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    B5.5 Wagon 4mo 1.8t Auto to Tdi Manual

    Finally getting this project off the ground. ALH motor with 11mm pump bv43a turbo and .280 injectors with FMIC Custom GMR 01v AWD transmission Custom AVF B5.5 121 harness converted from PD to VE. Will also be adding Trinity DMS lift kit Dash swap from TDI car to make wiring simple 3.889 rear...
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    what fittings are used for clutch line to make braided line

    Get this one.
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    Manual Parts From 98 A4 FWD in B5.5 Wagon

    98 VW Jetta/Golf = Mk3/A3 chassis parts don’t interchange 98 Audi A4 = b5 chassis some parts interchange
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    Manual Parts From 98 A4 FWD in B5.5 Wagon

    A lot of the parts on the a4 Audi will work not sure what this other guy is talking about. The Audi A4 and Passat are both B5 chassis But the rear end of the b5 a4 is different but the front suspension is the same albeit the 98 will have some slight variations being an early model.
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    Anyone remember this post??? Links dont work and need info!! is great just go to it through google translate and you will find a lot of good stuff.
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    FS 2005 Passat Wagon TDI - 198K - Bad Trans

    I have a 5 speed swap for this car for sale at $1000. Would give $1000 for this car if you decide you want to liquidate the vehicle easily. Feel free to PM.
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    Flat towing with my wagon.

    Just gonna get some of those magnetic lights from harbor freight.
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    Flat towing with my wagon.

    Wanting to flat tow a fwd manual wagon about 275 miles with a 5,000lb Universal tow bar. Thinking I will bolt the mounting brackets to a spare front metal bumper and pull the plastic bumper cover on the car and swap out the metal bumpers. Any reason why this won’t work? It will be 275 miles on...
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    The hard work is done. Now what?

    Why get rid of it? Mine is pushing 400k just replaced the Original tranny And TC. I plan on driving it indefinitely. The BSM was deleted at 80k miles other than timing belts, a power steering pump/rack/reservoir, and brakes and struts. My cam is even still original.
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    Manual ECU in Automatic

    Sending off to Malone they are gonna get me fixed up for a good price.
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    Manual ECU in Automatic

    Guess I’ll have to figure out how to do that with my OBDELEVEN. Right now the code that seems to be showing up in the TCM is p1841 “ECM/TCM versions not compatible mechanical malfunction static”
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    Manual ECU in Automatic

    Well so far no luck. Recoded ECU back to 0150034 but it will not recognize the TCM or ABS modules so tranny is in limp mode but the car will start and run just fine.
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    Manual ECU in Automatic

    I had IMMO deleted by a local guy and installed it to see what would happen. The car runs just fine but I have an ABS light, ESP light, and transmission is in limp mode. From what I’ve researched and been told Malone puts the tune on both code blocks. So I’m wondering if I can just back code the...
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    Replacing TC at 130k should I do starter also?

    My starter has 380,000 on it works just fine.
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    BHW Clutch Line Connector

    Just get a stainless braided from USP they are cheap and install in 10 minutes with no hassles.
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    tandem pump and oil leaks

    I just did basically everything you have done except balance shaft that was done by the PO when be replaced the original motor with an 80k mile unit. Anyhow I had the same oil leak. I traced it to either the valve cover or tandem pump seal. I replaced both and the leak is gone but After...
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    BV43A chra into BV43

    I have the 5+5 turbo can I swap over the intake and exhaust housings from that unit onto the 6+6 cartridge?
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    BV43A chra into BV43

    Any updates? I have a bv43-109 turbo wondering if the cartridge swap is worth the money?
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    WTB B4 instrument cluster

    You can use a Canadian or European one and Swap out the complete speedo mechanism with your MPH unit it’s easy I did with a b3 cluster takes 10 minutes.