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    Happy Veterans Day

    The Best way to honor War Veterans is to stop creating them. Stop the Resource Wars. Give the World one less thing to fight over. Go Solar. Drive Electric. 'Thank you for your service'.... Talk is cheap. ACT!!!
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    Germany's Bundesrat Resolves End of Internal Combustion Engine

    The VW scandal probably accelerated this... It'll be interesting to see how much they invest in a technology that now has an expiration date. We'll likely see A LOT more electric models over then next few years.
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    Open Letter to CARB to not fine VW... if....

    An Open Letter To California Air Resources Board Chairman Mary Nichols 1./ Release VW from its obligation to fix diesel cars already on the road in California, which represent an insignificant portion of total vehicles emissions in the State, and which cars do not, individually, present any...