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  1. 1854sailor

    Headlight Question

    The GSW has the "Adaptive" headlight system and something seems to have stopped working. When I turn the headlights on, they no longer cycle up-down and left-right as they always have. Once on, they do respond to the steering angle, but they seem aimed lower than usual. Thoughts?
  2. 1854sailor

    Wheel Fitment

    A TDIClub member is interested in a set of wheels that I have for sale. they are BBS VZ027, 16X7½, 5X100 with an offset of 38. Anybody know if there would be any fitment issues?
  3. 1854sailor


    On the way to Westerly today on 95: #1-Black MKVI Golf just north of Aberdeen, MD; #2-Radical looking lowered, stanced, Silver MKIV Golf near Bridgeport, CT; #3-Dark Gray Audi A6 in the New Haven, CT area; #4-White NMS Passat near Groton, CT.
  4. 1854sailor

    Baltimore, MD

    Pristine black MK IV Golf on 41st Street at Roland Avenue. Sweet car!
  5. 1854sailor

    Audi Back at Le Mans in 2022 With a Hypercar

    Read the story HERE. Might it be a TDI??
  6. 1854sailor

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Be happy, be safe and be well!
  7. 1854sailor

    A Pillar Trim Removal

    I'm trying to install the auto dimming Homelink mirrors in our cars and have hit a snag. Everything went as planned and as shown in the YouTube videos until I got to the part where you have to snap off the A pillar trim to snake the wiring up to the mirror. I was able to pry it loose at the top...
  8. 1854sailor

    Electrical Gremlin

    The Sportwagen wouldn't crank over today. It has been running issue free since we got it 3 years ago. When I pushed the start button, I got all of the warnings that one would expect with a low voltage issue. I checked it and it was at 8 volts, so I put a charger on it for a couple of hours and...
  9. 1854sailor

    Editing Member Info?

    How does one edit their member info with the new Forums format?
  10. 1854sailor

    More Computers for VW/Audi

    News from Ingolstadt...
  11. 1854sailor

    Driver's Door Window Issue

    The driver's door window on our 2015 Golf Hatchback will not roll down all of the way automatically even after doing the reset procedure of rolling it down and holding the button down for 5-10 seconds after it hits the bottom. All of the other windows work correctly. Suggestions?
  12. 1854sailor


    Silver MK IV Jetta wagon with Rhode Island tags east bound on Cold Spring Lane around 3:00 this afternoon. That was me in the Blue GSW. Where in RI? We're looking to move to South County...
  13. 1854sailor

    Leaking Windshield Washer Nozzles

    We took the '15 Golf on the first road trip this past weekend and ran into a bit of snow. After using the washers/wipers, there were a few streaks of washer fluid running up the windshield from the nozzles. When we stopped to fuel up and I popped the hood to check the oil, I noticed fluid...
  14. 1854sailor

    Tesla Range Extender

    Someone had to do it...
  15. 1854sailor

    Throttle Response VCDS Tweak

    Has anyone who has done the throttle response mod noticed an effect on fuel economy?
  16. 1854sailor

    New Toyota Model?

    Behind this in traffic today...
  17. 1854sailor

    VAG Tacho 2.5

    SOLD Going through the toolbox, I found the VAG Tacho cable that I got from Sidewinder Key when I needed to retrieve the SKC on the MK IV Golf. Since the car was totaled, I no longer need it. I have copied the install software to a CD and that is included. This is NOT the genuine full version...
  18. 1854sailor

    Underseat Drawer

    Does anyone know how to remove the drawer under the driver's seat. There's something behind the drawer in our new Golf that is preventing it from going all of the way in and latching. I can see some papers behind the drawer but can't get to it.
  19. 1854sailor

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Be safe out there if you're traveling...
  20. 1854sailor

    New (To Us) Golf

    Our trusty 2001 GL that got totaled... Our replacement 2015 SE...