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  1. burpod

    another rebuild disaster? sharp PANGing sound coming from head

    i was going to post a more detailed thread involving this, but currently just trying to figure out this issue and get some ideas before i pull the pan off again or take the head off. my ahu, that previously skipped a timing belt, i rebuilt with forged rods, asv pistons, machined i-shaft, new...
  2. burpod

    SOS amyone have a N75 valve near niagra falls?

    On a road trip in my newly rebuilt mk3. Of course now having problems. drove the last 250 miles with no turbo and had some electrical issues which I think I resolved, but still no turbo. Feeling like the only thing it could be now is the n75 somehow failed. Anyone near niagra falls or farther...
  3. burpod

    re-installing AC (from scratch) on my mk3

    big question: does the stock AHU (or ALH for that matter) AC/fan setup disable the coolant fans from running when the car is travelling at higher speeds? looking at the mk3 bentley wiring diagrams, i don't see any possible way it could do this but maybe i'm missing something. so is it correct...
  4. burpod

    FS: ahu/mk3 parts, oem piston + rods, misc

    will be adding some more items later as i find them and some pics, but have a bunch of extra parts i don't need, prices include shipping and all are OBO. all parts ahu/mk3 unless noted: $175 oem rods w/pistons 205k *see below $300 10mm injection pump - DFIS rebuilt <40k **see below $80 pickup...
  5. burpod

    Robertwill01 scammer alert

    guest user "Robertwill01" is a scammer. my guard was down, being tdiclub. he PM'd me saying he knew of a member who might have the couple odd items i was looking for - ahu IP bracket and E suffix pulley, and gave me "his" gmail email address. this must be new to the new forums, but i didn't...
  6. burpod

    modded ahu - timing belt slipped 13 teeth what to do next

    i posted in my edc15 thread, but i'll start a new thread here for it as i have a couple questions. apparently i had a timing belt mishap :( i think it was just a freak coincidence that it happened when it did - was trying to see if i could change the map linearization for a 4bar map. the...
  7. burpod

    edc15 tuning... getting into the game! very basic questions

    i feel like i'm a bit late in the game, but i'm now trying to understand and attempt some edc15 tuning on my own. i've been googling and reading a lot, and have some very basic questions that i can't seem to figure out while i wrap my head around this. these days, due to having a couple little...
  8. burpod

    Wtb: alh 121 pin ecu connectors/pigtail

    edit - got everything i need now! edit - looking for 121 pin connectors not 80 ... looking into trying to do some of my own edc15 "stuff" 😅 and would like to make some sort of bench setup. Wanting to attempt some tuning one day and also convert my ahu powered cars to edc15. I have a couple...
  9. burpod

    SOLD.. Fs: 30$ shipped alh Unichip tuning box

    Came with a 2002 tdi I worked on, he didn't want it, and it wasn't plugged in - previous owner had installed it. It's Unichip DP series. Don't know anything about it other than I don't need it :) it piggybacks the ecu and pretty sure is for stock turbo. but for 30$ shipped maybe someone wants...
  10. burpod

    Vnt ring in upside down? Turbo weirdness

    Long story short.. did tb on wife's 06 bew tdi automatic, that went fine no problem. Torsion. Value of 1.5 when warm. But Nipple broke off turbo actuator, replaced with a used on that seemed to check out ok with mity vac. Car seems strained at idle and would bog when revving it and sputter. It...
  11. burpod

    My mk3.. on suplex springs soon 195/65/15 :)

    Haven't posted in forever, but decided to ditch the soft h&r sport springs and put in some suplex springs for a but of a lift so I can run bigger tires and tow better. Tried some b4 springs but too much lift. Pic with test fit of a 195/65/15 (Saturn 4 lug 15" steel wheel) which fit no problem...
  12. burpod

    WTB: good oem driver side axle complete for 09a

    Both cv boots on my wife's mk4 golf with 09a teams are busted and cv joints making noise. With 200k in it, I'd like to just find a good low miles preferably complete driver side axle and swap it in. Tia
  13. burpod

    WTB: low mileage, excellent condition OEM mk4 springs

    i'll be looking around on vortex etc, but i'm looking for a set of low mileage/excellent condition OEM mk4 springs for the wife's golf. want to change the suspension setup in it to bilstein HDs + a bit of lift. currently has bilstein sports and h&r oe sport springs, but i think the springs are...
  14. burpod


    i don't really plan to update this thread at all, but just to demonstrate the power of the dillblox :D since i had to fix some wiring in my brothers car i figured it was time to relay the headlights, fogs, and clean up some factory mess. and i had some stuff from my previous wiring ventures...
  15. burpod

    FS: pd150 turbo inlet pipe, CAT filter head

    title says, pd150 turbo inlet pipe (accordion hose is sold) also selling cat filter head, no pic of that right now. perfect condition however $120 shipped for the inlet $50 for the CAT filter head - includes the stock oem thermo-t bull**** :) also have alh intake manifold clean. asv works...
  16. burpod

    wtb: bew ecu

    looking for a spare BEW ecu... anyone got one? pm me...
  17. burpod

    WTB: mk4 golf or jetta BLACK front end parts to fix collision damage

    shot in the dark here... but: trying to fix my brothers car - mk4 black jetta with front end damage. i'd do a golf front end swap if i can get the fenders, since everything is being replaced anyways, why not make it a getta i need rad support, hood, hood latch, front bumper w/valence, front...
  18. burpod mk1 chassis bars

    i had never heard of before - anyone order from them? i had previously bought a mk1 front cross-member bar, but then came across gokraut. the price is cheap compared to what BFI charged before. special pre-order prices on the cross-member bar and mk1 4-point...
  19. burpod

    WTB: euro polo/ibiza rear stub axles etc

    any euro vendors/breakers around here who could find these euro seat/ibiza parts (new or used in good condition): rear stub axle (l, r): 6n0501118, 6n0501117 hub w/bearing (5x100): 6Q0598611 hub w/bearing (4x100): 6x0598477 splash shield (l, r): 6n06 156 612, 6n06 156 611 polo/ibiza rear stub...
  20. burpod

    FS: mk4 stock CAI air duct pieces $55 shipped

    all 4 pieces for the stock "CAI" ducting up to the airbox. 55 shipped for all, nothing broken, just a little dirty. pic here. also have a pd100 factory turbo inlet pipe and an extra stock mk4 airbox