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    Pandemic Driving Interesting piece on driving, and how we need to stay in practice to stay sharp. One fascinating statistic is that the death rate per mile went UP by 24%...
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    "05 Liberty CRD for Sale

    Not sure if it's kosher to post this in the Classifieds, being a non VW. But iffen you'r interested, let me know, yes, I am associated with this, lol.
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    Intermittent Limp

    After installing my upgraded SMIC I've had a couple instances of limp mode. No particular rhyme or reason, seems to be out of the blue. First time I stopped, restarted the car, and off I went, no problem. Discussed the aberration with my guru, who suggested a quick fix. WITHOUT stopping and...
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    Problems with VCDS Anybody?

    To my surprise, I've had problems with my KII Rosstech cable and the latest version of VCDS, 19.6.2. 2 of my laptops with Win10 , when logging in to adaptation, "drop the session". Leaving me unable to tweak my IQ, check the timing graph, etc. My 3rd computer with IIRC, an 18.9 version...
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    On Manual Transmission Driving Excellent article on the stick, and why they are safer.
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    PD150 Intake in ALH with ASV?

    Looking to upgrade my ALH intake manifold to a PD150 in the interest of more and better air flow to the pistons. No intercooler upgrade plans, just use the stock intercooler setup. Important here to get the correct orientation on the intake elbow to the passenger or starboard side of the...
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    Key in Lock Operates Windows

    In the"Learn Something Every Day" department, my guru demonstrated the above. Use the key in the driver side door lock, and you can open, or shut, all the windows. Who knew??!! I couldn't believe it till I tried it on my car. {:o)
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    Turbo Cayman

    Not a diesel, but this guy has got my dream machine. Mild turbo on a boxer 6 AND an LSD. No affiliation whatsoever, lol, I really shouldn't troll through car ads. And it is after all a VAG group car. Now if we could put the Amarok V6 TDI in it,,,,,,,,,,,,, wowowow...
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    WTB: PP764s

    Looking for a set of 4, with or without injectors. I need some more fuel for my recently added 17/22 turbo. Similar output nozzles considered. Cheers, R*2
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    Front Sway Bar, Adjustable Links?

    I managed to score a VR6 swaybar off CL for silly money, and for another $5 got a pair of adjustable links. My guru reckons there's no need unless I'm going to set up the car for a circular track or the like. I'm looking to stiffen up the car for towing, the "new" bar is about 3mm thicker...
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    Bentley Manual?

    So I'm eyeing off getting one, and had a chance to peruse the 2 volume set, 1999-2005, that includes the PD. Obviously a great resource and something I need and would use. But there is a smaller and cheaper version that covers the 1999-2000 Jetta and Golf. Both versions cover the ALH TDI...
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    764 Nozzles; Power Plus or DLC?

    From what I can glean from trolling the net, the big difference between the 2 types of the 764 nozzles is that the PP has 7 holes while the "new and improved" DLC764 has 5 openings. Slightly increased overall flow (87%>103%) on the PP's, but to my surprise I find that DBW lists both as being...
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    Thing Spotted

    Saw this by the side of the road, here's the ad:
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    WTB: VNT17 Core

    I'm looking for the cast iron manifold and housing for a hybrid turbo build for my ALH. Whatcha' got lying around? Cheers, R*2
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    Turbo ?, CR140 in ALH

    So I've got the turbo from my MkVI, replaced at 100k with a CR170. Sadly deceased after being rearended in a construction zone. With the payout I've acquired a nice "02 that I'm gradually working up. I'm considering a VNT17 for the ALH, but wondering whether or not it's feasible to somehow...
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    FS: Good Running 01M

    SOLD! Just got my swap done. Tranny has 137k on it and was running fine when pulled. I did a fluid and filter change when I got the car at 123k and drove it, shifted it, into neutral at the lights. Shifts great, for those looking to get some more life out of their vehicle, this is a cheap...
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    02J Rebuild

    Ladies, Gents, Gurus, & Popcorn Gallery, Preparing for my auto>manual swap, and I've got the above transmission in the shop ( for installation of a Pelonquin LSD and a .658 5th. I've got a couple of other mechanics capable of the nuts and bolts of swapping the transmissions etc...
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    LED Reverse Lights, Now no Windows!

    So I got some LED's for my reverse lights, installed same. The fob no longer works the central locking, and my windows won't work. The fob, both of them, show the flashing red light, and worked perfectly until I tested the new reverse globes, which worked just fine. I promptly took out the...
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    See if I've changed anything
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    Temperature Gauge Fluctuating

    Intermittently my ECT gauge in the instrument cluster starts to "bounce" around. It falls from the 12 o'clock position of 190 to usually around 9 o'clock. It moves quickly and erratically, not at all smoothly. It never goes over the the 190 reading. Throttle pressure, ie, more diesel, tends...