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    Best Tire Recommendations

    Michelin Latitude 255/45R20 shoes are ready for replacement. They've been great but at $350 a pop I've been researching other options. I like Michelin's and the Pilot Sport 4S seems to rate well and I think that is my #2 choice--again premium pricing. I'm trying to stick with summer tires...
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    2014 Q5 TDI Front and Rear Final Drive/Transfer Case

    Fellow compression addicts, Has anyone been able to dissect the Scheduled MX matrix for the scheduled frequency to replace the gear oil in the Front and Rear Final Drive and Transfer Case on their TDI? Link to Audi MX schedule as of Apr 2018...
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    2014 Q5 TDI Transmission Fluid/Filter

    Fellow compression addicts, After a TON of research (you have to search hard for P/N's and compatibility--(BTW I think that's on purpose)) I figured I'd pass on some info/prices to change the fluid/filter in the 8 speed Triptronic transmission (0BK). Found the best deal on GREEN ATF on EBAY...
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    What did you do to you Q5/Q7 today?

    The robust Jetta TDI forum was always buzzing with activity. Now that I've migrated to the V6 TDI SUV the activity in this discussion area is much less. So, I want to start a thread where others can view owners activity and maybe even learn more about their Q5/Q7 from others, some new...
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    Q5 Tire time

    Time to replace the original Michelin Latitude255/45R20 rubber. They are quiet and great handling but I need more of an all season tire. I had 17" Pirelli Cinturato P7's on the Jetta TDI that were just outstanding--quiet, yet great traction/handling. Any suggestions/experience?
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    MK5/6 Fog Lights with Euro Switch & Harness

    Just sold back my 2010 Jetta last week to VWoA. For Sale (FS)/MK5/6 Fog Lights with Euro Switch, harness, relay and Grille. Everything ready to go. One wire (trigger wire) requires the VW connector to fit into your light harness behind your Headlight switch (which you'll replace with the...
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    FS/RNS510 Sat/Nav/Radio with the BT 9w7 Module

    Just sold back my 2010 Jetta Sept 29th FS/RNS510 Sat/Nav/Radio with the BT 9w7 Module (and foam mount to floor) for full A2DP functionality (Harness not included) and Radio Security Code. I'll also put in the GPS Nav antenna you'll want to lay on top of the radio. Map is 2016 but you can...
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    Pirelli shoes

    Anyone running Pirelli Cinturato P7 A/S (all season) 225/45R17/XL 94H's? Found a great deal ($30 cheaper per tire over Continental) on a set of these but have been real happy with my Continental ContiProContact's. Need to pull the trigger this week.... Curious to comparison primarily of cabin...
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    Sunroof Headliner Vibe

    ugghh. Diesels and their harmonics....anyway, my 2009 Jetta headliner/sunroof panel just constantly vibrates going down the road. VW must have put some cheap axx foam up there where these two contact each other. Anybody else have this issue and or, what was your fix?
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    VAG COM Central Electrics (09) Malfunctions

    VCDS my bad.....Ran into a electrical issue on the TDI today. Ran a scan and got 10 error codes listed below. Can anyone tell me what relays I need to change? Once i put in the new parts do I clear the codes first then rescan or just rescan? I swapped the headlight bulbs just to confirm they...
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    RCD-510 Dead

    Original RCD510 stock radio (although I used VCDS to modify my Blue-tooth functionality two yrs ago) without navigation just quit last nite (2010 Jetta TDI). Three minutes into driving the screen went blank and blue tooth functionality etc. At the time I was listening to free...
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    iPhone Apps

    Any chance there is some effort to migrate this forum to an app? My two other vehicle social networking sites utilize the app--works pretty well. In the meantime we all can easily get to the board with the iPhone utilizing Apple's web browser.....
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    NEW 2010 Jetta TDI Buyer/Satisfaction Feedback

    Looked all over for a place to provide potential buyers/researchers some actual customer feedback on their NEW 2010 Jetta TDIs. Here's my input: I conducted hours of on-line research and comparisons (Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book (KBB), Consumer Reports, Diesel forums, etc) and...