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    Volkswagen chairman Ferdinand Piech quits in power struggle

    The Piëch - Winterkorn Soap Opera continues... There is a fascinating article in today's National Post newspaper discussing what direction the Piëch - Winterkorn scuffle will head in in the days leading up to VW's annual shareholder meeting on May 5th. Here's the link: Motor Mouth: VW head...
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    Will the MK VII TDI be available in Canada with the 'PO8' Driver Assistance Package?

    I note that VW of America is offering an option package on 2015 Golfs that includes Park Distance Control and Forward Collision Warning. In the US pricing guide, this is described as the 'PO8 Driver Assistance Package'. It was not available at the start of production, but became available...
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    Software Updates for Golf and Jetta?

    Hi Folks: I posted a question about software updates for the MK IV cars in the "Upgrades" forum (where I usually hang out) - have not got much of a response to it. Here's the link to the original post: Software updates for the Golf and Jetta?, I'd appreciate it very much if anyone who is an...
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    Software updates for the Golf and Jetta?

    A friend of mine purchased a new BMW 5 series 2 months ago – not the E39 but the 'new' one that replaces the E39 - since then, he has been asked to bring the vehicle back to the dealer twice for software updates. The process is fairly quick, the dealership plugs a tool of some kind into the OBD...
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    WTB: (Toronto) - Complete Black Leather Interior

    I want to buy a complete black leather interior that would be suitable for a 2002 Golf. By "complete" I mean front and rear seats, and the 4 door panels. Must have heated seats. I would be very happy to swap you my complete cloth interior (black velour) and pay you the difference in cash. My...
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    Front Footwell light for Golf or Jetta

    A while ago, I bought a bunch of interior lights for a project I was planning Rear Seat Floor Lights (from Touareg or Audi). Turned out that project flopped, because the seat pans on the Golfs are solid steel, and there was no place to mount the lights. However – these parts have been kicking...
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    Trouble with links to pictures from old posts

    Fred: There seems to be a problem with some (but not all) of the photos I posted to the "old" picture server not showing up in posts when they are viewed today. For example, have a look at this old post of mine: Please help... I need part numbers for these items: I have pictures! If you...
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    Phaeton Parts for Golf, Jetta?

    I took my Golf into my Canadian dealer today for an oil change and to get the door handle fixed (inside handle stopped working) - they were nice enough to give me a Phaeton as a service loaner. I have noticed that there are a few parts on this car that might be of use to us on our Golfs and...
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    Hella Supertone Horns

    Most of you have probably noticed by now that I like to stick to VW OEM upgrades only, however, I have not been able to find any VW parts to use to upgrade the horns on my Golf. The OEM horns are loud enough for use in Europe, but just don't cut it here in Canada, where far too many turkeys are...
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    WTB: Swiss CD for VW Navigation System

    For experimental purposes, I want to buy a Swiss ('Alpes') CD that works in the VW OEM navigation system. It does not matter if the CD is out of date, as long as it is a "DX" type CD (one that is capable of autorouting instructions). Let me know by email or here on the forum if you have an old...
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    OEM Xenon Installation on 2002 Golf (Canadian car)

    After far too much fooling around with headlight motors, etc. on my Canadian Golf (see this thread Levelling Motors), I have decided to give up on that exercise and install OEM VW Xenon headlights. I’m going to attempt to document and photograph the whole process here on the BB, for the...
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    Bad Weather in Baltimore

    Lito, Eric: I read in one of the European newspapers today that it rained quite a bit in Baltimore this week - did this affect you guys? Hope you are OK and don't have wet floor mats, they take forever to dry... Michael
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    Golf V unofficial photos - new 2.0 TDI Engine

    Seems this car has a different engine in it. Pretty hard to tell with the engine installed in the car, all you see is just the oil fill hole, dipstick, and some silver tube things, just like the 1.9. 2.0 TDI Engine Installed in Car Cutaway Photos of the new 2.0 TDI Engine I think this...
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    Golf V unofficial Interior Photos

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    Golf V unofficial Interior Photos

    The show was pretty busy, I apologize for the poor quality of the photos, but it was really difficult to get unimpeded access to the car. Basic Interior (Cheapie Version) (Fits me OK, though) Highline Interior note standard phone holder Roof Control Panel Flat part at rear of...
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    New Golf V with unofficial pics

    OK, just kidding in that earlier post about the "new headlight trim kit". Here's some pictures of the new Golf V that I took at the Frankfurt Auto Show today. To be honest, from the outside, the new Golf looks almost identical to the old Golf (Golf IV). There are quite a few changes on the...
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    New Front End Trim Kit for Golf

    I visited the Frankfurt Auto Show today - noticed that VW has a new headlight kit available for the Golf - looks fractionally different than the standard front end - didn't get the part numbers, though, the show was too busy...
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    Need Help decoding a trouble code from my car

    Hi All: I had my 2002 Golf in an advanced state of disassembly last week - installing the new center console cupholder, and doing some other work behind the instrument cluster. When I put the car back together, it generated a trouble code. My dealer was nice enough to print it out for me (no...
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    OT: Anyone ordered a Touareg or Phaeton yet?

    I dropped by my local dealer in Canada today to get a repair wire, and noticed that they had a Touareg in the showroom. Has anyone here ordered one of these things yet? I don't like the Touareg (it's too high, and looks like a SUV), but the Phaeton is pretty nice, and not too flashy looking -...