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    2nd Injection Pump failure in 101K miles

    According to the paper work, there was a blown seal on the pump and the pump could not be refilled. I now wonder if there was something wrong with the original replacement pump as the car has a lot more power than I recall it ever having. I did stress with the mechanic this time around that I...
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    2nd Injection Pump failure in 101K miles

    I may have gone a little long on fuel filters but I would be shocked if filter failure would have caused the 2nd IP to go bad in 40 K miles. As stated earlier, I have never detected any water anywhere in the system. Anti-shudder valve was the first thing I checked. Not stuck. I have a gray...
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    2nd Injection Pump failure in 101K miles

    2001 A4/M5 TDI History: TB replaced at 57K IP replaced first time at 59K Some experimentation with B5-B99 prior to first IP failure. After that, Flying J, Shell, Mobil only. Fuel treated with Primrose 409 when temps drop below 40° F. Fuel filter replacement every 25-30K miles. No water...
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    2nd Injection Pump failure in 101K miles

    Timing belt was replaced at 57K with the 100-120K bits by Drivbiwire. I was at Seatac airport with the no start. I had it towed to Auburn VW. After dealing with a AAA roadside repair guy who insisted it was glow plugs (on a 55-degree day) and a tow truck driver who also insisted on trying to...
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    Engine bucking at low speeds?

    Mine acted kind of like that as the injection pump started to fail (the first time). It got progressively worse. And about 2,000 miles after I first noticed it, it was replaced. I hope it's something else for you.
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    Now that is getting cold, first start of each morning is rough?

    If you listen closely, you'll hear that the glow plugs actually shut off a few seconds after the glow plug light goes out. You can then turn the key off and back on to get a 2nd cycle of the plugs which can help a bit. But I agree that it is most likely slightly retarded injection timing...
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    2nd Injection Pump failure in 101K miles

    Well. There go my fuel savings... My first injection pump failed and was replaced by VW with a remanufactured pump several years ago at 60K miles under warranty. Last week I parked my car at the airport and left it there for four days while out of town on business. Upon my return, the car...
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    headlight bulb video?

    After 6 years, 78,700 miles and 2352 hours on the meter, I finally had a DRL-enabled bulb burn out. I agree with 20IndigoBlue02 that removing the battery cover greatly aids in getting the driver side bulb done. You'll need a 10mm socket with a fairly long extension to get the cover freed up...
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    Accurate Diesel Glow Plugs

    I bought some of these about two years ago to replace some OEM plugs that failed. Earlier this summer, I started getting the CEL again. I picked up a scanguage a few weeks ago and it showed that I had a GP issue. I checked the plugs with my multimeter and #2 and #3 were both bad. That's...
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    NW Intake cleaning GTG & Misc

    I'd like to get in on the intake cleaning and hopefully get my injection timing advanced or at least tested. Hope my schedule continues to permit... Thanks for offering to host the event.
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    Better fuel economy at higher R.P.M.S.?

    Yeah, I don't see how that's possible. Increased RPMs if nothing else will increase internal friction within the engine. And from what I've read, to a point, these engines are more efficient working harder at lower rpms.
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    B20 TDI looses fuel pump at 77K miles?

    My IP was replaced (under 10-year/100K mile warranty) at 60K and had never seen any biodiesel at the time. They didn't find any evidence of bad fuel or water so it was just one of those things. Yours probably was too. My sympathies.
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    When to shift/downshift

    I always heard it had its origin in the fact that certain Italian sports cars (Ferraris in particular) had a nasty habit of fouling plugs, gumming up valve guides and "carboning" up the combustion chambers up if they weren't exercised hard once in a while. It certainly dates back to carburetor...
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    Bo-oo-oo-gus on Car Talk

    Haha. These guys are pretty lame. Yet now that the local NPR station I prefer listening to has dropped them and I miss hearing them. Maybe it was for the involuntary "I'm smarter than these guys" feelings of smugness that I would normally experience. I will say this for them, their show...
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    Gas is at $2.39 Diesel is at $2.43 per galllon

    You have it easy, Bookworm. At the Flying J in Tacoma, WA, regular gas is $2.129 while diesel is $2.719 and at other Washington Flying Js diesel runs as high as $2.859
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    Longer Antenna whip

    Interesting. Compu85 is the AM reception better? I don't have major complaints about the FM but the AM is pretty pathetic. Thx all.
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    XM Radio??

    Thanks all. I ended up getting the roady xt this afternoon. Costco had a car & home pack bundle for $109.99 and then there's a $30 rebate. I just threw the antenna on the dash after activating the thing and it worked even in the garage. There's a signal meter that indicated two bars on both...
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    XM Radio??

    After listening to comedy channels non-stop for four days in North Dakota, I'm finally ready to plunk down some cash for XM radio. Ideally, I'd like a set-up that I could EASILY transfer between our CR-V and our Jetta and to any rental car that one or the other of us might be using at any...
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    TDICLUBBERS @ Le Mans 2006?

    Unfortunately can't attend, but this will certainly be an added inducement for watching the 24hrs on Speedvision... if they carry it. Thanks for bringing the R10 to our attention and Enjoy!!
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    Longer Antenna whip

    I parked my 2001 Jetta GLS next to somebody with a 2003 and noticed that the antenna whip on her car was about 2 inches longer than mine. I asked and she confirmed that hers was the OEM whip that came with her car and not a replacement. Freudian jokes about inadequacy issues aside, was there a...