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  1. BoosTDIt

    KermaTDI Q Loader Problems

    beachkokopeli your mileage should get much better as we start getting the more summer fuel in the area...
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    Raise the BS Flag or not?

    Point taken Joe all the best in achieving your goals with your ride, but your reply "ill take 2" did seem to me as if you were with the guy above. Sorry for the confusion , post edited. Like TDIMeister said and few others agreed , that car is ultra "clean" even if the appearance and treatments...
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    Raise the BS Flag or not?

    scurvy and joevat, i don't know what you 2 are blabbering about, if you can not appreciate someones hard work there is no need to post "trash talk". Remember that you are not the only one reading these forums. scurvy obviously has absolutely no clue what "rice" or "bling" is..and god has...
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    WTB Golf used stock Tail lights

    WTB Golf used stock Tail lights..can be partially broken tabs whatever, Local MD/DC/VA area please need them to temporary remove my expensive ones during some custom bodywork being performed. phone me at 571-276-3111 regards Peter
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    How to swap chrome with aluminum button on your hand brake

    thanks im glad atleast someone found that usefull...therefor the write is soo tedious that only the true VW geek would attempt adding that little detail to their ride :P believe me..i ordered that button ..and it took me maybe a month to figure this out... to be honest..i even bought...
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    High Mileage

    I'll quote my self lol...sitting at 214311 atm. 1 owner and ohh , it just got paid off too... back from the dead thread
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    K&N Air filter study is done.

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    How to swap chrome with aluminum button on your hand brake

    Im no hero x i been away long time....anyway Take a close look at the very last photograph. You see the area of the grab handle where it is totaly straight right. The area where you place your you go further you can see how there is a 90 degree cut going up and then it...
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    Performance Motor Mount Options

    "Edit: I'm TALKING about the custom machined aluminum VF Engineering left side engine / right side transmition mounts that are in my car. **NOT** the **Density** mounts in the top post link!!!! I saw a mention of the VF mounts so i replyed automaticly.Sorry if it was a useless post."...
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    Intake Dynoing!!! Lets end this!!!

    right click save ^^
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    What's the smallest (least powerful) battery for a TDI?

    Hey guys..been a while hehe... Check this out before u spend 170$$$ on a Braille :DDD ya laters..
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    RallyVW Pikes Peak daily status

    Oliver couldn't resist could you..:) spilling the beans on that cobra kit car..well now that the cat is out of the bag.. It's funny how history repeats it self , Jon had to pass people when the last record fell imagine what 2-3 extra seconds out of that alone could do next year. BTW...
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    RallyVW Pikes Peak daily status

    Hahha , we may just try that for kicks, as soon as they get their record books straight
  14. BoosTDIt

    RallyVW Pikes Peak daily status

    Yea We're home, Getting things organized and yes there will be a massive picture thread and new DVD coming out soon.. Stay tuned
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    VA speeding ticket - 3500$

    I think we'll see allot of VA houses around DC/Metro area for SALE soon...and rents going down even more
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    Lurk's Mandral Pipes Projects

    Just to add..its not very clear from the picture but there is a way to raise the tip about a 1/2 inch up..i didnt do the best job with designing it's position.. there is no issues what so ever with jacking the car up in its designated location...i have access room even for the commonly used...
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    Lurk's Mandral Pipes Projects

    Hi Mike , i just took the whole thread in on one breath!! Amazing.. 1.As i see your first finalized product for testing will be the lower IC pipe..I would love to sign up for the testing of the finalized pre-production design of it..even if at time you require some sort of payment. ""The...
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    This is the plan

    what the hell is a super stealth..i must have been away for too please
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    piston go boom

    that must have been one hell of a over-boost i wander when i will get to see my pistons up close and personal..not that i want to anyway
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    How to swap chrome with aluminum button on your hand brake

    honestly no idea..but like i said earlier up in the posts...if u try to buy a new button comes as pictured with the spring thingie