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    Drive axle install

    the post indicated " - Tighten to 37 ft-lb plus 1/6 turn " That 1/6 turn will be tight.
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    Sticking vanes

    I'm not positive but I think it's 1/8 or 3/16 inch. If I left it off the arm would have popped off :( I had no problem loosing the clip when I took it off but lost it the first time trying to install it. I tied a piece of thread to the next one and it was easier to find when it dropped...
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    Looking for NB vacuum routing image (not diagram)

    Had to look at the picture link info and looked at Found an interesting picture of the radio which is much smaller then the one the the MKIV Jetta. To much time on my hands. :)
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    Bentley manual - can not find fuel quality ?

    I don't recall seeing it in the manual either. As far as I know you have to do it with VCDS by changing settings in the correct blocks. I'm not sure if the ' USBII kll ' device will do it.
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    What is this hose on my valve cover, 1998 Beetle TDI ?

    There are several things that could cause the GL light to go on. Brake light switch not installed correctly or out of adjustment, control modules not communicating and other things. To properly diagnose it you need VCDS and an OBD cable for that year car to do a full scan of the car. The error...
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    Bentley manual - can not find fuel quality ?

    Are you talking about cetane value? I thing the number was 35 or 40. (been a while) Injection timing is checked in VCDS using the scope timing function. There is a sample graph in the Bentley manual showing where it should be. It's been a while since I used it. Your topic title says "fuel...
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    2002 ALH No Start Diagnostic

    I think I read the ECU will not trigger injection at 200 RPM. Check the battery grounds under the battery and at the trans. Starter could be tight from sitting. Look at the wires in front of the injector pump for corrosion or breakage.
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    Crackling noise from rear speakers

    I changed all 4 speakers shortly after I installed my Kenwood. One rear speaker was blown after the car was at the dealer for some warranty issue. I mentioned the reception was poor and in some areas I had no reception. Don't know what the service manager wrote but the tech took it as no volume...
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    Outer thread wear on front tires

    Can you post the new alignment report?
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    Glow plug problem

    If the light does come on 'for a second' I would think the GP relay is basically working. As mentioned you need to check what temperatures are being reported to the ECU and GP controler. Does the dash temp gauge work correctly?
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    Replaced Radiator and Condenser fans today -- some value-added info...

    On tip three, I usually save all the old parts for a few days unless it's unusable and the new part is working. You never know if you got something that may be defective. I've had this more then once over the years. :(
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    Shop with no TDI experience doing engine swap.....

    Are you aware the CPU and other electronics need to be changed going from gas to diesel? Can someone comment if the dash cluster needs to be swapped?
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    MK4 Jetta ALH no start condition Intermittent

    Did you check the clear fuel line for the bubble? If there was air in the system it could run funny. Shutting it down might not have enough fuel in the IP. Did you scan for codes while it was running 'choppy' ?
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    Radio Reception Is Poor

    I also ran a wire from the antenna wire at the rear of the car and ran it out the back and on top of the roof for a while. I used one wire from a old network cable I had. Duck taped it down on the roof. Worked OK until I got the replacement base.
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    MAF Sensor

    How did you try to move it, by hand or with a vacuum pump? If by vacuum pump did you connect it to the actuator directly, not from above? If so you could take the clip off the actuator rod and try moving the arm on the turbo by hand. It should move easily. Also check if the actuator holds...
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    Radio Reception Is Poor

    I found a few components fell off the circuit board inside my antenna base. I installed an aftermarket amplified antenna and had to add a 'power injector' (iIrc) for a while. It worked OK but I thought it would look better with the OEM antenna. Had to leave the 'power injector' at that point as...
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    Outer thread wear on front tires

    Anything in red is out of spec. In the front the caster and camber are out of spec as well as the toe being really out. Toe that out of spec should wear the tires out really fast. I did that once. :(
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    Wiring Diagram help getting Wipers to work AT ALL?

    Did you check fuses 19 & 41 for power?
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    Outer thread wear on front tires

    Did you have the report from the alignment? Should show the results. Can you scan it and upload it here?
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    Low Tire Light ON.. All tires OK !!!

    My TPMS light went on a few months ago. Tires within 3 or 4 PSI. Filled all to 42 PSI (iIrc) and reset the light. Has been OK since. I prefer to inflate them to a bit below the max pressure listed of the side wall. Less pressure and the threads on the outer edges wear faster with my driving.