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  1. goTDIcandy

    Greensboro, NC Flow VW

    Hi! I moved to Steeds (south of Asheboro), NC this month. My car's scangauge is throwing glowplug codes (3plugs). Does anyone have information about Flow VW in Greensboro, NC? (They are closest to where I live.) Are they reliable, etc? Thank you! Kristina
  2. goTDIcandy

    new window seals or gaskets for a 2005?

    Hi! My 2005 Golf's window seals (or gaskets) are shrinking. Does anyone know where I can get rear & front window seals? I'd rather not go to the dealer. Are they easy to install? Would they be the same for a 2002 Golf? I looked in the search forums. Thank you! Kristina
  3. goTDIcandy

    WTB: center caps for Avus wheels

    Hi! The Avus wheels look great on my Golf - I'm happy! Now I need 4 center caps in good condition for the Avus wheels. Anybody got some for sale? Please? Cost? Thanks! Kristina
  4. goTDIcandy

    WTB: a set of 4 Avus wheels in good condition

    This got posted under cars WTB - duh. Anyway, WTB, a set of 4 Avus wheels, 15", in good condition. After blowing a tire last week, this is a good excuse to replace the Jarama wheels I never did like anyway! I'll be at the Asheville, NC GTG October 10, if that saves shipping! Thanks! Kristina
  5. goTDIcandy

    WTB: avus 15" wheels set of 4

    Per my tire blow-out last week, it's a good excuse to replace the wheels I never did like anyway. Does anyone have a set of 4 Avus 15" wheels in good condition for sale? I'll be in Asheville, NC at the GTG October 10; that could save $hipping! Thanks! Kristina
  6. goTDIcandy

    Emissions Service Action 24P9/P5

    HI again! I posted this in the emissions thread, but nobody's responded. Can someone help? VW sent me the following: "Emissions Service Action 24P9/P5 2005-2006 Model Year VW ... Golf with Diesel Engine & Manual Transmission Check/Update ECM Software." My TDI is a 2005 Golf with almost...
  7. goTDIcandy

    Emissions Service Action 24P9/P5

    Hi! Wondering whether any of you has gotten this TSB - "Emissions Service Action 24P9/P5 -- 2005-2006 Model Year VW ... Golf with Diesel Engine and Manual Transmission Check/Update ECM Software", date July 2009. What is this for, what will they do, is it necessary? What did you do? My TDI is a...
  8. goTDIcandy

    TDI Realtors in North Carolina?

    Hi! We're considering a move to North Carolina and wondering whether there are any TDI Club members who are realtors from the north central area. (Our area of interest to move to is the North Central area.) Thank you! Kristina
  9. goTDIcandy

    car needs new tires

    Hi! To pass PA State Inspection my TDI will need new tires. It is a Golf 2005, with 48,000 miles. It is not driven aggressively, nor for speed, power, etc. I'd prefer an all-season tire, long wear, good tread; I try to avoid snow and black ice. The car doesn't haul heavy loads. Don't know...
  10. goTDIcandy

    power steering 2005 golf

    Hi! My '05 Golf whined when turning (not the Turbo whine), so I took it to the dealership, who said the fluid was low and topped it off. The whine is gone. I asked them why the fluid was low, they said the fluid probably cooked; they could find no leaks. Any opinions? Thank you! Kristina
  11. goTDIcandy

    Thank you!

    Hi! Just want to thank Fred, the Organizers, and their Support for pulling an excellent TDI Fest OH8 together. Your hours of work paid off - Dean & I had an excellent time. We enjoyed the Speakers' information. Running the Road Rally was a first for me; ending at the Red Stewarts' Air...
  12. goTDIcandy

    Biodiesel at Fest?

    Will B100 be available at Fest or close to Mason? We'll need it, driving from eastern Pennsylvania. Kristina
  13. goTDIcandy

    FS: Belly pan at TDI Fest

    Hi! We have a plastic belly pan for sale $40.00, in good shape, which we could bring to the TDI Fest if it sells, or local pickup. It's from a Mark IV Golf, 5speed transmission. Anyone? Kristina
  14. goTDIcandy

    TDI Fest 08 vegetarian entree?

    Hi! I looked on your dinner menu for a vegetarian entree. Did I miss seeing it, or is it still to be added? We plan to rule the world, you know! Thanks! Kristina
  15. goTDIcandy

    WTB: vw badge

    Hi! Looking to buy a VW emblem, chrome, any condition. Thanks! Kristina
  16. goTDIcandy

    BD & Diesel switches

    HI! If I run out of BD and put a gallon of Diesel in the tank, then fill up on BD again; sometime later put another gallon of dinodiesel till the next BD fillup, is there any harm to seals, hoses, etc? (Central Bucks County does not sell BD, so I have to wait for our BD meeting.) Thank you.
  17. goTDIcandy

    gel in homebrew

    Hi Homebrewers! After a long very cold winter, we looked at our tank of homebrew last night made last fall. Floating and sunk were globs of gel. The brew had been mist-washed once, drained; and then sat for the winter when the brew almost solidified. The brew has had plenty of time to thaw...