around and found this posting:
  6. compu_85

    Carpooling thread

    Hmm, perhaps a bit late to ask... Is anyone leaving Fest on Monday that would be heading past Milwaukee? I'm flying out at 6 pm and would love to catch a ride with someone :) -J
  7. compu_85

    FS ScanGauge II w/ XGauge. $130 shipped.

    I have an extra ScanGauge II, the 2nd revision with XGauges. Used, but in good condition. No display issues. With the connection cable. $145 shipped in the USA. Thanks! -Jason
  8. compu_85

    Recommended glass installers in the DC area?

    The cold / defrost cycles caused the chip on the Touareg's windshield to turn into a crack running almost the width of the glass... and of course the inspection is due this month :rolleyes: Anyone have a recommended glass shop? This will be an out of pocket repair. Thanks, -Jason
  9. compu_85

    MK3 Fenders on Closeout

    The last thing that happens before they go NLA. $49 each. FENDER 1HM-821-022-B $96.93 $49 49% 85 1993-99 Golf/Jetta FENDER 1HM-821-021-D $100.27 $49 51% 42 1993-99 Golf/Jetta -J
  10. compu_85

    Improving the rain sensing wipers on 2012 models

    As most of you know the 2012 NMS models all have a rain / light sensor. The rain sensor / auto wiper function was disabled from the factory. Many chose to use VCDS to enable the rain sensor. The problem I observed is that the sensitivity isn't very good... the wipers are either going too fast or...
  11. compu_85

    Emissions update changes

    As the owner of a 2012 Passat I am very curious what the forthcoming changes to the engine management will be. I decided to capture a baseline. The following log is my drive home from work. The drive starts with the car having sat for 8 hours, being started, driven on city streets with...
  12. compu_85

    VCDS @ TDIFest

    I'm going to be giving a basic and advanced VCDS tech demo at TDIFest this year. I have some ideas of what I want to cover, including Auto Scan, Fault codes, Long Coding, and interface types. Are there other topics people are interested in me speaking about? I'd love to share the bits I've...
  13. compu_85

    Compu's spring clean! 99.5 shifter, CD Player, Free 8mm IP + AC pump, ac parts + more

    Time for some spring cleaning! Prices are less shipping. $Free! 8mm 1.6 ECOdiesel injection pump. Car had 380,000 miles on the odometer when this was removed due to leaks. Throttle lever plate on the top was also removed. The car did run though. $Free! Mk2 diesel Sanden AC compressor. Has...
  14. compu_85

    TDIFest 2015 Carpooling Thread

    TDIFest is coming! Here's a place where those wanting to share a ride can coordinate :cool: I'll start :o Because of work it looks like I'll have to fly into Maine on Friday. I'd be arriving at the Portland International Jetport at either Noon or 2PM depending on which flight I pick...
  15. compu_85

    Pairing remotes to the BCM in the NMS

    Has anyone tried to pair keyless remotes to the BCM in one of our cars? I got a used highline control module so I could do factory style foglights on our SE car, however the adaptation channel where you tell it the number of remotes you want to add is always not available. I've made sure all the...
  16. compu_85

    WTB: Mk4 grab handle brackets

    I'm looking for 2 sets of the brackets which attach the grab handles to the roof frame on Mk4 cars with side airbags. They are stamped steel pieces, the headliner needs to come down to get at them. If you're parting out a car and have access to a set let me know! -J
  17. compu_85

    WTB (Want to Borrow): Any owner's manual suppliment / training VHS tape

    I've started making a nice collection of VW training & owner's manual suppliment videos. You can see what I have so far here: If you have a tape I haven't imported I'd love to borrow it for a week, convert it, then send...
  18. compu_85

    FS: Complete Phatbox setup

    I installed an aftermarket headunit in my Jetta and don't need this anymore. Complete 20GB phatbox system including the PC dock, cables, and software. Worked great the last time I used it. I'm asking $75, but am open to other offers. If you're coming to TDIFest I'll even install it in your...
  19. compu_85

    Diesel drag race

    Car54 was talking smack about Oihammer's Vanagon... so I had to put the hammer down and spank his wimpy little scooter. Unfortunately the scooter turned out to be faster. Diesel Vanagon vs Fat Guy on Scooter. At least the van doesn't smoke :o -J
  20. compu_85

    Passat NMS "Hidden" features thread

    Some of these tidbits are buddied in the owner's manual, some are not. But they should all be in this list! Lighting: -Manually activate coming home lights: With the ignition off with the key removed, pull the high beam switch back for "flash to pass". The coming home feature runs for one...