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    TDI @ church.

    I saw a TDI with Pennsylvania license plates @ church.
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    Longest commute.

    I do an 80 mile round trip. What do other people do?
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    50 cetane Diesel

    Southern States in Harrisonburg VA has the good Diesel for sale. $2.85 / gal.
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    Favorite Truck Stop

    Does anyone have a favorite truck stop? I know one that is not my favorite- Pilot Flying J in Tom's Brook,VA.
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    Motivation behind taking a road trip.

    I was reading local restaurant reviews. Someone mentioned driving 2 1/2 hrs. to go to Southern Kitchen in New Market,VA. Anyone on here drive that far to get perfect fried chicken? Or whatever your favorite meal is?
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    Road Trip Books

    Does anyone have road trip books to recommend? I like Road trip USA. Anyone have any good Road Food books to recommend? Thanks for all your help. I'm a road trip fanatic.
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    Favorite road atlas

    Delorme is my favorite atlas for rural traveling. Let's hear it from you.
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    Air hose for VW

    I can't get the spring clamps put on my air line after the turbo. Do I need a special tool?
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    drivers door window lift motor

    I got one lift motor from advance auto but it doesn't match. I still have the original lift motor- where can I get close match besides the VW dealer?
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    Trustworthy shops around Charlottesville

    I'm curious about any gurus around Charlottesville, VA.
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    Front Royal,VA

    Is tooth maker on here? I saw you in Front Royal,VA. Front Royal used to be known as Hell Town.
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    I saw a black Golf TDI pulling out of Food Lion on 9,14,2010.
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    Stanley, VA Tdi

    I saw a black jetta TDI 06 or newer at the Tastee Freez in Stanley,VA on Aug 10.
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    May 4 2010 I drove beside a silver Jetta TDI wagon on RT. 42 driven by a female. 01-04 not sure of the exact year.
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    Luray Tdi

    I saw a black Golf tdi by the hawksbill greenway.
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    Ecodiesel in Stanley,VA

    I saw a white? jetta ecodiesel in the food lion parking lot.
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    Diesel World has a 2009 Jetta TDI Snow Water/Meth injection

    Diesel World is finally getting smart about diesel cars. Go to
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    I saw a silver TDI 06 in front of CVS pharmacy.
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    Nor. Va U.S. 29

    I saw a black JSW with PA tags - it had more get up and go than my car.
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    Charlottesville,Va I saw a gray TDI in Baracks Road shopping center on Wed. evening.