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  1. P -OEM Butt Connectors

    Part numbers: 000 979 940 000 979 941 000 979 942 I've updated my site for selling the OEM Butt Connectors: If you deal with wiring harness repair, these are the correct butt connectors as specified by VW and Audi. You will find these at any dealer...
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    Frost Heater, check your cords!

    For anyone with a Frost Heater, check your power cords!! My wife went to plug it back up when she got home today and was shocked at what happened. This unit is 5 or 6 years old if I recall. I had plugged it up the other day for my wife and I didn't notice any issues at the time, but, not...
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    How to make terminal release tools! Since I've not been making these for a years now and I get a steady stream or request for them... here are the "trade secretes" for making my world famous :rolleyes: Terminal Release Tools. A good set of these just as good, if not better, than the OE tools...
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    OEM Wheel Database - Should I organize it differently?

    The OEM wheel database, a labor of love... or lack of nookie... has grown over the years and still looks like a 1996 GeoCities web page (without flashing banners). The index page is sort of a cluster phud looking mess now and I've been thinking about breaking it down into index pages based on...
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    ALH injection pump wiring info needed.

    Is there a way to figure out the wiring on this? 3 of the wires I think can be done, but the rest are all plain black. :eek: So no way I can see to sell which terminal would going into what position... can't tell the wires apart. Back story if you want it... this pump works, but leaks...
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    Free legal factor wiring diagrams....

    Free legal factory wiring diagrams.... I just found this a few hours ago and figured I'd share... It seems that Autozone has factory wiring diagrams for several different VWs on their web site, you have to sign up, but it is free. Go to and in the upper right corner, click on...
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    FS -mk4 double DIN radio from R32

    2004 Monsoon double DIN radio in good working order. Face plate in good condition, not peeling or blistering. Have the radio code. $75 shipped to any address in the lower 48 States. And for no good reason, here is a picture of ribs I cooked the other day: Thank you.
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    FS - NB power window switches

    OK, it seems new these things are selling for $57-ish per switch. So I've got 4 good used ones, make me an offer. If I like your offer, sold. If I don't like your offer, it cost me nothing to hold onto them. :) Paypal payment only. Will ship to Canada as well, but it cost me more and take...
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    Porn for wiring harness nerds!!

    Poking around and found this: I know nothing about this company... I just figured some others might find some of the .pdf files useful.
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    FS - solar panel

    Got 1 panel for sale, $27 shipped to any address in the lower 48 States. Selling "AS IS". If you want it, just send me a private message with your email address and I'll send you a Paypal request of payment. Thank you.
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    FS - 2010 TDI Golf promo poster

    $20 plus whatever shipping is via US Post Office.
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    DTC 000135, not good.

    I just finished up a 2010 Jetta Sport Wagon with the TDI Clean Diesel engine (common rail), had to replace pretty much everything that handled fuel. One of the problems I ran into was back and forth to parts to figure out what all needed to be ordered. So here is the list for the car I just...
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    FS - mk2 Recaro seats!

    Having to clear out a "storage room" aka "the junk room" for a home office since I've taken a new job... need to find a new home for these AWETHUM seats... They came out of a mk2 GTi, so they flip foward for rear seat entry, but will fit in a 4 door Jetta (what I purchased them for). I...
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    FS - mk4 oil pans, used, $35 each shipped.

    I've got 2 used oil pans, $35 each, shipped to any address in the lower 48 states. Will include a tube of the sealant as well. I've put timesert in where the drain plugs go to repair the threads. SELLING AS IS, no guarantee on these. ------------------------- d'Oh - sold...
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    FS - OEM butt connectors

    OEM butt connector, VW part number 000 979 940 They heat shrink and are adhesive lined so that dirt and moisture do not degrade the crimp and support the wire so that mechanical vibration doesn't weaken the wire right at the crimp. I am selling these in set of 10 only. Shipping is a flat...
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    Alignment survey for everyone, steering wheels is....

    Off center to the left = when driving straight, the steering wheel is turned a towards the left, so that if you were to level out the steering wheel, the car is now being steered towards the right. Off center to the right = when driving straight, the steering wheel is turned towards the right...
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    FS - mk5 Jetta headlights, used.

    FS - mk5 Jetta headlight, left side, used OH Snap! You are too late... no soup for you! Boxed up and will be at the Post Office in less than 12 hours.
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    FS - mk4 dash cup holders - $45 shipped.

    SOLD OUT! Who knew they would sell so fast? I'll try source some more but I don't know when, or even if, I'll get some more of these. To the lucky 3, your cup holders are boxed up, and I'm out the door now to drop them off. You should have them in 3 or 4 days time. Thank you.