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  1. flash9

    Clutch Support Bracket Lower Connection?

    While taking everything apart for replacing my clutch I tried to do a good job of putting nuts and bolts back into where they came off/out of. I know exactly where the top of the Clutch Support Bracket attaches and the bolt that is used, but the lower connection location and how it is attached...
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    Drive (Pressure) Plate Removal

    I am deep into replacing my clutch in my 2003 Jetta with 200k miles. I purchased the LUK 17-050 as I liked that it should not need the alignment tool as the clutch is already attached the the drive plate. Earlier this week I dropped the transmission and this morning I was going to tackle the...
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    Type of Grease for Driveshaft Joints

    I am in the process of changing the clutch in our 2003 with just under 200k miles. Though I am trying to protect the joints by wrapping them in plastic I feel that I should replace some of the grease that was lost from these connection locations, but I can not find what type of grease is to be used?
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    2003 VW Jetta - Passenger Front Suspension Clunking

    Our 2003 VW Jetta is making a very odd clunking from the Passenger Front Suspension.
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    Tip or Trick on Instaalling Inner Tie Rod Boot / Bellow?

    I am in the process of replacing my Inner and Outer Tie Rods on my 03 Jetta and everything has gone very smoothly until it came to installing the Inner Tie Rod Boot / Bellow. The only way I see to access this area is along the the area where the Inner Tie Rod goes and I am pushing and pushing...
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    Front Upper Strut Top Mount

    A few years ago I installed Bilstein HD Shocks on my 2003 Jetta Wagon, and I double checked everything when putting them back together. I did notice that the front upper strut top "metal cap" did not sit down flush bit it did not appear to impact the driving so I really did not think much about...
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    VAG-COM in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area

    Looking For VAG-COM in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area I am in the need of someone how has access to and is familiar with how to change some settings in VAG-COM. Our Brake Pad Warning light is lit on our dash and will not go off. I jumpered the sensor wires and it still has not gone off, so I...
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    Dash Brake Warning Light

    On our 2003 Jetta for the past few years the brake warning light on the dash will come on and we get a three to four warning beeps. Historically, this would not happen right when we start the car but after driving anywhere from 5 to 10 miles and typically once we went over a bump would set it...
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    Passenger (Right) Side Drive Shaft Removel Question

    This morning I began the process of removing the Passenger (Right) Side Drive Shaft of my 2003 TDI Wagon. Everything appeared to come out fine, but my driveshaft does not look like what I am seeing in online videos. Below is a screen shot of the transmission end of driveshaft from the video I...
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    Passenger (Left) side CV Boot Replacements

    Passenger (Right) side CV Boot Replacements I have a 2003 VW Jetta TDI Wagon with about 175k miles, and while replacing front struts a few weeks ago I noticed that there was some grease seeping from the CV boot near the clamp on the drive shaft on the passenger (left) side. So, I have been...
  11. flash9

    Front Brakes Issue

    I have a very odd situation. My wife drives the TDI much more than I am, at this point and she informed me that she was getting some vibration when stopping quickly. I took the car out a couple times around town and noticed nothing but an occasional minor vibration when stopping but nothing too...
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    MKIV-A4's Values due to VW Dieselgate

    I know I have not been too active in quite a long time here, but we still have our 2003 VW Jetta TDI SEL Wagon. We purchased it new in 2003 since I was driving all over NC, SC and VA for my job. Now I work from home and any business trips I make, I am flying rather than driving. The wife still...
  13. flash9

    Rear Passenger Door Lock not always working.

    I did a search for "passenger lock" and "passenger door lock" and it did not reveal any help. Occasionally (lately more often than not) when we unlock the car the rear passenger door on the drivers side will not unlock. It does not matter if we use the key flop or the button on either of the...
  14. flash9

    Rear - Drivers Side Door Lock

    I hope someone can help point me in the right direction. In our 2003 VW Jetta Wagon the Rear - Drivers Side Door Lock is not "constantly" working. About a month ago it would not unlock with either the remote or the button on the drivers door. But, if you puller the door handle it would open...
  15. flash9

    Removal of Armrest (Cover only if possible)

    The plastic cover on my 2005 Jetta's Armrest is starting to come a part, so I want to recover it. Basically I need to remove the armrest and/or cover to work on it more easily. Can some instruct me on how best to accomplish this? Thank you in advance.
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    Screech on start-up when cold

    Starting late last year during the winter months, we get a screech like sound right after start-up. It lasts just a brief second. Almost like the starter winding down. Over the summer it went away, now it is back this winter, and appears to be louder. It is most noticeable on cold mornings and...
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    Replace Rotors or Not?

    So, at 125,000 miles the front brake pads on our 2003 Jetta Wagon are finally thin enough that I will be replacing them. The rotors appear perfect with no grooving and are perfectly smooth. I am inclined to not touch them and just install new brake pads and bed them in properly. I do not...
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    Changing the Thermostat Question

    So, This Sunday I decided to replace the thermostat. I was not thinking clearly and pulled it out before draining the coolant out of the radiator. :eek: So, out comes a lot of coolant, but my question is how much did I loose? I replaced the gasket, thermostat and the plastic tube the hose...
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    2006 New Beetle TDI Value

    I have found a 2006 New Beetle TDI with 88k miles for $11k. It has the 6-Speed Tiptronic transmission. It appears to be very well maintained, but there are no records on any service work. I am trying to get the dealer to contact the previous owner to find out to make sure the correct oil was...
  20. flash9

    1991 Mercedes-Benz 350 SDL TURBO

    I was helping a friend look for used car and came across this 1991 Mercedes-Benz 350 SDL TURBO for $2,500. It has 240k miles, but the pictures look nice. I figured someone here might be interested. :cool: