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    2013 Passat Driver's Side Heat blend door servo replacement

    Monday driving home from work in Phila to coastal NJ I saw 100F outside temp. and the sun was blaring. The a/c was struggling a bit but car was cool and comfortable cruising along at 75 mph. Average 41+ mpg for the commute, 213k miles on the car.
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    Hills vs the flats

    ScanGauge II is a nice feature, mine is mounted on the far left of the dash. Boost, EGT, DPF temp and water temp. Let's me know when regen is occurring and how long to cool down before I shutdown.
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    analog clock issue

    Sorry for your troubles. Perhaps resetting the time backward and forward via MFD by 6-8 hours a few times may exercise any "stuck" internals?? Good luck, John
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    Hotter ambient temps cause regen to cycle more?

    IMHO a ScanGauge II is must for these cars, I added mine early on. Water temp, boost, EGT, dpf temps are displayed at all times. I typically take it easy for a mile or two before reaching my destinations and then idle until egts come down and drop below 275F, ~ 1-2 minutes.
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    New to me ‘14 Passat TDI SEL

    Yes it sounds like the headlight switch was changed. Have you checked the tail lights with the car running and the switch in various positions? You may luck out and have a rear fog installed. Mine is similar to the picture and I usually leave it in auto. When in the "on" position I get fog...
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    What damage can occur from overfilled dsg transmission?

    If I remember correctly if you pull the drain plug while the car is not running quite a bit of fluid comes out. When dsgs first came out this was a common mistake. The car must be running and at a specified temp to determine the correct level. You should be fine, it was a rookie assigned to...
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    No heat on passenger side, heater core 150 in, 140 out

    Try Googling "reset passat tdi heater flaps". By pushing the a/c and middle vent heater buttons simultaneously the system moves the all the flap actuators through their full ranges of motion. Mesaure coolant temps at several locations with an infrared thermometer and verify coolant is flowing...
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    What are your opinions on slotted rotors?

    A simple test of parking brake effectiveness is to stop the car from 20mph exclusively with the parking brake. Just hold the button and pull up gently until you stop. You'll know if they work and how well. Good luck, John
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    Running Unorthodox Oils (Non-VW 507.00 lifetime UOAs)

    I have never been a fan of testing and switching oils every change being unsure how the additive packages interact if at all. DelVac 1 esp 5w40 for me @ 10k mile intervals, now at 210k miles. Good luck, John
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    What are your opinions on slotted rotors?

    I think you'll be pleased with the upgrade, don't forget to follow the break-in procedures. Good luck, John
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    2015 passat...flashing glow plug and CEL and limp mode??

    Try to get a copy of the diagnostic scan. My 2014 CKRA had the flashing glow and limp mode, it turned out to be a bad Air Charge Temperature Sensor. Located on the side of the intercooler and pretty simple fix. Good luck, John
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    Anybody Know Where I Can Find Service Manual

    Thanks for this info I was unaware of the drop down menu. In checking my files it appears I downloaded in Oct 2015. Looks like I'll be subscribing again...
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    APR DSG tune reliability/warranty issues

    Sorry no direct DSG tune experience here. Another alternateive is to drive in sport mode; it will hold the gears a little longer and is free.
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    What are your opinions on slotted rotors?

    Not sure drilled or slotted rotors are needed for street use. I've had good luck with Zimmerman, ATE and EBC rotors through the years. Good luck, John
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    Big turbo options?

    I am considering something bigger if my current stock turbo ever fails. You may be looking at some fabrication. Have you tried Kerma or Darkside? Good luck, John
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    Anybody Know Where I Can Find Service Manual

    I have downloaded Erwin for several cars using the one day subscription. I am old school and prefer my old Bentleys. One major disappointment is lack of the wiring diagram. I have two short to ground fault codes (fuel temp and coolant fan) and wish I could investigate/trace "on papaer" before...
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    Questions on heater core and DSG maintenance for used 2014

    If the repairs/replacments cannot be verified via records, negotiate a price reduction acordingly. Neither are that big a deal especially if you can do the repairs yourself. Good luck, John
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    "Normal" Operating Temperature?!?

    Mine also runs ~215F and as high as 225F. I just bought a new temp sensor ($15) and will change it and do a flush. Been reading a lot about the high regen temps degrading the coolant. Good luck, John
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    How much did you spend to make your TDI fun?

    Bilstein HD shocks and a rear H&R bar. Upgrade your brake pads when the new ones are needed. I don't worry about acceleration and once up to speed keep it there, corners or not. If still not fast enough get a tune.
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    2015 TDI Coolant Flush?

    Try the search function maybe with "heater core". I remember a pretty good write-up using a shop vac at the filler cap and removing a small hose for the make-up air. When my time comes that's the route I am taking, although I am a 2014 ckra. Good luck, John