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  1. ATR

    Brunch at Atwaters in Catonsville Saturday December 3rd at 11am

    Title sums it up very well. Time: Saturday December 3rd at 11am Place: Atwaters in Catonsville Maryland What to expect? Fantastic breakfast & brunch food. And the coffee is some of the best in the area. Ordering food & coffee is pretty straightforward. Order at...
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    FS, Baltimore MD: Lots of goodies from a MK6 Golf

    All gone to good homes :)
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    We need a Maryland meet soon!

    A BBQ or maybe a get together at a local pub or something would be great. Been missing hanging out with some of you folks! Ideas?
  4. ATR

    Went with a KermaTDI tune on a CR140

    Picked up a tune (came with a q loader as well :cool:) today at Waterfest as a way to breath some new life into the car and seeing if I can keep the car a bit longer. This tune is the real deal! All emissions systems left intact. NO CEL, just GO juice.:D:cool::eek: If I had to sum up how it...
  5. ATR

    Waterfest 2016 (July 16-17)

    Who else is going to the fest?
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    Belly pan bolt sheared off

    Sooo, I had some spare time to kill today to finally reattach the missing screw on my belly pan. Guess what, found out that whoever serviced it before me sheared the thing off somehow. I attempted to remove the middle one but it seemed to be pretty hard to remove as well. I was using a t30 bit...
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    New DPF technology
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    Baltimore Auto Show: FEBRUARY 4-7

    I've been looking forward to this for a bit of time now. Anyone else planing to go? Here's the info: 2016 Motor Trend International Auto Show – Baltimore New cars, trucks and SUVs will fill the Baltimore Convention Center for the Motor Trend...
  9. ATR

    Lets hear some GOOD stories on why you bought your VW

    I'm getting burnt out with all the rhetoric and sob stories here lately. We all know about IC icing issues, HPFP issues, Serp belt failures and now DIESELGATE..... Lets keep that type of talk & info in those threads. I want this thread to be a good news & such kinda thread... We need this kinda...
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    Rear washer hose failure

    During the warmer months I ran distilled water. Few days ago I put in the antifreeze blue washer fluid. Went to flush lines of the distilled water then opened the hatch to get something and noticed quite a bit of water leak out. I thought it might be from the car wash? Nope... Tonight I was...
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    Dub Run: Saturday, October 24th

    This looks like a very cool event. Anyone else planning to go?
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    BMW diesel reliability?

    Seems that BMW & reliable don't do together. At least that's what I can gather from owners. The way I see it however is they are more needy then a Honda and require prompt service on the expected mileage intervals. I'm fine with that since I've been doing just that with my vw tdi and haven't...
  13. ATR

    Diesel fuel: Shell vs gulf vs....?

    I pass a gulf station everyday on my way to work. It's pretty consistently ~$.05 less then the shell station I'll normally fill up at which has me wondering what the difference is. And while we're on the subject what's the difference between others out there
  14. ATR

    Excess play in shifter?

    I've been wondering if this is "excess" or normal for a while. It's had this amount of play since I bought it used last year. Recently installed a DG S6 and noticed no reduction in side to side play. Here's a video of what I'm talking about Starts in 3rd gear to show amount of play then "N"...
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    FS: 2005 Acura TSX wheels (MD)

  16. ATR

    VCDS/VAG COM: any way to increase rear wiper delay?

    I'm wondering if there's any way in vcds to code the rear wiper delay to be longer then what it's currently set for? I've found that even in a downpour the delay is just too short.
  17. ATR

    Look at what I found on e-bay!

    A E39 5 series 6 cylender diesel! :cool:
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    FS: MKVI Golf Steering wheel & airbag - Baltimore, MD $400 OBO

    FS: MKVI Golf Steering wheel & airbag - Baltimore, MD $325 OBO Price Drop to $325 obo Reason for selling: I'm selling because I recently went with a MKvi Scirocco steering wheel & GTi airbag. The golf's airbag wasn't compatible with the new wheel so I'm selling both wheel & airbag. Details...
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    Cr140 Turbo upgrade that has a flat torque line after spool up

    I've been wondering how a cr170 compares to the GTB turbos. Specifically torque output and mpg since the plan is to have a decently quick daily driver that gets to Highway speeds quickly while still returning 45mpg or better Highway while going ~68mph. Smoke minimal/free is also something I'd...