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    Tony's B4 Project

    Not sure if you did this yet or not but you can use a large coffee can as a heat shield. Just slice it in half and bolt it on. Mine had Uban on it and worked fine.
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    1998 Jetta TDI fixer special

    any idea how engine seized? belt broke? run on WVO?
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    1997 B4 TDI. NorCal

    is it grey in color? Hard to tell with the lighting. Great looking car
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    FS: 98 Jetta Parts

    Fog light switch sold! Wheel covers/hub caps are still available.
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    FS: 98 Jetta Parts

    Motor Mounts sold. Hubcaps and fog light switch still available.
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    FS: 98 Jetta Parts

    Blitzsafe Sold!
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    FS: 98 Jetta Parts

    Ok Sale prices now, $50 for the motor mounts, $50 for the hubcaps
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    FS: 98 Jetta Parts

    No one needs any of these? Make offer, hate to toss this stuff. I also found a Blitzsafe interface that plugs into the CD changers plug for digital audio. I used it for my Sirius Radio and its a amazing upgrade to the tape deck option. I don't remember what I paid for it so I will take any...
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    FS: 98 Jetta Parts

    I no longer own my TDI Jetta and have a few parts left over Four OEM wheel covers/hub caps in good condition $50 for all four including shipping or will sell them separately. All three motor mounts I purchased from Autohaus AZ and never installed, new in the box. paid $112 plus tax, asking...
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    trip meter resets on cold start?

    I just want to thank Tripl-e for this fix. I have had this problem for awhile and finally fixed it with your write-up. Total cost was $3.20 for my Cap.
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    Help, TDI ran on GAS!

    My Mother accidentally put gas in her 03 TDI wagon. She just called me and she lives in WI and I live in CA. She told me she had a 1/4 tank of diesel and added a 1/2 more of E85 gas. She then drove it 10 miles and it was bucking so she stopped and then realized what she had done. In her...
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    B4 AC Electrical troubleshooting

    So your suggesting when your clutch coil heats up, it stops working as it is outside the specs. Makes sense to me, and you have checked everything else. Has it been over a year from when you put your a/c in? Let us know what they do for you as I purchased my system from the same company...