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  1. boertje

    2001 Bug: passenger side window switch only on direction-down.

    2001 Bug: passenger side window switch only one direction-down. So I just reaquired a 2001 bug from my daughter. I’ve fixed a number of small issues but one has me stumped. I did a google search and looked here and newbeetle forum but found nothing. I can open the window with the passenger side...
  2. boertje

    Deli 400 XSP 5w-40

    Anybody run the new CK-4 Chevron delo 400 XSP 5w-40 oil? I’ve got it now in my 01 bug and it’s running quiet.
  3. boertje

    Updating a pdf on this server. Old file remains.

    What I did is update my how to on the 5 to 6 speed swap as I have often done and replaced the old file. Problem is that while the link is and is where I updated it to according to the link given in the...
  4. boertje

    Broken axle stud. Anyone else ever had this happen?

    2 years ago, I had to repair an oil leak on the 02M input shaft in my 01 bug. Since then I have put 20K miles on the car and all was great. Then yesterday as I was pulling out of the fuel station I heard a big "POP" and looked to see a hub cap lying there. I did a u-turn back into the parking...
  5. boertje

    DLC800 nozzle for the BEW. Who has experience?

    Does anybody have any thoughts on the Bosio DLC800 nozzle for the BEW in terms of power and mileage?
  6. boertje

    2010 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen TDI Manual

    My son-n-law is selling his 2010 Jetta Sportwagen with 6 speed manual transmission. He is original owner and has kept this car in beautiful condition with only 36K miles. I'd buy it, but I already have a fleet of TDIs. Forgot to mention that he is a club member Merlyn3D The listing is found...
  7. boertje

    2002 Jetta wagon vs 2010 Jetta SW

    Have the opportunity to pick up a Jetta Sport Wagon 2010 fully loaded with navigation and 6 speed manual trans, new tires, for 15 K with 36k miles (I have the full history of this car). Wonder if it is worth it to replace my 2002 Jetta wagon GLS with 6 speed manual (former auto), 142k miles...
  8. boertje

    Mahle VNT15. Who has experience with these?

    Was browsing around the various TDI vendor websites and found a Mahle VNT15 made in Canada at idparts. What is the deal with these? Certainly the price is right or is this a "get what you pay for?" Of course I am sure idparts is not going to sell junk.
  9. boertje

    2003 NB TDI hesitation and bucking at 2000-3200 rpm

    This is a 2003 NB TDI that started out as an automatic. At 75K miles, the trans began to give issues so I replaced it with a six speed manual. At the same time I replaced the fuel filter, air filter, vacuum hoses, removed the snow screen, installed titan 520 nozzles and a malone stage 2.0 dyn...
  10. boertje

    Batteries: Bugs and other MKIVs

    Had to buy a new battery today for the Jetta wagon. The stock battery listed for the 2002 Jetta is a group 94R VW part number 000 915 105 AG. This has been super ceded to a 000 915 105 DH. This is an 80Ah battery. The local dealer sold it to me for $153 out the door. Same price as the local...
  11. boertje

    CV joint? Clicking while turning sharply right while starting to accelerate.

    As the title says, When I start from a stop and turn sharply right, I get a clicking noise. Everything I have read seems to point to the passenger side CV joint. The axles are ryanp retreads for the 6 speed I just installed. Wheel bearings are good and suspension is all tight. Just want to...
  12. boertje

    Swapping ECU from a 2003 bug or 2002 jetta into a late 2001 bug TDI

    I might have to replace the ECU in my 2001 bug (038906012CR). Hopefully Malone can recover it. Was wondering what my options were and what I would have to do in terms of programming? My 02 jetta is a EDC15VM+ with part number 038906012FD and my 03 bug is a EDC15VM+ with part number 038906012GQ...
  13. boertje

    Tuning a 2001 TDI new beetle and associated headache.

    I have tuned my 2001 bug before about a year ago without issue. Just tuned my 2003 also without issue. However, yesterday I decided that I needed to back off on the fueling with my 2001 since WOT would yield way too much smoke. I even had my IQ set at almost 8. So I go and program the...
  14. boertje

    Block 4 injection timing for ALH.

    So has anyone messed with block 4 injection timing on the ALH with success for better Econ? What are the recommendations? Should one stay away from this adjustments altogether or try perhaps 1 degree more advanced??
  15. boertje

    10mm vs 11mm pump.

    At what point in HP and mods would one need to consider going to 11mm pump? My bug is running 10mm pump with pp764 nozzles and stage 2 Malone. I have another bug just swapped to manual from auto with 11mm pump that will get stage 2 Malone and Titan 520. All stock turbos. Is there any gain in...
  16. boertje

    01M with low miles.

    I have an 03bug with the 01M with 86k miles. The trans was serviced at 66k miles with new filter and OEM VW fluids and shifts perfectly. I am going to swap in a manual only because no member of my family likes to drive a car with an automatic. It will have all the parts including axles, a new...
  17. boertje

    Delo 5w-40, does anybody have UOAs?

    As the subject says. Was thinking to try some. I have searched and searched but haven't been able to find any UOAs for the TDI.
  18. boertje

    Malone and immobilizer

    I started to have intermittent issues with the immobilizer in my 2002 bug. Rather then try and trouble shoot the problem, etc, etc., I elected to enlist Mark Malone to simply disable the issue altogether. I shipped him the ECU on a Wednesday and had it back in the car by Friday. Now that is...
  19. boertje

    2006 bug DSG trans, what else does it fit?

    Just curious what else the DSG trans in a 2006 bug BEW fits and what is its worth (the trans that is) with 18k miles?
  20. boertje

    2004 New Beetle radio and sunroof issue.

    A friend of mine bought a 2004 bug BEW 5 speed. It is in great shape. Only problem is that the A/C stank! My buddy put a few drops of Clorox in each A/C vent (not a smart move) and now his monsoon radio/cd and his sun roof quit working. I pulled his radio and can find nothing wrong on a visual...