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  1. wildn

    Does anyone want a blown ALH longblock (to rebuild) for free in Los Angeles?....

    where about in the valley, I'm interested
  2. wildn

    Trusted TDI mechanic around San Diego area for timing belt

    I don't know if you found someone but i recommend SMS European in Huntington beach, also try posting on the Westcoast page too there are sometimes more replies there.
  3. wildn

    New California smog checks.......

    its just adding some un-needed hassle and stress, its funny the TDI's are more efficient tuned. Hopefully it doesn't make smog more exepsnive
  4. wildn

    wtb 02M shift tower and selector

    Im looking to upgrade the shifter on my DQY trans, it has the 02A shifter and I need everything to swap in the O2M shifter to use the diesel geek short shift kit
  5. wildn

    ALH upgrades

    I generally cruise at 70-80-ish depending on the day lol, the poor automagic is screaming at 2700+. based on the calculator i used .658 would be good, i just need one for a good price. The clutch and swap kit took a good bite out of the old wallet
  6. wildn

    ALH upgrades

    hmm noted, i can't seem to find that thread, there are a few hits on google but it talks about the mpg gain. I've seen some on ebay but im not too sure. I'm going with the stage 2 south bend and adding the diesel geek shift kit.
  7. wildn

    ALH upgrades

    Howdy, I'm looking at doing a 5-speed swap and some more mods down the line, and looking for a place to buy the .622 gear for the highway. I'm looking for recommendations on a clutch that could handle a Malone stage 2 or 3 tunes; paired with an upgraded exhaust(Catback most likely since I'm in...
  8. wildn

    Need a guru or excellent mechanic in the SF Bay area-ish

    I've had some luck here in SoCal but my wagon's trans is dying and I'm on the hunt for a shop to do the swap lol
  9. wildn

    wagon 01M

    I noticed this today and under acceleration from a start there's a sputter like a bad CV joint but I've checked both sides inside and out and all boots are in solid shape and the on problem boot was replaced. And I think it's the transmission. I think tomorrow I'm going to look at the fluid and...
  10. wildn

    wagon 01M

    Hi there, The 01M in my wagon with about 204k on it has been acting up, to build the background the fluid was changed at 193k so it's fairly fresh. For those 10k miles, it was fine but I've a constant pending TCC lockup code(01192) and now it actually triggers the code on VCDS...
  11. wildn

    GLI/GTI Recaro Seats?

    I have some in my wagon. I've had them for about 2 months, I'm 5'9 and stockier build and they're snug and in all honesty, I struggle to get out at times but they make driving feel better and they sit lower in the car.
  12. wildn

    Parting out MKIV 2003 Jetta Sedan TDI San Diego, CA

    second, is it a 5speed, if so whats the issue?
  13. wildn

    WTB MK4 Jetta Sedan GREY Leather Seats,Cupholder Center Console,DoorCards

    are you looking for wagon seats or sedans? I'll have a seat set soon, I'm swapping a GLI interior into my wagon so, it will have the GLI sedan rear seat brackets, not the wagon ones. As far as shape goes, the rears and passengers are mint, I think the driver's side has some non-visible wear and...
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  15. wildn

    2011 JSW worth to buy for a teen

    I'm 19 and I bought myself an older ALH, I don't think TDI's are a bad first car. I looked at the mk6 wagons but I didn't want a car payment and couldn't get my parents to cosign but pretty much my parents said if I wanted a car it's on me to insure and buy it. Youtube, Tdi forums, and the...
  16. wildn

    Terrible fuel economy alh autotragic

    I'm getting like 30-35mpg at the best. Is the injection quantity set within spec? what PSI are your tires at? Mine has the 01m too and got like 29mpg but that was because I have a roof rack and the injection pump was leaking from all the seals. But I'm no expert.
  17. wildn

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    $3.70 per gal in SoCal
  18. wildn

    LA Area Mechanic Recommendations

    You are about an hour closer than me, personally, it's worth the 2 hours for the service. I tried going to my local "german" shops(VW and Audi specialists) and they didn't know too much about TDI's, just be warned. I had to deal with an Injection pump issue that my local "VW/Audi specialist"...
  19. wildn

    LA Area Mechanic Recommendations

    I'm in Ventura but I go to SMS European in Huntington beach, the owner Brandon is a great guy and super knowledgeable.