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    FS: Used/In need of rebuild Bosch starter Mkiv Jetta 5spd 02A 911 024 D

    For sale: Bosch starter that came out of my Mkiv Jetta wagon with a O2J transmission. Starter will crank the motor and start it but its just really weak and in need of a rebuild. Part number 02A 911 024 D. $50 shipped to your door
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    Upper intercooler to hard pipe hose (BEW)

    Recently my MKIV BEW has started to put out black smoke under 1/2 throttle to WOT and power has seemed slightly off above 3k RPM which isn't normal for the car. Scanned with vag-com and no codes. I checked all the intercooler plumbing as recommended here and found that the connection of the...
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    FS: 7V OEM NGK ceramic glow plug set $45 Shipped

    For sale are 4 NGK ceramic 7V glow plugs for MKiv BEW. They were in the car for about 4,000 miles. I bought these not too long ago to install in my 2004 BEW that had 5V steel plugs. Installed them, flashed the computer with a Malone tune for 7v plugs and have found the car just seems to start...
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    Power steering fluid leak after hard hit on highway

    I’ve done a search on the topic and read several good threads - however most were years old and I could use some insight right now. If what I think happened is confirmed I’ll simply have the mods delete this thread. My wife and I were coming home from the Maryland eastern shore yesterday in my...
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    Hard start after heavy rain

    So this problem only pops up after really heavy rain storms. After a hard downpour the car has a really hard time starting. It takes almost 30s to start if it starts at all. Wiggling the ecu connection and trying again and it fires instantly. I've noticed the windshield cowl is warped due to...
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    2004 BEW Jetta wagon no start

    So I've sifted through a bunch of the threads and tried trouble shooting it based off of those. The car is a 2004 Jetta TDI with 5spd swap and new timing belt. Pulled the car into the garage to wash and wax it. Car started fine. Went to pull out three hours later and the car cranked but...
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    Cptcrnchmobile 2.0 - 2004 Jetta wagon

    After deciding to keep my 2014 Golf I went and decided to get married later this year. Being able to pay cash for my wedding made the buyback look real good but I wanted to stay in the TDI family. I started the search for another TDI and found my next ride here in the forum! Came across this...
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    Buying 2002 Jetta with 01M trans

    So I have the opportunity to buy a 2002 Jetta tdi from a mechanic that's across the street from my place. He bought it from one of his customers who didn't want to put the $$$ into it to bring it up to speed. The mechanic has cared for the car since the 80k mile mark and it's currently at 220k...
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    FS: 2001 Jetta TDI - manual trans

    FS: 2001 Jetta TDI - Auto Trans CORRECTION TO THREAD TITLE - CAR IS AN AUTO TRANS - didn't realize I typed the wrong thing until posted and I can't fix the title. This isn't my car but it's located across the street from my apartment and wanted to pass it on to the club. It's owned by a local...
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    Red Mkiv Jetta - MoCo MD on NB-270

    Saw a red Mkiv Jetta with a TDIclub license plate frame headed NB on I-270 just after Father Hurley Blvd. I was in the white debabged Mkvi golf with Firefighter plates and Golf R tails. First time seeing another TDI club member out on the roads.
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    FS: MKVi Golf Titan Black seats - front and rear

    FS: MKVi Golf Titan Black seats - front and rear - South Central PA - $500 SOLD! No longer available Have you been hauling goats and other farm animals with your Golf TDI, your mother-in-law (dead or alive - I don't ask questions), or the small savages you know as your children, and your...
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    FS: P3Cars Vent Gauge for MKVI Golf - full OBD2

    Decided to take the buyback so I'm selling some of the stuff I put into the car. P3 Cars MKVI vent gauge - this is the full OBD2 gauge. Description from P3 Cars: "Boost and Vacuum from OBD2 port Plug and Play install - just plug into your obd2 port and install into dash! Optional analog...
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    Rosstech Micro-CAN cable

    FS: Rosstech Micro-CAN cable Bought this back at the beginning of the year to do some work on my Golf. Decided to take the buyback so I no longer will be needing this cable. I bought it directly from Ross-tech. It's Micro-CAN only so it's only for MY2005.5 and up. $130 shipped to your door -...
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    Current market for modified Mkvi's that VW may not be willing to "fix"

    Mods: if you think this belongs in the dieselgate thread please feel free to move it. I wasn't sure which forum it would best be posted in. So I was planning on keeping my tdi well into the future. Due to some recent changes in my life (all good things) and some future large purchases I'm...
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    Skyline Dr

    Drove down the southern end of the Skyline via Rt29. Had lunch at a great vineyard, drove northbound back on the Drive. Happily most the traffic was going southbound for the weekend and there was a minimal Ranger presence. Speed limit is only 35mph but I was able to keep it around 45-50. Didn't...
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    "Recommended" services while at dealer for 40K PM work

    So I dropped my car off at my local dealer for the 40k service. They said that I should have had the coolant flushed and the diesel injectors cleaned at the 30k service and that I was overdue on both. Last time I had the car there for the 30k service no mention was made of it. These two...
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    TDIs at work

    I'm sure some us park in the same lot at work as other fellow TDI drivers - even if they're not enthusiasts like us. The station I'm assigned to in Gaithersburg MD has two other fellow TDI drivers working there as well. I've told them about the forum though I don't think they're on here yet. I...