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    MK4 OEM Roof Rack

    Have a set of MKIV golf VW roof rack bars with the key. Send me a PM. Located in Silver Spring, MD, USA
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    early MK IV headliner for sale
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    early MK IV headliner for sale
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    early MK IV headliner for sale
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    early MK IV headliner for sale
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    early MK IV headliner for sale
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    early MK IV headliner for sale
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    early MK IV headliner for sale
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    Recovered Headliner for Early MKIV Golf No Sunroof or Side Curtain Airbags

    Have a recently recovered relined headliner in light gray color for an early pre side curtain airbag Mk IV Golf without a sunroof. Asking $220 for it, as what I paid for the work. Bought this for my 2003 Golf(at time didn't know the difference with curtain airbags or without) Had it recovered...
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    WTB: One single wheel lock. 11 spline type.

    11 spline wheel bolt Dont have a 11 spline one, but have a set of 7 square spline bolts with lock. Interested?
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    2002 ALH TDI starter wanted

    Just tried to start my unused 2002 Golf TDI with manual transmission and the starter is out. Battery is fine, lights are fine. Hit the starter with a pipe, no go, tried to bump the starter by rolling down a hill, no go. Starter is out. Anyone out there in the DC Metro area with one to spare...
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    WTB: One single wheel lock. 11 spline type.

    wheel bolts Not sure if I have the 11 spline one, but have several others. Let me look. I'm located in Silver Spring and you can pop over to pick up. Walter
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    Wanted: TDI Cars Needing Work

    Have a 2003 GOLF TDI, needs a little work, but runs well. White with black velour interior, around 220k miles. 5 spd manual no sunroof, power all around. Been sitting a while (8 months). CEL, ABS lights are on. Located in Silver Spring MD. Walter
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    WTB MKIV headliner no sunroof light gray

    New ones are nearly $900. Already did the can of glue thing, had to pull a good portion of the fabric down and sprayed a whole can of top 3M adhesive into there. Put it all back together, perfect and then 3 days later it came down again. Not worth repairing, as I've used thumbtacks all over to...
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    WTB MKIV headliner no sunroof light gray

    Am in need of a light grey non sunroof headliner from a MKIV Jetta or Golf. Anyone got one in the Mid Atlantic region (NJ, NY, PA, DC, MD, VA). I'm in MD and can drive to pick up. The ones I've seen are all sagging or sunroof'd. Let me know what you have. Thanks Walter 2002 Golf TDI (sagging...
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    FS: 2003 Golf TDI

    Looks just like mine, with 226K miles and 5 spd. Same colors and felt fabric seats. I have a question... where did you get the nice black stickers that go between the front and rear door windows? My passenger door frame was messed up with a hammer from a thief, and want to cover it up. Thanks...
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    Beetle part out and alh parts

    ALH Starter for my 2002 Golf Hello Dwiesel, Would you have a good starter for my 2002 ALH manual golf? The old one on the car is on it's last legs. PM me the cost to ship to 20902. Thanks, Walter
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    '02 Golf, damaged, for sale or part out

    headliner? Hows the gray headliner? Need one for my 2003 Golf thats sagging. No sunroof please. Thanks
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    FS 2003 ALH Injection pump with injectors.

    IP has been SOLD!! Injectors have been SOLD!! Thanks, Walter Wheaton, MD
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    ISO: injector nozzles

    Injector Nozzles. Tom, Have a set of used Injectors from my wifes 2003 TDI ALH beetle manual. Have 190K miles on them and they were good. I replaced the injectors with another set thinking that would solve the uneven running problem, but it was the injection pump that was bad. So injectors...