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    Clutch hydraulic line leak at slave

    2003 Jetta... lost the clutch, so I bled the system and noticed that it had been leaking where the line joins the slave cylinder. So I replaced the "O" ring (from the kit numbered 1K0 721 741... (I know it's now been superceded by 1K0 798 741). Still leaks... now these kits come with 2 "O" rings...
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    2003 Jetta Wagen just passed a million KM... now what?

    Of course, the odometer went to all dashes... (perhaps that's why it's called a dashboard...) Is there a not-terribly-expensive way to get something working in there? I know there used to be someone in the U.S. that could reset the clusters, but... we're in Canada, and with the border closed...
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    Clutch (Slave) Hydraulic line seal(s) - leak

    I had a hydraulic fluid leak at point "A" in the photo... it was leaking even with the clutch pedal up... The end-piece "B" rotates a bit on the hose end, but the leak is not from the "O" ring (which would come out on the other - internal side of the housing). I got a bag of seals 1K0 798...
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    Clutch - Master or Slave cylinder?

    (2003 Jetta) - Stuck in construction traffic, inching along, and... the clutch "catch" point is getting lower and lower... Eventually we get to actually driving with the clutch pedal up (had to push it up!!!!), and after that - normal city traffic, red lights, etc. everything's fine... (I know...
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    Broken Injector Bolt - what to do now?

    Driving to Toronto, just before we reached the house, we heard a loud bang, and... the bolt to injector # 2 broke - almost flush with the cylinder head... Now what to do? We can get into the garage on 3 cylinders, but... obviously can't drive much farther than that....
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    No more "pure" G13 at dealerships

    Feh... my wife's car developed a coolant leak while out of town, so I had her buy some distilled water to get the car home... once I fixed the hose, I had a situation with left-over highly diluted coolant in the system (couldn't flush it out completely), and... the only thing available at VW...
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    Is there a typical failure mode for losing 5th gear?

    I know it's a silly question, but... (that's never stopped me before...) When one loses 5th gear, is it usually something specific, such as stripping out of the splines in the gear shaft or actual gear or something breaking in the internal linkage to the shift fork, or... is each instance...
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    Testing Alternator out of car

    In the "old days", parts shops would have setups for testing alternators that one brought in... does this still exist? Given the hassle of installing an alternator (2003 ALH), is there any way to bench-test a unit to see that it works before putting it in a car? Thanks, Y.
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    Tracing Wiring Problems - procedure?

    Is there a generally accepted method of trying to track down a wiring issue? Both of the Left side parking / driving lights don't come on with the ignition... I checked the rear bulb and light assembly (2003 Wagon), and they're fine... I didn't have the chance to see whether the front bulb's...
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    Battery / Starter voltage question

    One of our 2003 cars (with over 940,000 km) shows a deep voltage drop while cranking (at -6 degrees C.)... I plugged in one of those cigarette-lighter socket voltage readers, and it goes down to around 8 volts while cranking... I've swapped batteries with the other cars, including a...
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    Are these batteries reliable? (Costco)

    I've had to exchange a few batteries (H7) at Costco lately... the most recent ones display unusual behavior on my charger, and I was wondering if they're making them differently or whether these are defective. Normally, my charger (Motomaster 75/12/2 A unit) starts with the meter on a lower...
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    Master cylinder ESP sensor leak

    Just replaced my master cylinder... while bleeding the top of the system, I got a leak coming from the ESP sensor... when removing it from the old master cylinder, there was no sealant present... is any supposed to be there on the threads? (yes, it's on as tight as I can get it...) Thanks, Yuri
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    Exhaust System difference- wagon vs Golf

    Silly question, but... what's the difference between the exhaust systems of the MkIV (2001) Golf and the (2003) Wagon? We acquired a wagon that has a straight-pipe... not really our style... we have a dead 2001 Golf and was wondering what would be required to modify that exhaust to work in the...
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    Quelqu'un qui reconstruit les compresseurs autour de Montréal a été mentionné ici il y a quelques années ... Quelqu'un at-il les informations de contact? Y at-il un garage qui travaille sur les systèmes de VW dans la région? Yuri
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    Hose Clamps in the GTA ?

    Is there a place in the GTA that might stock Constant Torque or ABA (or equivalent) clamps? I can find so-called fuel-injector clamps locally, but... only in small sizes... The hose fitting around the vacuum pump outlet is fairly loose on the car (and that's with a brand new...
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    T10006a brake booster removal tool in Montreal?

    Est-ce que quelq'un a Montreal a ce outil? Merci, Yuri
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    Brake Booster or Master Cylinder?

    Is there a quick-and-dirty way to tell which has gone bad? Yuri
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    Effect of crankshaft timing variation

    I wonder if anyone has an opinion (or can find a post) about how minute variations in crankshaft vs camshaft + injection pump timing affect performance. Reason for asking... one of our cars (ALH) has an aftermarket flywheel with no TDC mark other than one made by hand using a marker some time...
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    Where to dispose of old parts?

    I'm doing a bit of clearing of the garage, and am finding a bunch of old, broken parts that wouldn't interest the scrap metal people (old fans, etc.) Where does one get rid of these? I know that in general things like this go in general garbage after being broken down to size (windshield wiper...
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    Silly Wheel mounting question

    Car: 2003 Jetta Wagon... I've only ever used steel wheels, and never had a problem torquing them properly. I managed to acquire a set of alloy wheels, and am not sure if I need to take any precautions when putting them on. I recently spoke with another TDI owner who said he has recurring...