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    LF - Hub Centric Rings

    Looking for some hub Centric Rings for some rims I picked up 57.1 - 66.6 Also some center caps (preferably VW for same BORE size 66.6)
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    Diesel price...

    Was only a $1.99 a gallon down in the US this past week for my Vacation. Was kind of nice only costing $60 for my trip back from Florida!
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    US Recall

    ****, I just got my 2015 in May and now this:mad:. Ya what happens when my mileage goes to ****. Who's gonna pay for that????:confused:I hope I can get a tune to bypass the fix to keep my mileage
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    What's with diesel price now?

    Funny how MAC's and 7-11 are the best deals for Diesel. Always makes me laugh
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    What's with diesel price now?

    I just filled up at the local 7-11 in Kitchener and it was 103.9 :D
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    Audi A6 TDI ultra Goes the Distance and Sets New World Record

    Ya and he was trying to lose too. He had the AC going and anything else so he would burn fuel faster. I think it backfired and he ended up there first didn't he?
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    Radio stuck. Kind of.

    Two issues with my new car so far. Radio sometimes doesn't stay on the pre-set that I have. So turn the car on and it has jumped back down to the bottom of the dial (87.7) which is just static. Other issue I have was using nav and all of a sudden it jumped to the middle of the US and NAV...
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    MK7 Golf Sportwagen Hitch Required

    Where did you buy yours?
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    MK7 Golf Sportwagen Hitch Required

    Ok, so I got my new baby (pictures to be uploaded soon) but am in dire need of a hitch for it. None are on the market yet but I believe I can get the MK7 Golf Estate (European Towbar) for it from Europe. Does anyone have experience installing one of these (I believe I can get a few different...
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    leatherette in the summer heat

    And this is why I live in Canada :D
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    2015 Sportwagen Tow Rating

    Who is selling the hitch now? My dealer doesn't have one yet and I want to get one asap
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    2015 Golf Sportwagon review

    Well that totally sucks. I just got a call from the dealer and the soonest they could get me my specific wagon is Mid June:eek::mad::mad::mad:
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    2015 Golf Sportwagon review

    Thanks Bill! It was time, and the house is paid off now so I thought I would treat myself. I wanted to wait for the AWD but I just couldn't help myself LOL
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    2003 Jetta Wagon TDI w 430k on it

    So I am selling my beloved 2003 Jetta Wagon GLS. Asking $2500 obo Located in Acton, Ontario, Canada - Just west of Toronto - 430k kms - loaded with leather sunroof etc etc - trailer hitch and roof rack - winter rims and 16" VW alloys - Timing belt water pump last changed at 400k - Always...
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    2015 Golf Sportwagon review

    Just Purchased One So my Jetta Wagon has 430k on it so I thought what a better time to jump in and get the new wagon. I purchased the Comfortline DSG(I know I know) with Nav. All said and done I'm at $33k with my discount. I didn't bother trading my wagon in because they only wanted to give me...
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    Items for Sale - Manifold, Boost Gauge, Laptop

    Model # T-41 on the Laptop :)
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  18. Smashed windsheild

    Smashed windsheild

    After meeting Mr.Ice from Transport
  19. Parts Needed

    Parts Needed

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