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  1. darkscout

    FS: AHU RC2/3 ECM, Intake, EGR Block plates & coolant bypass.

    RC2/3 switchable (currently on RC3) w/EGR delete. $150 OBO shipped - Tentatively Sold. Clean intake with EGR block plates and coolant bypass. Plates and coolant hose: $25 OBO shipped. Intake: $50 OBO + shipping. Or get all...
  2. darkscout

    FS: O2A (Mk3) DieselGeek Short Shift, AHU & ALH Pump Cores

    DieselGeek short shift kit for the Mk3 without the side to side reduction pin. $75. In action: Install instructions: ALH 10 mm pump core. Pulled because it...
  3. darkscout

    AHU/ALH Crank Sensor?

    I'm having an FPGA built to read the AHU & ALH's timing wheel. I have some questions about how it's setup. The sensor is a variable reluctance sensor. Is the timing wheel 32-1 (32 'teeth' with 1 missing tooth) or another setup?
  4. darkscout

    First suggested swap?

    So my beloved Mk3 is off the road with a dead engine. I have a 3 month (possibly longer) layoff coming up AND just so happen to have myself a brand new pole barn (to me) that I'm going to setup shop in. I've never rebuilt an engine before so if it's salvageable I plan this to be my foray...
  5. darkscout

    Anyone considered a Miller cycle?

    Just wondering if anyone has worked out the math for doing a Miller Cycle on their TDI. It would require custom cams and 2 turbos (low and high pressure)
  6. darkscout

    Another Mk3 off the road.

    Eulogy by my wife: Mk3 Jetta died on I-94 Southbound just past the Michigan/Indiana state line on Thursday, June 26th at approximately 5:15pm with 284,539mi on her odometer. She ultimately succumbed to a water pump failure which led to a seized engine. Jetta was a carefree, roll-with-the-punches...
  7. darkscout

    [Review]: ECS Mk4 Rear Hatch Pop Kit

    Perhaps you've seen the ECS Tuning hatch pop kit. (Product Link) The premise is simple, you press your hatch release and it automagically opens your hatch for you! (Video). Great for groceries, pets, hit men. Installation: Installation is straightforward. Well, except for the design flaw. The...
  8. darkscout

    MAF-less tunes

    Can anyone explain to me why most people still use MAF tunes? MAF is really only useful as a diagnostic and tuning tool (at least where I've used it). I know most large engines don't use MAF, it's just a cheap and easy way to diagnose if your EGR is working. (Speed Density-EGR = MAF). Plus it's...
  9. darkscout

    Comprehensive Pinout Spreadsheet?

    Has anyone put together a comprehensive pinout spreadsheet? I'm primarily looking for the ECM and IP connection right now for both ALH (121-pin) and AHU (55-pin?) but BEW, and CR too (in the future). I've seen a few incomplete ones but I was just hoping someone had already done the work...
  10. darkscout

    WTB Dead ALH or AHU ECM, cheap

    If you have one of those dead ECMs I'd like to buy it. Either an ALH or AHU. TE has the 121 pin but I can't find it for sale anywhere: As long as the connector is intact I don't care too much about the rest of it.
  11. darkscout

    Electric cooling pump

    So my wife just got a Nissan leaf. Among other things that are nice is the ability to set a desired cabin temperature before departure. Now a TDI coolant heater is great, but just warms up the coolant. You need someway to make it circulate through everything. And then just wire up your fan to...
  12. darkscout

    Camshaft Analyzer

    Just browsing my local craigslist and came across this: Might be of interest to you performance nuts. "Comes with extra jig made for VW cam/crank checking in a case. Will do any cams."
  13. darkscout

    ALH EGR Cooler & MK4 Golf Metal Bumper

    EGR Deleted, cooler no longer needed. $50 + shipping (I may be able to get it into a flat rate box) Euro Hitch gekauft & Installed. $100, OBO. Local pickup in Lexington, KY. Will deliver west to Peoria, IL up to Fort Wayne & Chicago depending on my work schedule (i.e. You won't be getting it...
  14. darkscout

    Wanted 10/11mm ALH Injection Pump

    Cheap preferred. High Miles fine if it works. I think my 2003 Golf's IP ate itself @160k. My '98 Jetta is still kicking at 283k so high miles don't scare me but I want to make sure it's the IP before I go drop a boat load on an 11mm pump or refurbished 10mm pump. If the pump was working and...
  15. darkscout

    Lift/Inline Pump Options

    All the other threads I've found are old and really just talk about one or two options at a time. In 5 years when this thread is old hopefully someone compiles a set of new options. If some people could help me fill in the unknowns. PD In-Tank Lift Pump. Make: VW Availability: IDParts BoraParts...
  16. darkscout

    PayPal Alternatives

    So there are numerous people out there (and the number is growing) that refuse to use PayPal, my self included. If you'd like my own horror story I can post it but in the mean time there is: 1) The obvious is writing a check and mailing it, but I know checks are going out...
  17. darkscout

    2003 Golf. No start/hunting idle/"Quantity Limit Reached"

    2003 ALH doesn't start or when it does idle hunts. Mods: Bosio DLC 1019 (ULSD RATED) Next Generation Design TDTuning (vwmikel) Stage 3 Tune EGR Blockoff Simlified Vacuum Harness eliminating EGR. Current mileage: 167xxx "Recent" Maintenance. 165k - Oil Change 163k - Timing Belt 163k - Fuel...
  18. darkscout

    Nissan forums like TDIClub?

    What are the best forums for figuring out *** is going on with my fiance's 2005 Nissan. Or if anyone is so privy to these little @(*boxes. It's a 2005 SE with the 1.8. When I was driving it home today it just died. No warning no stutter just died. Then it refused to restart. I walked the fun 2...
  19. darkscout

    [ALH] Air getting where it shouldn't be and diesel fuel not staying where it should

    Saturday I woke up to a non-starting car. I finally traced it to the pump not being primed. After some coaxing with the shop vac (no mity vac) I got the car started. Shut it off. Started it again. Went about my business and 4 hours later it wouldn't start. Repeated the process and got out to...
  20. darkscout

    OE Mk4 Golf Headlights, EGR Cooler & Rear Bumper

    Best offer. Located in Lexington Kentucky. Although I travel to Peoria, Chicago and Lafayette for work via Cinci or Louisville so I could definitely deliver.