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  1. BoosTDIt

    WTB Golf used stock Tail lights

    WTB Golf used stock Tail lights..can be partially broken tabs whatever, Local MD/DC/VA area please need them to temporary remove my expensive ones during some custom bodywork being performed. phone me at 571-276-3111 regards Peter
  2. BoosTDIt

    its summer ,but anyone need winter tires?

    have a set of Winterforce MS 185/65/15 studdable snow+ice made by Firestone. they will come mounted and ballance on OEM 15 steelies. Used them only once when i had to get my rolling stock repaired/collormatched. upgrading brakes need for them offers
  3. BoosTDIt

    Need help with Golf 2 door body parts

    Hi ladys and gents... My idiot neighbour forgot to set his parking brake and failed to leave his Jeep Cherockee in gear so it rolled back out of his driveway and T-boned my precious....thank god i blocked my driveway with my car as i was under a customers car doing a clutch..... i'm in dire...
  4. BoosTDIt

    For Rally fans... :)

    Check this out.... slamed tarmac suspentions, crazy drivers..., understerr and oversteer galore
  5. BoosTDIt

    Changing the brake handle button

    How to change the chrome button with aluminum one on your hand brake handle
  6. BoosTDIt

    aluminum trim and old style pre 2004 cupholders

    question... you guys know the little silk screened or whatever it is cup holder icon that sits on the trim piece above the radio in the old style cupholders. i have aluminum trim and would like somehow to get rid off that icon...can i scrape/rub/wipe it off without damage to the trim...
  7. BoosTDIt

    Comfort Blinker modification

    Here is the Comfort-Blinkers http:// Now David where is that Climatronic How - to...ahh? :)
  8. BoosTDIt

    Here is my Smoked Badge Key Fob Mod

    We all have them , we all hate it... how to fix it, what to do to make it look better....the slowly wearing out and then eventually falling off "VW" roundel on the key transmitters... well i've been pondering this for a while now and had/have a few ideas...the first one i performed with...
  9. BoosTDIt

    Suspention/brakes work available

    If anyone needs their suspention installed in the DC/MD/VA metro area 50mile radius ...feel free to get in touch with me...will come to you... brakes too.. need to raise some bux for a project..:cool:
  10. BoosTDIt

    FS A4 Power window convertion for 2 doors

    I have a full powerwindow convertion set and a front and back "Sport Cloth" Black cards for powerwindows...20th Annv. style any early 2 doors that need this stuff let me know inludes: 2 front cards for 2dr models 2 rears for 2 dr models 2 front complete inner doors with the window...
  11. BoosTDIt

    Heated Mirrors (Wiring to Rear Defrost Switch)

    Anything similar to this available to us ?? Search didn't show any specifics... Also what is the latest version for the rear defrost switch?
  12. BoosTDIt

    Upgrading to Audi 2004+Autodimming/compass/temp mirror

    Hey guys... i'm going to upgrade my mirror again... Today after several windshield appointments (just some bad coordination) i went back to the stock front windshield...why...because the Audi mirror uses the same stock mount as the non-rain sensor one in VW. i had alredy performed this rain...
  13. BoosTDIt

    Interior swap - pics for TDIRacing

    So... last Saturday we had little mini Clutch/LSD/Turbo/Interior GTG... took some pics to share for Olivers memories file :) we had some parts and work to trade and share:cool: so i was doing the swap in his pretty worn and tired interior - beige on the inside Jetta...:p no more dog hair...
  14. BoosTDIt

    How to swap chrome with aluminum button on your hand brake it's been some time i know but...i'll come through... Just been too busy upgrading and working [job, my car and other people's cars] to raise more $$ for mods :eek: Here comes the official "How to swap the button Assembly on your Hand Brake - works same way on both 99.5-03 and 04-06...
  15. BoosTDIt

    FS - A4 Complete 5spd Injectors

    I have a complete injectors body/nozzle set for sale. A4 - 0.184's Used Out of a 1999.5 car with 86k $160 shipped to US Paypal to
  16. BoosTDIt

    Black door/cards and rears 2dr"sport Cloth" and h-brake

    20th..Black door/cards and rears 2dr"sport Cloth" ,Power window conver. and h-brake Hi guys i have for sale a full set of door cards and rears for a 2 door golf. they're the "Sport Cloth" like 20th GTI all black...not the velour. Mint condition... there will be no doorhandle trim on...
  17. BoosTDIt

    hand brake button removal

    hand brake button removal - replace with aluminum Edit: Figured it out.....scroll down for a "How To" Does anyone know how to do that...? I just got my aluminum e-brake button [20th,R32,GLI] and it's a whole assembly with the spring and so on...seems like it's glued on but not sure... don't...
  18. BoosTDIt

    FS - Used MAF BOSCH p#0 280 218 002

    I have a used MAF Made by bosch Bosch p# 0 280 218 002 VAG p# 06A 906 461 A make offer picture .......
  19. BoosTDIt

    FS - A4 JETTA Ultra rare Black rear window sunshade

    Hi, Continuing my quest to bring you high quality/demand Used parts to help fund my mods... What we have here is the OEM Jetta GLX (from the full options model) Black Rear window roll up sunshade... Ultra rare and expensive asking $275.00 obo - includes Fragile insured shipping and paypal...