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  1. nate0031

    alh m-Tdi marinisation to match Mercruiser Gen1 drive

    What exactly were all these changes? Having been through some Chevy powered Mercruiser engines, the rumors I had heard about internal differences seemed to be a myth. With them apart on stands next to each other, the "Marine" block, heads etc shared casting numbers with their automotive...
  2. nate0031

    2000 Audi A6 - CJAA TDI - 6 Speed Manual - AWD

    And for some of the parts car...
  3. nate0031

    2000 Audi A6 - CJAA TDI - 6 Speed Manual - AWD

    After all the time, effort, and money I spent putting this car together, I am reluctant to list it for sale. With a new house, job, and child in the last couple years, I find myself simply short on time to make it as nice as planned. This will be a long read, but I want to be thorough for...
  4. nate0031

    TDI fest 2019-2020

    Cincinnati would be nice. It would be nice to see the TDI community more active again, but I can't say I've been around much for a while with how busy life got. It is disappointing to see how much dieselgate knocked the wind out of the community.
  5. nate0031

    GTiTDi's 2.0 CJAA swap-->mk2 GTI STANDALONE

    Awesome to see more CR swaps on the road. 40,000+ on mine so far, and not a bit of trouble from the motor, towing and all. Finally time for another round of upgrades.
  6. nate0031

    09-06 swap engine starts then shuts down

    I don't think it'd be the pedal. I used the 2000 A6 2.7tt pedal in mine. I measured the output voltage from both elements in the pedal, and the 2000 pedal had the same ratio as the 2010 TDI. I just had to trim the stops a tad to adjust the range. Only registered about 95% at full throttle...
  7. nate0031

    Audi A6 with a CJAA Common Rail

    It's been doing well. I've got no complaints. It has well over 30,000 since the swap. It's towed the tandem jet ski trailer 1,000 miles round trip to TDI Fest, the 17 ft utility trailer 1,100 miles to Texas, and the 26ft travel trailer 300 miles across Ohio. I haven't had any issues with parts...
  8. nate0031

    Show what you tow!

    I think you'd be fine to reduce the tongue weight. Shouldn't have stability issues so long as you keep it at/above 10%. That should give a little more weight on the front end. You can use a weight distributing/anti sway hitch as well to transfer weight back to the front and keep it stable.
  9. nate0031

    Mk5 GTD Swap **IN THE WORKS**

    In my specific case, all the rest of the modules original to the car don't seem to care. Likely because it's a bit older at 2000. Auto AC, ABS, limited slip, etc all work just as they should. The AC did require the compressor request/permission lines to be connected together, as the stock ECU...
  10. nate0031

    Mk5 GTD Swap **IN THE WORKS**

    Nice to see more CR swaps! You don't actually need the CAN gateway to communicate with the ECU via VCDS. My engine ECU is immo deleted, and has no other modules present. The CAN lines from the ECU do nothing but go directly to the OBDII port CAN pins, and VCDS works perfectly. So no...
  11. nate0031

    Show what you tow!

    Luckily, no one here is putting tremendous weight on the vehicle. Is someone here trying to pull like a semi? 4k is not a "bigger trailer." I think the upper end with most here is around 4k, and that doesn't appear common. 2k seems more average. Bumper pull trailers are extremely common...
  12. nate0031

    Mk5 GTD Swap **IN THE WORKS**

    Also, if you're swapping the engine into a very different car, you can have an immobilizer delete done. In that case, you only need the ECU to run the engine. The CAN lines can be run directly from the ECU to the OBDII port for VCDS etc.
  13. nate0031

    Show what you tow!

    Having towed quite heavy myself for several hundred miles on the highway/intestate, I can say the vehicle didn't feel unstable. I was at the car's European counterparts tow rating though, balanced the trailer, used a proper hitch, used a good proportional brake controller, and maintained speeds...
  14. nate0031

    Mk5 GTD Swap **IN THE WORKS**

    Uh, hopefully you're joking, but I'm guessing not. The CBEA/CJAA common rails use the same oil filter as the BRM Pumpe Duse engine. Not going away. Since when has an engine being out of production ended parts support? The 1Z hasn't been in production in the US in like 2 decades and parts are...
  15. nate0031

    Common rail heads

    The CP1H pump (similar to a CP3) in the Cruze diesel does not have pumping events timed to cylinder firings, and that's from the factory. The CP3 swaps on our CR140's also don't have pump events timed to cylinder firings. Both systems work just great. I agree with others on here, a CP3 is...
  16. nate0031

    2007 GMC Canyon TDI Project

    What turbo did you pick? I'm strongly considering a similar setup.
  17. nate0031

    Sequential Turbo Sizing - CJAA Engine

    Thank you. Had a feeling getting some sort of control output wouldn't be so simple. With a GT2860 or GT2871 over the stock turbo, is tuning the VNT on the stock turbo tricky? Thanks everyone. Can anyone comment on what's needed to adapt a square port manifold to a round port head? The bolt...