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  1. hendomatic

    200K Miles + Mods= good or bad idea?

    I rebuilt the bottom half of my motor at 210K thinking most of the blowby issues I had were piston rings and such. It wasnt until I had the head rebuilt does the motor actually feel like new. My intake valve guides were very much done. This solved my blowby issue completely. Now the oil is...
  2. hendomatic

    WT? - $.50 difference now? between regular unleaded and diesel

    This map looks pretty recent
  3. hendomatic

    Kansas Chat Thread

    Almost 3 hours from Truman Med to Kearney MO... Was a suxor afternoon.
  4. hendomatic

    What controls end of injection?

    That would seem to be at odds with documentation that I referenced. Injection Pump Thread
  5. hendomatic

    What controls end of injection?

    Would it not be the position of the quantity adjuster control collar that controls the end of injection? Injection Pump Thread
  6. hendomatic

    How to rev engine when cold?

    After owning a TDI for 3 years now, I would submit my following observations: A properly working thermostat makes the need to cover up your radiator unnecessary. I have found that to get the engine warmed up the quickest, take a route that does load the engine a bit. Turn on your headlights and...
  7. hendomatic

    Bosch VE VP 37 type rotary electronic fuel injection pump

    This post by Drivbiwire is also very helpful
  8. hendomatic

    "Timing too advanced", Smoke & other TB change badness.

    dont forget to relax tension on the injector pipes if you move the pump dramatically. just crack them loose at the pump and retighten.
  9. hendomatic

    Effects of diesel timing

    The pump on my 98 AHU now has 230K miles on it and i believe it is getting time for a rebuilt. This is a heavily modded engine with PP220's and a GT2056 turbo. Some days, this car starts and runs totally awesome with gobs of power and almost no smoke. Other days, it starts all clattery and...
  10. hendomatic

    11mm camplate in 10mm pump

    Sorry couldn't resist.. :)
  11. hendomatic

    98 Jetta build thread

    Congrats on your engine resurrection! If you put the everything back together stock, the engine CCV vents into the intake. The blow-by of the motor will have a bit of oil mist in it which will get vented into the intake, into the turbo compressor, down the boost pressure line into your boostvalve.
  12. hendomatic

    DCOTC#11 --Feeler/GTG Kansas City, KS

    Yep, I was there too(swampholley's car) and I also learned how sensitive the slightest change in pump pulley adjustment is when I did my first solo Mk4 TB job a few months later. Fortunately we found the hole and the car has been running fine since.
  13. hendomatic

    Camshaft sprocket slipped after TB change

    Not trying to be argumentative, but wouldn't a cam sprocket slip leave the camshaft timing late rather than advanced? How would VagCom have any reference to injection timing being affected as it is only looking at the needle lift from the pump action. As long as the pump remained in time with...
  14. hendomatic

    98 jetta tdi hp upgrades

    I like the statement this picture makes.. The FMIC goes HERE. The rest of the car.... where its not! :)
  15. hendomatic

    98 jetta tdi hp upgrades

    I'm looking forward to Scott's visit. I would call the car almost ready for a run around the track. The local Audi Club here has a lot of members that attend several HPDE's every year and this turbo setup should make for some good high performance driving. As far as driveability, its a bit...
  16. hendomatic

    Missouri members

    Live in Kearney, MO, just past the north coast of Kansas City. Welcome to the list.
  17. hendomatic

    injection pump

    The spring retainer looks to be pushed most of the way out. Its on the bottom of the valve. IIRC, it should be flush with the bottom of the valve body.
  18. hendomatic

    gt2056 on a ahu/1z

    Thanks.. Had a few nervous moments, and a crapload of fabrications, but my confidence is building and the drive to and from work today was a treat. Smooth and powerful. The engine feels much less stressed at high speeds. Re did the exhaust Sunday. Wasnt happy with some of the angles especially...
  19. hendomatic

    gt2056 on a ahu/1z

    This manifold also does best with the stock 12mm lock nuts. If you have the 13mm nuts, you will have clearance issues on the bottom row. Nothing a little material removal cant solve, but the 12mm nuts fit perfectly. I'm happy to say that my GT2056 is installed and I'm breaking it in. So far...