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  1. Bora-chiara

    MK4 Grey Interior

    from a 2000 Jetta, all grey interior I have the seats, all trim, door cards and deck lid. Not including the center trim around the shifter (broken), carpet. The drivers seat has some small wear and the door cards fabric has separated from the panel. Offer any price, just really to cover...
  2. Bora-chiara

    FS: Various EGR parts, (ALH,BRM,BEW,BHW)-PD Tandem pump-vacuum solenoids

    Various EGR coolers, pipes: bew egr cooler 038131513AE $50 SOLD bew upper egr pipe 038131521ca $45 brm egr cooler 03g131512ad $75 bhw egr cooler 038131513s $100 alh egr cooler $75 bhw lower egr pipe 028131521ad $20 brm egr pipe 03g131521r $75 bhw upper egr pipe 038131521cb $75 alh lower egr...
  3. Bora-chiara

    WTB: Diesekgeek bypass filter kit

    for an ALH and BHW. PM or text 208-995-6996 Thanks
  4. Bora-chiara

    FS: mk4 interior parts/heated seats

    Parting out some interior things from a 2002 Jetta. I did a recent interior swap. Mostly I just want to free up some garage space. If you want to make a reasonable offer that's fine - we can figure out shipping stuff within a PM. Heated front seats/airbags - $50 a piece Rear seats - $30...
  5. Bora-chiara

    2004 Jetta in the Winco lot in Boise, Idaho

    2004 grey 5 speed debadged sexy looking jetta with a FMIC. I saw your boost gauge too and can only assume you are a clubbed. I don't know of too many of them around here in Boise...
  6. Bora-chiara

    City Jetta Parts Swap

    I want to swap front and/or rear end parts with my US spec MK4 Jetta for City Jetta parts. Anyone know where to find these parts or people who would want to do this swap? I've seen people have done them obviously in Canada and see a lot of Canadian CJ owners don't like the look. If any forum...
  7. Bora-chiara

    Bora-Chiara's Jetta for sale

    I bought the 1998 Jetta in July of 2007 from a gentleman and his wife in San Diego. It spent all it's previous time in Montana as the wife's highschool/college car. The family is a diesel family and raised this car from it's roots correctly. Proper oil, Timing belts and all routine maintenance...
  8. Bora-chiara

    FS: MK3 Jetta Headlights

    $50 a piece, right and left. PM or The ebay listing.
  9. Bora-chiara

    FS: MK3 Jetta Headlights

    MK3 Jetta Right and left side from headlights, clean, no burnt bulbs, $50 a side.
  10. Bora-chiara

    Oldpoopie Rocky Mountain TB/Wrenching GTG April 2009

    So the long awaited GTG is finally here. Justin (Oldpoopie) has agreed to come down and do wrenching at a GTG for us. Other work will be at his discretion so please contact him for options. There are very few trustworthy locations for having a TB done in this area, so we need to take advantage...
  11. Bora-chiara

    Gasser Golf Oil Change

    My sister has an 06 golf and left the dang torx tool in utah that we needed. Drain plugs on the 2006 ABA motor does not use a regular 14MM it is torx and I do not know what size it is. Does anybody know?
  12. Bora-chiara

    Bottom Line:Engineering Failure on MK3 Doors

    Help? I've previously noticed when it's cold, my driver's rear door refuses to open even when it is un-locked. An internal part in the mechanism doesn't do it's job. Tonight after work ALL doors but passenger rear wouldn't open. Had to crawl......Does moisture get in somewhere it shouldn't...
  13. Bora-chiara

    New Beetle Ambient Air Temp Sensor

    After driving my mum's beetle for a week I fell in love with the temp sensor and clock by the moon roof controls. Needless to say, I want one. Found one at the junk yard, but now I need the sensor. Anyone know where it is, part numbers, or how I can aquire it?
  14. Bora-chiara

    Mk4 short shifter for my Mk3

    Driving my mum's A4 Turbo S Beetle with stock short shifter has gotten me needing a short shifter on my A3. I already knew I was going to be putting a beetle shift stick in for replacement, what other things would I need to upgrade to a mk4 short shifter? I know mk3 shifters are hard to find...
  15. Bora-chiara

    Doing my Clutch tomorrow...Wish me luck!

    Ive done plenty of work on my Jetta and do all the PM, but for some reason im super nervous for doing my clutch tomorrow. The whole Transmission coming completely out thing i think is whats scaring me. I have the HOWTOs and the Bentley so i'm sure ill be fine....any last words of advice or...
  16. Bora-chiara

    Filled up today, for $41.00!

    Provo Utah Conoco Diesel @ 2.79 Cash or 2.84 Card, the cheapest i've seen since 2005! Wow it feels good from the $70 I spent this summer to fill up!
  17. Bora-chiara

    My Electric Gremlin has moved....

    My security system gremlin has moved to the most inconvenient part of the vehicle. It started in the Passenger door, then the trunk, then back to the passenger door. (All switches replaced), just now at the drive thru to get some shakes (You know, have to turn off the car so they can hear you)...
  18. Bora-chiara

    AC doesnt work under load?

    Now that scorching summer is back, A/C is a big deal. It seems my AC is temperamental comparative to my driving. Mostly. I can hear the relay click off and air get warm when the motor is under load, through each gear. Then when I let off the pedal and the load is less or naught, the relay clicks...
  19. Bora-chiara

    mk3 golf headlights, throw me your input!

    Requirements: 1) black housing, not chrome 2) projectors 3) HID safe 4) fits mk3 golf Ideas? Lots of options out there. If you've done it, your who i'm looking for.
  20. Bora-chiara

    Project Hybrid A3 Golf/Jetta!

    Front end of this: put on the front end of this: Creating a MONSTER!!! (something like this) Anyone done it? I just don't know where to get the parts. I assume its just the side fenders, front grille, hood, headlights, and....bumper? Any ideas or info would be welcomed!