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  1. 1975 Kombi

    Looking for the Touareg TDI prefix flash file 2011

    Does anyone have a copy of the 2011 prefix flash file? That I can flash directly to the ecu.
  2. 1975 Kombi

    Looking for a MFD2 North American DVD maps set

    If anyone has a link to download the image of a DVD North American map DVD I would appreciate it.
  3. 1975 Kombi

    What did CDN trans come in

    Trying to find the vw that the CDN trans was in. I believe it was the 2002 - 2007 TDI but not sure. I'm looking for the .744 5th gear.
  4. 1975 Kombi

    Was bluetooth an option in 2014???

    Oddly I have found a couple of Passats that have not had Bluetooth installed in but had the NAV radio installed. So would a highend Passat not have Bluetooth with a RNS510 installed????? My VW manager said that some came with the MDI cable only. He did a search of the 2014 Passat VIN and...
  5. 1975 Kombi

    Looking for RNS510 not working

    I think my power supply inside the unit has fried. If anyone has an RNS510 lying around for parts please let me know. Thanks
  6. 1975 Kombi

    Length of pipe after cat?

    Car is in the shop but I want to locate a section of pipe to replace the section after the cat. 18"? Not sure on the length. I guess I could weld on 20" and cut to fit after but would like to at least the size to find a section in the scrapyard.
  7. 1975 Kombi

    RNS510 power issue

    My RNS510 "A" - The complete front panel flashes on and off at varying rates. Staying on longer at times. Blinks off and come right back on. But the radio does not reboot and just resumes where it left off. Radio and functionality. Radio retuned to normal for 20 mins today and worked...
  8. 1975 Kombi

    Timing belt tensioner issue. HELP

    I'm doing my timing belt.* It's at top dead center, flywheel mark on pointer, cam lock in, injection pump lock in, crank lock in and both the cam sprocket and injection pump sprocket are loose. * Tensioner marks aligned up and tensioner arm is in the square and nut tightened.* So I tightened up...
  9. 1975 Kombi

    Foor modules NB

    Door modules 2001 NB OK I have a few issues and looking for what door modules handle what components. ie: power window module and door latch module Address 46: Central Conv. Labels: 1J0-959-799.lbl Part No: 1J0 959 799 AR Component: 7S Zentral-SG Komf. 0001 Coding: 00256 Shop #: WSC...
  10. 1975 Kombi

    Lots of oil in the intake??? I need help!

    How's the best way to track the source of the oil? Previous owner has no answers. lol. I bought this 2001 Beetle ALH with 173,000K on it. Original timing belt which I'm changing now. So I'm taking the stuff apart and I find a lot of oil in the piping system. I drained the intercooler and...
  11. 1975 Kombi

    Front wheel bearing housing question

    Will a front right wheel bearing housing from a 2002 GTI fit my 2000 TDI Jetta. I believe they're all the same but just checking if a GTI is slightly different. Thanks
  12. 1975 Kombi

    Shifter problems HELP

    My kids mk4 seems to have a slight stiff shifter and grinds once in a while. I've replaced clutch, fork, throw bearing. How often do shift towers fail or the cables or the shifter itself?????? Going to lube the shifter to eliminate that at least.
  13. 1975 Kombi

    RNS510 out of car question?????

    Is there a way to change the dynaudio to normal audio while the RNS510 is out of the car. I have changed them via vagcom. I have bought this with no pin code and firmware messed up. I bench retrieved the pin code and installed the latest firmware for the E version and now the RNS510 is back to...
  14. 1975 Kombi

    Radio code RNS510

    Radio code RNS510 HELP!!!! Can anyone get a radio code for an RNS510. Apparently VW as of 3 months ago removed the code portal for retrieving codes via vin. I called my local VW dealership today and they said the only way now is to bring the car in and ODB scan it to get the code. My parts...
  15. 1975 Kombi

    2000 ALH vs. 2003 ALH

    I currently have a 2003 Jetta with a failing ALH and was wondering if a 2000 ALH would be a direct fit on the electronic side of things. Or if there are any differences in the 2 motors. I was hoping to use the 2003 ECU and wiring.
  16. 1975 Kombi

    what are the differences between 10mm and 11mm systems

    I'm heading to the scrapyard and going to grab some coolant glow plugs to fix my heat issue and was wondering what is different from the auto vs manual ALH systems that I should grab. Injection pump for sure 11mm. Injectors?? And anything else I should grab??
  17. 1975 Kombi

    2001 Golf white smoke loss of power

    So I'm posting this because it is a Golf I'm looking to buy. Current owner says he was driving and seen a puff of white smoke and loss of power. He had it towed home and had the turbo replaced with a rebuilt turbo. It will not start now after turbo install. So I'm going to look at it...
  18. 1975 Kombi

    mk4 sway bar bushings with rust scale

    Has anyone done sway bar bushings and had to remove rust scale from the bar in order to get the new bushings to fit. A huge amount of rust scale. Seems that the bar under the bushings has developed a tampered ramp of rust scale to the ridge lock that prevents the bar from moving and keeps it...
  19. 1975 Kombi

    2011 wiper issue

    Other then pulling the wiper assembly is there a way to narrow this down. 00077 error - windshield wiper stop switch (F229) How do I tell for sure if the assembly or motor is the issue and not electrical before the assembly. Wipers don't work when cold. VW says motor which I can change but...
  20. 1975 Kombi

    AAZ that has sat for a long time

    I'm trying to revive an AAZ that has 50,000k on it but has sat for 5 years. It turns over and was not seized but just spins with no kick. So I need advice on what to check and what to try to get this thing firing again. What I have checked. There is power to the solenoid at the injection...