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  1. RabbitGTI

    09G Fluid Change Kit

    This looks like a good kit at a good price for everything you get. Any upside or downside to this fluid and the filter?
  2. RabbitGTI

    07 Jetta Steering Wheel Shake When Braking

    At low speed barely noticeable. Higher speeds pretty bad. Seems to be the left front causing it. I replaced worn pads and rotors and had a shudder before and after. Replaced caliper pins. Still there. Replaced caliper pin boots. Still there. Rotated tires and changed wheels. Still there...
  3. RabbitGTI

    Removing Driver Axle From 2008 Jetta with Automatic Transmission

    Doing brakes and axles on 2008 Jetta. Brakes and passenger axle done. How the hell do you get the driver axle out ? Tools and tips will be greatly appreciated. Passenger axle popped out easily with light prying. Not so much with driver side from the bottom. Can you pry it off from the top? Thanks!
  4. RabbitGTI

    2012 Jetta Sportwagen Fuel Pump Relay

    In the few months I've owned it there were two instances of rough running just after a cold start. No problems other than that. Scan shows J17 fuel pump relay problem. Anyone have a part # and know where it is? I did not get a manual with this car. Thanks.
  5. RabbitGTI

    2012 Jetta Sportwagen 2.5 Auto Steering Wheel Swap

    I would like to replace the plastic wheel in the Sportwagen S with a leather wheel. Will a GTI or other leather wheel of the same shape fit? Will my airbag be plug and play as long as the new wheel is the same shape? Is it possible to get flappy paddle shifters to work with a tiptronic ? I did...
  6. RabbitGTI

    What Grease for Clutch Replacement Parts ?

    Pivot, guide tube, input shaft splines, what is the best grease and are there any to avoid?
  7. RabbitGTI

    2007 Jetta 2.5 Single Mass Flywheel Conversion

    Is this the right clutch kit for 2.5 liter engine ?
  8. RabbitGTI

    photo test flik
  9. RabbitGTI

    97 Passat TDI sedan

    Green, one owner, 325k, parked for a year and started every month. Good drivetrain. Straight, solid tub with very little rust. Usual problems: interior very ratty, exhaust system from turbo back is shot, headlights dim, some window and lock issues, etc.... Good restoration candidate or donor...
  10. RabbitGTI

    2013 Porsche Cayenne Diesel

    Make that a 2014. 80k miles, 25k dollars. Looks like new. Sweet ride I'm considering. Assuming it has been taken care of, what are the odds of it making it to 200k without breaking the expensive things. I know nothing about this engine and transmission. Thanks.
  11. RabbitGTI

    2003 Jetta TDI Potential Timing Belt Tensioner Problem

    Helped a friend change his timing belt. The tensioner was the old B4 style with a tang that goes into a slot in the block at 10 oclock. The tensioner nut was tensioned to 15 lb/ft. Turned the tensioner clockwise to tension the belt. The tab was not centered in the notch on the tensioner, but...
  12. RabbitGTI

    Interface not found

    Tried to scan an 02 Beetle. Did a test intending to save usb. Said interface not found. Updated to latest version of VAGCOM. Still says interface not found. Uninstalled software and reinstalled. Still interface not found. Never had this problem before.
  13. RabbitGTI

    02 NB two liter AC not working

    AC blew cold for years. Went from fine to no AC with one restart. Car idle surges rhythmically when I have the AC button in the on position. No sure if the compressor is engaging with AC button on and fans are not working. I will have access to gauges and VAG-COM tomorrow. All I could do today...
  14. RabbitGTI

    08 Jetta 2.5 with Automatic Questions

    Servicing my daughter's 08. About 70k on car. Conti belts are full of cracks, so I'm going to change those again. Are the serpentine pulleys a replace item or do you leave them alone if they are smooth with no play? I've only had one go bad at about 200k on another car. Also, there is some play...
  15. RabbitGTI

    2007 Jetta 2.5 Front Brake Rattle and Shudder

    Replaced pads and rotors. Also replaced the caliper pins and the rubber boots they slide through because they were pitted and sticky. Worked great for a while, then an intermittent shudder when braking. Also a rattle. Took it apart, re-greased the pins and pad contact points with Silglyde...
  16. RabbitGTI

    02 Beetle 2.0 Brake Fluid Goes Missing

    Twice in six months the brake light beeps at me. Fluid is at the min level so I top it off, second time was today. Put car on lift, cannot find any moist areas. Where is it going? Brakes work great....for now :D
  17. RabbitGTI

    15 inch 5 x 112 rims on a 2013 Jetta Sportwagen 2.5 SE?

    Will they fit or did that model have bigger brakes? I've come up with pro and con evidence doing searches. Tire Rack lists 16 as the smallest OEM.
  18. RabbitGTI

    2016+ Certified Mazda CX-5 ?

    Nice certified warranty, decent handling, nice interior, pretty good fuel economy with AWD. I was poking around some shop manual excerpts and it looks good, kind of like an old Bentley Manual. Timing chain looks doable. Thoughts on these things, longevity, fun to drive, etc...
  19. RabbitGTI

    VW Motorsport Factory ICE Teams

    It's over. Privateers supported for a while.
  20. RabbitGTI

    Hyundai Veloster N with Performance Package

    Interesting car. It has a limited slip similar to the one in VWs performance package. Also has adjustable everything : shocks, steering weight, throttle tip in, diff settings, stability control... from reviews I've read it's pretty neutral right out of the box and in normal setting it's stiffer...