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  1. LokiWolf

    CEL - P2026 [P202B] Code

    I am getting a CEL with the code P2026. I can find very limited info on this code, other than: Evaporative Emissions (EVAP) Fuel Vapor Temperature Sensor Circuit Low Voltage Anybody got any ideas?
  2. LokiWolf

    Dogbone Insert - DSG

    Anybody installed one of the Dogbone inserts on their NMS? I bought a Stage1 version from BFI, had to trim the big sections length to get it to go in at all the way. Vibrations during hard acceleration was BAD. I removed it. I had one on my 2006 TDI Jetta 5 Speed with only a slight vibration...
  3. LokiWolf

    Plastic Cover Under Drivers Side Seat

    I am looking for the part number for the plastic cover under the drivers side seat. Was vacuuming, and decided to remove it, and wasn't patient and broke the tabs that lock it in place. Anybody got a name for it, or part number. I would greatly appreciate it! -Loki Sent from my iPad using...
  4. LokiWolf

    RNS510 Firmware & Maps Info Thread

    Alright, I am starting this thread to help with the multiple questions in multiple threads across multiple sites. I will be posting this on Vortex also. My hope is to explain and clarify the updates that are out there, both Firmware, and Maps on the RNS510. For simplification purposes, this...
  5. LokiWolf

    Changing Speed Calibration

    Because of my new tires my Speedo is off. I am assuming this can be changed with VCDS, anybody tell me where?
  6. LokiWolf


    The car is tuned, and it is GREAT! This is how the car should be from the factory! For those of you wondering why a DSG tune, and doubting the need. You might not need it, but you WANT it! Quicker shifts, much better shift mapping. It stays where the power is. The MFI now says D and the...
  7. LokiWolf

    Fog Lights - 55w H11

    Anybody replaced the stock H8 bulbs with H11's? Any issues? Did you have to trim the bulb? Any codes? -Loki Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  8. LokiWolf

    Tire Size 18 Inch Factory Rim

    Anybody know the maximum tire width that can be run on the factory rim? What is the width of the factory 18? I was thinking of 255/40, should be pretty close to the same rolling diameter. -Loki Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
  9. LokiWolf

    Plastic Cover/Foam

    Alright, before people ask, yes I searched this forum and didn't find anything related to my question in the 1st 5 pages... Question, The foam has deteriorated and come off from under the lower of the 2 plastic covers. It caused the plastic to rub on the metal lines in the front of the...
  10. LokiWolf

    Coolant Leak

    I appear to have a coolant leak. I smelled a sweet smell this morning when I got out of the car at work(26 Mile Commute mostly Highway). Started the car to go home, and got out of the parking lot about to get on the highway, and the coolant level light came on. Drove it to a buddy's house...
  11. LokiWolf

    What Tire size?

    There was some discussion about tire size on the 16 Inch Rim a while back. I want to put a little more rubber on the ground without changing my rim size. Stock is 205/55, has anybody done a 215/50? Any rubbing issues? Is that too wide for the rim? What is the stock rim width? Any wear...
  12. LokiWolf

    Another Brake Question

    Trying to remove the rear Caliper bracket, so I can remove the rotor. The 2 TORX bolts that hold it on are neither 55, or 60. It appears to be somewhere in between. There are no instructions in the Bentley for removing the bracket, so I cannot find the proper tool. I cannot find where there...
  13. LokiWolf

    Rotor Bolt Torque?

    Anybody know the torque specs for the bolt that holds the rotor to the wheel assembly. I can't find it in the Bentley. Here is a PIC of what I am talking about: :D
  14. LokiWolf

    Jetta Jack Points

    Where the heck are the normal floor jack points on this car. Previously when I have gotten under the car, I have used ramps. Now I have new rotor's and pads to go on the car, and can't figure out the jack points. I can see how the car's included jack works, but see no good place to place a...
  15. LokiWolf

    Several Questions...

    Alright, I have had this TDI 4 months now, and other than an RC1+ tune I have left it alone. It is time to start a few mods... Here are my questions: 1) How hard is it to get an LSD in this car? Cost? Difficulty of install? All this torque is hard to keep planted, the LSD would help A...
  16. LokiWolf

    EGT's on a PD?

    I am curious for ya'll with EGT gauges to post EGT's under certain situations. If you are modded or stock, it doesn't matter. It will give us a gauge as to what various mods are doing to the temps coming out of the motor. Here is the situations I'm looking for: Idle City Easy (Driving Like...
  17. LokiWolf

    CAFE Standard Facts

    Inorder to decrease the amount of off topic discussion in the Sticker thread I figured I would start another thread to continue part of the discussion. After statements, that so far had no fact to back them up, I decided to do A LOT of research on the CAFE standards...and I can find no magic...
  18. LokiWolf

    ScanGuage and Speed

    Alright...Which is correct? Speedo - 80 Scanguage - 76/77 TomTom XL-S - 74/75 I want to believe the GPS, is that the correct thing to do? Then adjust the SC to the GPS's speed?
  19. LokiWolf

    Driver Side Glove Box

    I ordered the Following from Hillside Imports... There was no mention of the fact that there might be a metal support bracket in the way... Pics: Bracket Bracket will notice support bar under steering wheel is...
  20. LokiWolf

    Oil Drain Plug?

    I have the oil and the filter kit from TDI Parts. I looked at the Bently instructions, and it says "replace the Drain plug"...??? Anybody care to explain that one to me? I have NEVER replaced a plug when changing any of my previous cars' oil. You just remove it and let the oil drain, then...