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  1. terrydtdi

    injector pump

    Coming in late but almost all pumps will need to have IQ adjusted after reseal/rebuild after installed.
  2. terrydtdi

    What did you do to your MKIV today?

    Peter that's great! You got me by 40,000 miles.
  3. terrydtdi

    injection pumps rebuilding

    I do reseals for cost of the seals, if they are somewhat local. We used to do them all the time at GTG's. Sure miss those.
  4. terrydtdi

    injection pumps rebuilding

    $25 to reseal, just need seal kit. There are great how to videos by "Runonbeer".
  5. terrydtdi

    My 5th gear won't engage on my ALH what could it be

    I finally got a chance to pull the cover off the side of trans that covers the 5th gear. After inspecting I noticed the fork that pushes the vertical rod (excuse my lack of the proper names of the internal shift linkage parts) was bound up like it had been pushed too far causing it to bind up...
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  10. terrydtdi

    My 5th gear won't engage on my ALH what could it be

    Gents, Sometimes I diligently work on something spending a lot of time and once you get whatever it is worked out, you can get busy with your life and work and just don’t follow back up. It’s probably happened to me. Just got to give MAXRPM some time, he will see the notification.
  11. terrydtdi

    WTB GLASS ALH Jetta Headlamp Covers

    Are you still seeking the glass lenses? I have a brand new set still in the box. $90 plus shipping. I can send a pic later today. SOLD
  12. terrydtdi

    My 5th gear won't engage on my ALH what could it be

    Bringing this old thread back up. I just installed new shifter bushings from Dieselgeek, trans shifted fine beforehand just a little sloppy. Then when I went to adjust the linkage everything worked smoothly except 5th gear. I'm having the same problem as above. I've released the cables at the...
  13. terrydtdi

    Head Gasket Leak ALH

    Looking at your second picture the nozzle tip doesn't look very good, if you have poor nozzle spray conditions and they drip instead of spraying that could cause higher cylinder pressures. I've had to replace 3 head gaskets, mainly because of high cylinder pressure with high boost 28-30 PSI...
  14. terrydtdi

    ALH Engine Refresh

    I had to change the bottom end, I had a broke oil ring on the number 1 piston, and then that caused a cracked piston. I put a used bottom end in. Too many track days, and high temps I would assume. I was tracking the car up to 407,000 miles, then swapped out the bottom. I will be building my...
  15. terrydtdi

    ALH Engine Refresh

    Lol Thank you! Yeah I guess I could call it that lol. It’s definitely a hard one to break!
  16. terrydtdi

    IBW Gets a New Engine

    Wow, IBW is looking great! You’ve got me by 20k lol. Great to see some of the original guys and their cars still doing great. I told my wife she can just bury me in it. Lol
  17. terrydtdi

    2004 BEW A/C

    The fuse panels over the battery tends to get damaged from heat cycles. This is a pretty common problem with the MK4's.
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  20. terrydtdi

    ALH Engine Refresh

    I haven't posted for a while, and wanted to share some pics of the engine refresh I did last April. Lots of polishing time went into just about every part that was removed. I know I have a problem, LOL.