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    November 2008 Mileage Thread

    Driver: Schwabe Miles: 745.1 Gallons: 13.57 Model Year: 2006 Model: Jetta TDI Tranny: 5M Fuel Type: ULSD My best tank yet :D
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    October 2008 Mileage Thread

    Driver: Schwabe Miles: 703.9 Gallons: 13.9 Model Year: 2006 Model: Jetta TDI Tranny: 5M Fuel Type: ULSD Driver: Schwabe Miles: 739.2 Gallons: 14.59 Model Year: 2006 Model: Jetta TDI Tranny: 5M Fuel Type: ULSD
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    September 2008 Mileage

    2008-09-03 Driver: Schwabe Miles: 803.9 Gallons: 14.9 Model Year: 2006 Model: Jetta TDI Tranny: 5M Fuel Type: ULSD 2008-09-24 Driver: Schwabe Miles: 779.3 Gallons: 15.05 Model Year: 2006 Model: Jetta TDI Tranny: 5M Fuel Type: ULSD
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    Hypermilling with a TURBO

    :D , absolutely DEAD wrong, a turbo is always less efficient at producing max horsepower compared to a (same max horsepower) naturally aspired engine. The fuel efficiency of the turbo engine over the standard engine comes from being able to employ a smaller engine and have the turbo to provide...
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    Hypermilling with a TURBO

    right here, lots'o work lately. Okay so now I understand that compared to the old days where a flap opened and directed the exhaust gases into the turbo and spooled it up, in these type of turbos you have the exhaust side of the turbo with adjustable vanes that let more or less gasses into the...
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    Hypermilling with a TURBO

    You really need to cool off. Read what people post and not what you think they wrote. There is noting about letting the turbo cool down after hard driving in the manual, PERIOD. Of course there is nothing in there specifically about shutting down the engine while coasting. As for my...
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    800+ on a tank, whos with me.

    08/01/08 Miles: 816.2 Gallons: 15.19
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    Hypermilling with a TURBO

    Well, that is your opinion and you are entitle to it. Just mention that it is your opinion when posting on boards as these as it is not written anywhere inj the owners manual of the TDI. VW would have put something in there if the danger of damaging the turbo was even faintly possible just so...
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    New 'SMART' car is a joke compared to JETTA TDI

    There are also Brabus tuned SMARTS available in Germany, as well as Diesel powered ones. Google 100mpg smart. There is a guy in Canada I believe who has a diesel smart pushing 100MPG, no joke ...
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    August 2008 Mileage Thread

    Driver: Schwabe Miles: 816.2 Gallons: 15.19 Model Year: '06 Model: Jetta TDI Tranny: 5M Fuel Type: D2
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    I do not mean the extra wheight for the additional diesel in the tank, I meant that with 17 gallons in the tank reaching 800 miles with an MPG of say roughly 47 is not as impressive as say reaching it with only 14.5 available gallons and an MPG of 55. Big difference IMHO. But if the general...
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    Hypermilling with a TURBO

    Well the only place I can find it in my '06 manual is in the general section 3.2 Tips and Advice that refers to all MKV Jettas, independent of engine type. Under Driving Tips: The cooling effect of the radiator fan cannot be increased by downshifting because fan speed is independent of...
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    Honest Mpg

    The current MPG in my signature is without engine of coasting. Where I leave there is not much off that but I have about 3 long downhills on my way to work, back and forth that gives me about 3-4 miles of EOC, or an extra 21-25 miles per tank. The current tank is the first with some EOC, the...
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    What is the rule on this board to make the mileages on one tank? Or better what is considered one tank? My '06 is listed as 14.5 gallons. What is the point of over filling a tank to reach the mileage but have a lousy FE? So you do the ventectomy and fill to the brim to be able to reach 800...
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    Hypermilling with a TURBO

    All this made me pull out the old manual last night. Read it front to back, search the index for diesel, turbo, cool down. nothing, but absolutely othing is mentioned in any section (including maintenance and driving tips) is mentioned about the turbo. No caution, no cooldown, no special...
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    Hypermilling with a TURBO

    I totally agree with your statement here. Two different goals in having the car. And I also agreed before hand that using something more often will increase the chance and likelyhood for it to wear sooner. No question no doubt. We have different motivations. I commute 100 miles every day...
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    Took a test drive in a 2009 TDI!

    As for the MPG, it is a test car and certainly not driven for FE, people take it on short stints and floor it. It better feel more lively then the '06 it has 40% more HP.
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    Hypermilling with a TURBO

    Based on your calculations I am in my 5th year of car ownership (having 72K miles on it) if I was averaging 15k a year. I agree that it will cause additional wear and tear, no question, using your car will cause that. I had no problems with my starter, turbo, exhaust, glow plugs, harness...
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    Hypermilling with a TURBO

    Where is the proff for that? Where are all the premature turbo failures that should be occuring since most people just stop their car when they are done.
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    Hypermilling with a TURBO

    First no offense but you have no clue how to read a post, you just read what you want. Sure the turbo is available at any RPM if you accelerate hard enough. AGAIN, with hypermiling you try to avoid hard acceleration, stay below 2,000RPM if possible and you WILL HARDLY NOT use the turbo. You...