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    Jetta stutters slightly under load...

    If I hit a pretty steep incline I can feel a slight stutter, almost like a misfire on a gas engine. It also happens if I accelerate a little harder than normal. Is this an engine issue or a DSG transmission problem. Car is a 2006 TDI with DSG tranny. 199K miles.
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    A/C Problems

    I have on 05.5 Jetta with 175K. Last summer the A/C would only come on after about 5 or 10 minutes and blow very cold. This year as the weather has warmed up, I found the A/C does not come on at all, AND, there is no air coming out the center vents. Even on fan mode, no air comes out the...
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    Cannot Get VagCom to See HVAC and Other Stuff

    My A/C is not working and I am trying to see what is going on using VagCom. I am running the latest version of VagCom and have an HEX-USB cable from RossTech. My Jetta is an 05.5 which makes it a MK V. However if I pick that Jetta model for an autoscan it scans only the engine and trany...
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    Camshaft Failure

    2006 TDI with 145K on it and my camshaft, valve lifters, bearing, and timing belt are all being replaced due to a failure in whatever controls the camshaft. Car started making a clicking sound after a couple weeks of strange groaning sounds upon stopping and driving slow. This all follows a...
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    2006 Jetta Stumbles on Acceleration and Hills

    My Jetta has been a great TDI. It has 135K on it and I drove 90 miles daily. Over the last 5K the car now stumbles and hesitates a bit when I accelerate more than just lightly. It happens in any gear. While it use to eat big hills with delight, now it is having a hard time getting up the...
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    Post Treg Pictures - Looking for Cranberry and Sapphire

    Having had grey, black, silver, green Audis and VW's since 99 my wife would like a different color. These are Cranberry and Sapphire. No offense to those with white, but she had a white SHO one time and swore to never have another white car. Go figure. Thanks in advance.
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    Suddenly only 38mpg on the highway

    I have a daily drive of about 45 miles on mostly 55 mph roads. I have driven this for the past 18 months and now have 67K on my 06 Jetta TDI. I use to religiously get 42mpg. I had to put new tires on the car but replaced them with the same OEM tires. Even if I baby the car and try all...
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    Savannah or Beaufort - Any Good TDI Shops

    I work in Savannah and live in Beaufort and drive an 06 Jetta TDI back and forth and get 40-42mpg. I have 60K on the car and wondering besides Vaden who else could do work on this car?
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    Road Trip to Colorado - TT or Jetta TDI

    Starting on Friday, we will be heading to Denver from Chicago. Dilema is take the new Jetta TDI or the Audi TT. Jetta will get 50mpg, TT will get 30mpg. TT has complete audio/video/nav/ipod system and my wife can watch movies along the way. TT also has hardwired V1 and laser jammer...