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    2005 Volkswagen Passat Wagon TDI

    2005 Volkswagen Passat Wagon TDI-Ohio 2005 Passat in excellent condition. Leather, wood trim, cold weather package (heated seats and side mirrors), monsoon sound, sunroof. Has most options.The balance shaft work was done at Fast Enough Performance in Lexington, Ky. I chose them based on...
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    Post balance shaft MPG-what's your experience?

    So we purchased this car 2-3 months ago knowing that the BSM had to be converted. We MAY have put 200-300 miles on the car before we had the service done; so much to my dismay, we do not have a baseline for what the MPG was prior to service. So far, it seems that we are getting about 33 mpg...
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    Took the plunge-Car in shop for geared BS module!!

    Just wanted to let fellow B5 passat tdi'ers that i've taken the plunge! The car is an 05 with 95k on it...Really liked it cause it had leather, a sunroof, and wood trim, no more/less. Whats funny is i've looked across the country for either a passat tdi or liberty crd...i've called countless...
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    Balance shaft module-hoe much noise is too much?

    Balance shaft module-how much noise is too much? Hey guys. I'm having a hell of a time getting much info (aside from the amazing write up posted here) on the dreaded chained bsm. Even my tdi guru that is my go to guy for my normal tdi related work doesnt do this particular job. I've done...
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    oil leakage/seepage from oil filler cap

    Replaced the gasket, and still leaked. Checked the CCV (disk on top of valve cover) for fear of blockage but there was no visable build up of any kind. I guess I have two possibilities: 1. does the tension on the oil cap eventually start to fail? The vw parts guy said he's never seen one...
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    2003 Jetta Wagon for sale

    EDIT: PRICE DROP $8099! Well its a bittersweet day. Thankfully, I have another TDI, so all is not lost; but this one has to go in order to pursue a job mandated masters degree (blah!) 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI WAGON-ASKING $8800 Fist off, this car was maintained by all the standards set...
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    WTB: 03-05 passat sedan/wagon or jetta wagon

    Would need to be auto and If I could be picky I'd go for white and tan leather. If you have a 1.8t 4 motion passat for sale, let me know what you are asking. Reason for being open to the 1.8t 4 motion combo is the slight possibility of swapping in a tdi at some point. Price range is wide...
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    Megan downpipe...anybody running it? I know its cheap, but seriously, i'm not sure that its going to flow any different than a 600-1000 dollar downpipe. If the cost difference is quality of material, i can deal with replacing it in...
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    anyone else wrecked their mk 4 golf?

    Stupid driver, she was moving when I looked down, and by the time i looked back up my little torque monster was plowing her Hyundai like a bulldozer...and then her car proceeded to take out the jaguar in front of her...all without damaging my car...much. OK, she wasn't the stupid
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    OEM roof rack...a case of 'ya get what you pay for?' or a really good deal?

    So i've been on the look out and have found thule and yakima to be in excess of 400 bucks for the basic roof rack depending on what stuff you get with it (since it all comes in parts) On a reputable site amongst fellow vw enthusiasts ( I found OEM racks for a heck of a...
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    roof rack/bike rack combo, what do you have?

    Not wanting to compare, but would like to know what your set up is. Car, what roof rack, what bike rack, and what type of bike. I search back 3 months and figured there may be new info out there. For reference, I've got an 03 golf 4 door tdi that will be hauling around my 63cm Felt road bike...
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    How many miles can you safely drive with fuel light on?

    I don't want to find out the hard way, so I figured I would learn from your guys/gals experiences :) I've been filling right when the light comes on and it seems to take right around 12.5 gals to fill without venting. So theoretically there is still 2 gals of fuel right? Also, when the light...
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    03 golf tdi 10 hour round trip, 48mpg fully packed

    Can't argue with that. Went 5 hours north (a bit east of Cleveland) and averaged 48 mpg on the way up there going 70-80 mph. Car was loaded with one kid, 2 adults, and everything one would need for a weekend sled/ski trip....needless to say not much more would fit. before the trip i was...
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    What the hell is this 'vent' in ventectomy?

    I have searched but to no end. And for the record, i like to think i am fairly adept when it comes to mechanical systems. I've found the videos as to how to perform a 'ventectomy' by removing that switch/latch that pokes into the filler neck. Does that switch typically actuate something and...
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    What can I use to clean exhaust cooler and egr?

    Car is an 03 golf tdi. I've got the intake, egr, and exhaust cooler off the car, what can i use to clean the egr and exhaust cooler? Can i put anything (kerosene or brake cleaner) in the exhaust cooler? Is it necessary to clean the cooler? Would hate to mess it up. I'm pressure cleaning the...
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    TDI replacement emblem-anyone seen a green T?

    So I am missing the letter T in TDI on the back of my car...I've seen the different ones available, but I really like the green T in TDI, on the TDIclub header...any ideas on where to procure one of these TDI emblems with a green T and Red I? I can't be the only one that wants one :D
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    Know not to change oil as often...what about the filter?

    So I know the general consensus of tdiclub concerning the oil specs/types/change intervals...but i haven't heard much about oil filter frequency. I assume you guys change it when you change your oil (somewhere between 5 and 10 thousand miles), but would their be any benefit to changing just the...
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    sticky stuff and soot on rear hatch of golf tdi.

    I searched and looked through the first couple of pages... 'm sure this isn't something is driving me nuts!! How can I remedy this issue? I'll even take it to an exhaust shop if I can get it fixed. Every time I drive i get very small droplets of sticky residue on the hatch/lift gate...
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    Within 3 hours of Cincinnati, Oh? Interested in having a winter meet up/tune up?

    EDIT: Dont let the title fool you, feel free to reply even if you're more than 3 hours away from Cincinnati...if you are interested of course lol I know I'm a newb to the forum, but wanted to see if there may be interest in getting some folks together for a winter meet up/ tune a heated...
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    Full washer fluid resevoir, no spray from front or back

    If there is a better suited thread, feel free to let me know as this is more of general vw question...Anyone else have issues with windshield wipers working but no response when initiating front or rear washer fluid pumps? From what the dealer told me there are two pumps (front and rear)...I...