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    FS: Jetta MKIV fog lights

    $90 shipped, continental USA only. These are high quality copy of the Hella Micro DE lights. The best I've seen. Aluminum housings should be easy conversion to an HID bulb. Comes with screws for the bumper H1 style bulb Sturdy clips, just like the Hellas Back cover is a hard plastic...
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    Ankers Automotive-Catonsville, MD

    Has anyone used this shop? Located in Catonsville, MD Apparently a VW mechanic who used to work for Russell, VW. Google Reviews;,1 Yelp Reviews-not too...
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    FS:A4/NB MKIV timing belt tools 99.5-2003

    Timing belt 7 tool set kit by Metalnerd, used once. In excellent condition $180 shipped, continental USA only. Canada will be extra. Paypal only to; Please cover the paypal fee if applicable
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    FS Jetta MK4 glass headlight lenses

    $65 shipped to continental USA. Left and Right, includes metal clips
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    Partsbase and PR code options decoder Here's an example of some PR codes and options...
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    FS: used, practically new 15mm spacers and lug nuts

    Barely used 15mm spacers from ECS tuning. Had on the car for 1 week and replaced with 25mm spacers. Lug nuts included. $50 shipped in the USA. Paypal New these are $75 plus shipping. THIS IS SOLD
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    Side Marker Fender lights

    Just an FYI. If you're buying side marker lights because yours are leaking, first try pulling the lens off and re attach with silicone. If they are already water damaged, make sure to buy the OEM version or an aftermarket with the proper spring retaining clip. The OEM clip is long and reaches...
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    2004 BEW Tandem pump

    2004 BEW with 80K Been fighting a P0299 DTC. Checking vacuum and wanted to see if this is "normal". On my ALH, I just replaced the vacuum pump this spring. Put Mity Vac on it and it pegged the gauge 24 inHg at idle. On my BEW, I did the same measurement and the needle jumps with the idle...
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    How to get a headliner from GA to MD

    I'm posting this for blownvette since he's currently driving back from Georgia. So here's the story; I've needed a new headliner for my car (2000 Jetta TDI sedan) for about a year now. And Andrew at has them for $80.00. Could never figure out how to ship something 5ft by 4 ft...
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    FS: 16 inch steel wheel, 5x112, ET 37

    Used, no bends or dings $55 shipped Paypal only;
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    Revive Engine Cleaner

    Anyone try this stuff?
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    Baltimore Powdercoating

    I found them when I needed my Audi TT LCA's powder coated. They just did front 312mm caliper, caliper carriers and rear caliper carriers (6 pieces) for $125. Satin black. They look awesome. Just and FYI, highly recommend.
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    USRT Upgraded rear shock mount MK4

    I know these aren't out yet, but I'd really like to replace the rubber bushing in the mount. It rattles in the cold weather. Called them an they're in beta testing now with release in the summer...
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    Myle Platinum brake rotors; rusting

    Meyle Platinum brake rotors; rusting Well, looks like I need to try something else next time. Just installed this winter and they just started rusting. I have the Fremax painted rotors on my wife's car. Need to see how they held up to this winter. I'm also painting (Duplicolor caliper paint)...
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    FS: New Epytec vw MK4 rear brake brackets. 256mm to 280mm upgrade

    For sale; $160.00 shipped USA only. Paypal only; You MUST have Audi TT rear brake calipers or R32(MK4) rear brakes for the 256mm vented rear rotors Installation see here...
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    FS: new, PD150 Aluminum Race Pipe 57mm $85 shipped

    FS: new, 150 PD Aluminum Race Pipe 57mm $85 shipped Price is firm not taking offers. Darkside Developments product from the UK. Paypal only: Putting up here before eBay. Includes: race pipe, gasket, 6mm allen bolts, guage tap and plug, T-bolt clamp Fits ALH or BEW with...
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    OEM BORA HID Fix without taking apart headlight

    Those of you who may have a broken adjuster will understand the title of this post. So despite my best efforts, I managed to break two (different sets) of the up and down adjustments on my HID headlights. On two different sets! I sent one to Freakwithracket aka Jeff and (paid him) to opened up...
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    MK4 256 by 22 rear rotors to 280mm by 22 upgrade - Has anyone tried this modification

    So this company in the Netherlands makes this adapter that will allow folks who have 256mm by 22mm vented rear rotors and upgrade them to 280mm by 22mm using FRONT rotor disks. If you look at the photos, it moves the caliper axially &...
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    Maish's in Baltimore City

    Just wanted to pass this along for those of you who may work downtown. Had these guys dismount 1 tire and mount two others onto some alloy wheels. $40.00 and they did it very quickly. If you look at their Google reviews they are highly rated. Clean shop and waiting area, Family run. Nice...
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    FS: VW Montreal II, 16 X 6.5, 5X100 wheels only

    FS: VW Montreal II, 16 X 6.5, 5X100 (3) wheels only I have (3) for sale $50 per wheel + shipping Excellent shape. I can send pictures if interested. Would prefer not to ship but would be willing to do so at buyer's cost. Open to offers, paypal preferred. Willing to meet in the Mid-Atlantic...