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    feeler: A4 parts for sale

    Still have the sunglasses holder for sale.
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    feeler: A4 parts for sale

    trading the Jetta in on Sat. I think the only think I have left is the winter tires. Any offers? I can get some pics for those interested. Marc
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    feeler: A4 parts for sale

    bump for pic
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    feeler: A4 parts for sale

    Bmarc, you have a pm.
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    feeler: A4 parts for sale

    due to another addition to the family i need to move to a larger (read non-VW) vehicle. Since the Jetta will be traded at a local dealer i will be removing a few items first :) . Any interest out there in the following::confused: set of 4 Monster mats been in the car since Christmas 04 asking...
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    What should I do???(3 Car Seats)

    I'm in the same boat, well car that 8 yr old, a 2 year old, and one on the way. Too many to put in the back seat of the 03 Jetta. We are actually looking at used 'burbans, diesel equipped of course. I really am not looking forward to driving an american car / truck again.
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    looking for rims in the maritimes

    Where is Hubcap Masters? Halifax? thanks
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    311,498 miles. Enough is Enough

    speaking of toyotas my '87 Corolla hit 298, *** Kilometers on the original timing belt.
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    looking for rims in the maritimes

    After selling my factory hubcaps to buy new workboots , I realized I do not want to drive around all summer on the black steelies. does anyone locally (Maritimes is local driving the TDI ) have any 15 or 16" VW rims they want to sell for a reasonable price. With or without tires I would...
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    Stop Thieves

    yup, i agree with BlueKnight, I read on here about members replacing the driver's sode door handle with a passenger side handle as there is no key hole at all.
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    '03 Jetta sedan TDI VS '01 Passat 1.8T wgon

    Re: \'03 Jetta sedan TDI VS \'01 Passat 1.8T wgon the passat is a five speed. so should I see low to mid 30's with it? thanks
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    '03 Jetta sedan TDI VS '01 Passat 1.8T wgon

    \'03 Jetta sedan TDI VS \'01 Passat 1.8T wgon My 110 kms daily commute will be cut in half shortly and two kids quickly fill the back of the Jetta. I found a '01 passat 1.8t wagon locally and I like the looks and greater interior space of it. Anyone tell me the pros and cons of the passat...
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    Gas cap is NOT closing any more..

    mine does that every now and then. I just keep closing the door "with authority!" until the nipple pops open. I remember reading something on here about reaching behind the trunk liner and wiggling the solenoid or something. Hate to say this but do search and I am sure you will come up with...
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    Frosted, Icy Windshield

    I had this problem yesterday am. I did the recirc thing with fan on # 1. I also opened my driver's window about 1/2 " and this seemed to help. btw it was minus 24C here. minus 39 if you factor the wind.
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    Hidden-Hitch Questions

    I uploaded my instruction sheet, there are a few torque specs listed. Marc
  16. hidden hitch instructions

    hidden hitch instructions

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    wtb hubcaps

    I am looking for a set of 4 OEM 15" hubcaps of a '02 or 03 jetta. If anyone has a set they would like to get rid of please let me know. I am located in Canada so something local would be best. thanks Marc
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    improper use of cond. = problems with injectors??

    anyone else have 2 cents to add? thanks
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    improper use of cond. = problems with injectors??

    "white stuff" ? sounds nasty I asked my boss for his source of info and have yet to get a reply. I on the other hand provided this site and the Howe's site to back up my claims.