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  1. OKAaron

    FS: 2002 Jetta TDI Wagon 5 spd Black

    SOLD, thanks for the interest
  2. OKAaron

    FS: 2006 Jetta TDI Auto 99,000miles Package 2

    SOLD Here's the CL ad, of course you all know all of this. Didn't plan on selling it for a long time, but another baby is on the way. It's my wife's first new car she ever bought and driven entirely. Sad to see it go, but it needs a good home. Call me if you're interested. I used to be...
  3. OKAaron

    Transmission Oil Leak at VW Cap

    Had this leak about 40K miles, but just keep an eye on the trans oil level and add if needed. It doesn't leak much, but always looks like this when I take of the belly pan. Do I need to pull it off and re-apply silicone gasket sealer? It doesn't seem to be coming from the fill plug or...
  4. OKAaron

    FS: Eibach Pro Kit Springs for Jetta Wagon Mark IV

    These are just sitting in the garage holding nothing up :( Send me an offer. They're in good shape, not used for more than 20K miles. Please email me as I don't check in very often anymore. aaronsmathers at
  5. OKAaron

    car won't crank until pumping clutch pedal

    I've searched and haven't come across the exact no start thread yet. Has started occurring more often now. Here's what happens, hot or cold: Put key in, all lights etc come on as normal, push in clutch, turn key, hear a click but no crank. Hold key in start position and pump clutch, clicks...
  6. OKAaron

    Best Tie Rod Assembly Brand

    I'm tired of replacing these every year (O-Reilly's/Moog/Cheap lifetime warranty brand) parts. What's the best brand: Meyle, Lemforder, or Febi Bilstein?
  7. OKAaron

    Mark IV Parts for sale Hawk HPS rear brake pads, spindles, brake calipers

    Hawk Brake Pads, These have been sitting in my garage after I upgraded to rear GLI brakes so they have a little surface rust, but they're practically new. $30 shipped ALSO: Forgot to mention Eibach Pro Kit Springs for a wagon $100 shipped, used for ~50K miles, just went back to stock. OEM...
  8. OKAaron

    ALH Timing Belt Tools ?

    Anyone have them for rent or sale? I'm in OKC. Need to do a TB job soon.
  9. OKAaron

    Another Timing Belt Roller Question: ALH

    Before I realized the dealer did not replace "all" TB parts including tensioner, rollers, etc, I had them do the TB. It was part of a deal that they provided labor and I paid for the parts only. I am at 50K miles on these parts: 038-109-119-M Tooth Belt 038-109-243-N Roller 038-121-011-AX...
  10. OKAaron

    Could a 2002 Jetta TDI Wagon RCII VNT17 no cat tow a 1980 International Scout II?

    From Redding California to OKC?
  11. OKAaron

    Anybody explain this surge

    I have posted this problem previously, but had some other issues associated and wanted to bring focus to this issue solely. The other post is here: At WOT I don't have the surge and at very low throttle input it...
  12. OKAaron

    How to clock turbo exactly?

    While under my car today I noticed the compressor outlet hose going to the lower IC pipe is interfering with the power steering line pretty badly. I have a piece of rubber there for now, but I don't think it should be up against a metal hose. How exactly do I go about "clocking" the turbo if...
  13. OKAaron

    WTB: vacuum reservoir bulb

    Broke mine pulling the vacuum hose off. Let me know how much at
  14. OKAaron

    No turbo whistle at idle anymore?

    I have been trying to diagnose what may be wrong. I have no muffler and used to hear the typical turbo whistle at idle. It seems to have gone away and I have a surge in power when the initial turbo surge bleeds off right around 2500-2700 rpms. I mainly feel the surge in 1st and 2nd gear. I...
  15. OKAaron

    Knocking sound heard with go pedal then letting off

    I've been noticing a slightly metallic knocking noise when I shift and the motor is not sending torque to the drivetrain. I can also do it if I'm in gear and slightly tap the go pedal, then let off and let the engine brake the car. Not sure where to start?
  16. OKAaron

    O2J Manual Transmission leak

    After my 5th gear swap I had to disassemble everything and re-torque the bolts holding the gears. I had replaced the transmission cover gasket, but had to pull things back apart. I have had a slow leak that doesn't seem to remedy itself. I've tried torquing the bolts tighter, looser, etc...
  17. OKAaron

    What is the problem???....Need help please

    I still have not found a solution from anyone. When I rapidly pump the brake pedal 4 to 5 times, I loose power assist. It returns in a few seconds, but was scary the other day when I went over some heavy bumps on a downhill. I have replaced the large vacuum hose assembly from the brake...
  18. OKAaron

    Noise from transmission at idle.

    A few thousand miles ago I upgraded to a VR6/G60 clutch kit. All parts were brand new and it was installed by a VW mechanic. Everything was fine after the install, no chatter like others. Just recently a fairly loud noise has developed at idle and doesn't change when pushing in the clutch...
  19. OKAaron

    Feels like variable valve timing??? Surge in torque

    Scary problem with brakes today...please help. Please see post and pics below...thanks.
  20. OKAaron

    .681 5th gear and cruise problem for 2002 ALH?

    Recently I installed the .681 5th gear set. Immediatley I noticed that my cruise would cancel when cruising on the highway and the ecu tried to accelerate under load or on a hill. It happened several times tonight repeatedly as I tried to accelerate using the + cruise button from about 60mph up...