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  1. WildChild80

    Disc changers and Phat Noise stuff

    I have a few disc changers with good cartridges 40 OBO each I have 3 phat noise chassis, 2 hard drives and 1 good interface cable. Make an offer, I'll probably sell it for not much more than shipping. Sent from my SM-N975U using Tapatalk
  2. WildChild80

    FS: ALH cylinder head $300 OBO

    Picked from a salvage yard, car was an auto. Selling the head without the cam and lifters but with valves and springs. The head is ready to be bolted on and ran. I bought this head for spare parts just in case I had a freak timing belt event. Tired of it taking up room. The timing belt was in...
  3. WildChild80

    Intake questions

    I have a tune for a colt stage 2 cam, 1019 nozzles, S7 turbo bigger side mount intercooler, 3 inch turbo back exhaust. Has anyone added an intake without a retune? Local parts yard had a bucket day (anything up to the handle is 20 bux) and I picked an intake from a BRM. Would there be any...
  4. WildChild80

    WTB phatnoise adapter

    Have some phatnoise phatboxes but need the cable that goes from the box to the CD changer plug Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  5. WildChild80


    I finally got enough of the basket beetle together to start the engine...bare minimum (wanted to make sure it ran before buying more stuff) and finally got it fired with no intake on the car and it tried to run away, turned key off and it shut down...did this twice. Some back story, never seen...
  6. WildChild80

    More CCV questions.

    Has anyone used 2 oil separators like one from a 2 liter gas and hook that to the BMW cyclone one? And can anyone confirm that a 1.8t pan will fit an ALH block, is the sump compatible? My plan is to have the cyclone oil separator drain into the pan through the turbo drain fitting on the 1.8t...
  7. WildChild80

    Rear wheel bearing questions

    I'm chasing a bearing sound(speed sensitive whine) and I replaced the right rear, the sound is still present. When a swerve to the left it gets quiet but it sounded loudest from the right. Could there be any other reason for an audible whine that is very noticeable at 20, 40 and 60 mph but not...
  8. WildChild80

    3 point socket

    If I had a junky 6 point 24mm socket and ground every other flat spot all the way to round, would that work to get that plug out? Maybe I'm a cheap'o but 20 bux is expensive to rent a tool...I understand some of that is shipping but if I can make one for almost free I'm all about that and I'm...
  9. WildChild80

    Leaking IP

    I've replaced the pump head seal twice, pretty sure I nicked the first one, was super careful with the second one and it's still leaking. Looking closely at it, it seems to be coming from the screw on the lower front part of the pump head, could I have ran it in too far and caused a leak? The...
  10. WildChild80

    Intermittent interior lights

    I searched the forum and didn't find anything on the issue, randomly I just have no interior lights period. It's on its own schedule. I feel like it's a relay but which one. Leaving the shop tonight I had interior lights, an hour drive later when I pull into the drive nothing...wait for a...
  11. WildChild80

    WTB 11 mil injection pump

    I'm looking for an injection pump from an automatic TDI I have a failing pump and I just put a Kerma 165+ kit on and the pump isn't living up...PM or post reply here...thanks