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    Shock judgment in the diesel scandal: VW software update is also manipulated

    Knaller-Urteil im Diesel-Skandal: Auch VW Software Update ist manipuliert (wallstreet:online, German) Translated snippet: Apparently the European-market "fix" for EA189s had another defeat device in it, shutting the emissions controls off below 10 °C (50 °F), above 32 °C (90 °F), or above...
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    Hamburger diesel driver wins trial against VW,diesel236.html (German) (Translated using Google Translate) I think that's a first, a European court ruling that ordered VW to buy back a Dieselgate car, even after a fix attempt.
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    CO2 emissions of diesel vs. gasoline and ethanol fuel production

    Edit: This thread has been split off of the Electric vehicles (EVs), their emissions, and future viability thread. Some posts (including this post) from that thread have been duplicated for context. UCS has updated their carbon footprint data to use 2016 grid emissions data, and expand the...
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    Toyota will phase out diesels in European passenger cars this year

    Toyota enters the next phase of its European powertrain strategy
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    2019 Transit Connect Wagon announced, 1.5 diesel for US market
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    Animal and human exposure to diesel emissions performed at VW, BMW, Daimler behest

    10 Monkeys and a Beetle: Inside VW’s Campaign for ‘Clean Diesel’ Germany Scores Another Own Goal With Diesel
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    DUH says testing indicates use of defeat device in BMW 320d diesel Feel free to move this one to Non VW Group Diesels if it's more appropriate there, but given that this is a Dieselgate-related event, even if it's not VW...
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    T&E concludes diesel cars emit more CO2 on a full lifecycle basis than gasoline cars

    T&E concludes diesel cars emit more CO2 on a full lifecycle basis than gasoline cars
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    Looks like PSA (Peugeot/Citroën) was cheating too...

    French probe alleges 2 million PSA cars had engine cheats: Le Monde
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    VWAG launches trade-in incentive for older diesels; European SW update for Euro 5/6 So, that's interesting - Dieselgate fallout is now hitting Euro 1 through 4 models. That includes standards that took effect for what we'd call model year 1993 (although the Mk2 ECOdiesels/Umweltdiesels adopted them early), all the way...
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    GMC announces 1.6 diesel option for 2018 Terrain This will likely be the same engine as in the Cruze and Equinox diesels, and the Terrain will essentially be the same vehicle as the Equinox, just higher trim. 136 hp, 236 lb-ft, it appears, with a 6-speed automatic.
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    Ford announces 3.0 Power Stroke diesel option for 2018 F-150
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    Toyota hits 41% thermal efficiency on a gasoline engine Looks like the next-gen Camry Hybrid's engine will be 41% thermally efficient, and 40% efficient for the standard engine. And, the part-load efficiency range looks decent on the standard engine - not quite as good as a TDI, but not far off...
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    U.S. regulator found another cheat device in Audi car: report So, cheating on fuel economy tests, it looks like, by using a transmission map that's almost certainly terrible to drive, but very efficient, and would never be encountered by a normal driver.
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    Audi with new motorsport strategy: Formula E instead of WEC
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    Rumor: Audi to pull out of LMP1 after 2017 Looks like the repositioning of VAG's powertrain strategy away from diesel, as well as the cost savings necessary to pay for Dieselgate, and route R&D funds towards electrification, is taking effect. To be...
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    Looks like Autoguide broke embargo on the 2017 Prius Prime - yes, that's an of a Google Cache. After destination, MSRP ranges from $27,965 to $33,965. With an 8.8 kWh battery, it'll be eligible for a $4502 tax credit. 55 city, 53 highway, 25 mi all electric range. Trim levels appear to be: Plus: Similar to the 2017...
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    54.5 mpg target is off the table, U.S. regulators say Basically, looks like technology's advanced faster than the EPA expected, but people kept buying SUVs and crossovers, so the automakers think they can't meet the...
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    Well, ****.

    Guess I have to start taking yoga classes so I can smell my own farts.
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    FS: 99.5 Golf GL TDI, 5spd, 2dr - parts or project car - 245k mi - Newark, OH - $1000

    SOLD! I think it's time to part with my 99.5 Golf GL, so here it is for sale. It'd make either a good parts donor, or a decent project car. Exterior photos in this post, interior and engine further in the thread. 5-speed manual, 2 doors, white, tan cloth interior. 245,xxx mi RocketChip...