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    VW Passat vs. Chevy Tahoe Interesting post, the pictures tell the story.
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    RS4 Motor Mounts for a 2005 Passat

    Does anyone know the part number on these? I have one leaking.
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    Tinting Laws by state Good information.
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    Record diesel 4X4 9.75@ 139 M.P.H. Listen to the turbo spool up and he gives her the beans.
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    B5 OBDII Codes

    I found this over at PWF
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    Radio repair

    The radio in my 2005 Passat would not play my CD's. When I put the CD in the player it showed an Error 1 code. I found a repair facility in Florida who charged me $115.00 for repairs installing a new motor drive, plus $15.00 for shipping. I thought that price was cheaper than a new radio from...
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    CD Player will not cooperate

    My cd player will not play a cd. The player displays error 1 code so what is the fix? and yes I have tried other cds.
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    Weather Shield Floormats

    I just recieved my Weather Tech Floormats. My only complaint is that it does not have the holes for the grommets to hold it in place. The upside is that it covers more of the floor and the rubber is more pliable than the OEM rubber mats.
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    VW Vanagons For a dollar I found this over at Autoblog,talk about a great coversion vehicle from gas to diesel.
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    Not a diesel but take a look at this B5.5
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    3 Series and the Nurburgring A positive ad for diesels!
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    36.2 M.P.G. on the way back from Cinci

    I was diissapointed but had the cruise set at 78 and had the AC on, anyone else get better than that with similar circumstances?
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    Sunshine blue skies forecast
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    Scirocco TDI spotted in California VW is not bringing in the Pertol let alone a TDI.
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    Bringing pics to the fest orf the problematic hex shaft

    Perhaps others can share their experience with fixing this problem and not having to spend $2200.00 in the process.
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    My brother takes on a Camaro 11.49@115M.P.H. The Camaro had the following mods1.) Weiand Carbon Fiber Intake 2.) Aftermarket Cam 3.) Ported Heads 4.) Aftermarket MASS Airflow Sensor 5.) Open headers
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    Yes, diesel is more expensive than gas!

    When I am at the gas station with my diesel, people are always asking me about my fuel mileage. My comment is, "Let me ask you a question. If the oil companies came out with a new grade of fuel that is so ahead of its time that they would charge sixty cents more per gallon, but by paying the...
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    The latest pics of the 335d
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    The BMW 335D According to BMW the car should arrive in the U.S. in late September 2008.
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    The turbo on a 2005 Passat

    Has anyone had a turbo leaking oil on a 2.0 PD Engine?