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  1. abakos

    GTG January 28,2012 Chapin, SC

    Excellent! I can appease the VW Gods and bring a sacrifice of rotor screws that don't break-
  2. abakos

    GTG January 28,2012 Chapin, SC

    Man I do miss the camaraderie of the TDI community... I may have still have to make a cameo appearance. I promise, I'll park down the street :) I only now just saw this thread, otherwise I would have been game last weekend!
  3. abakos

    Driver's Door Wiring

    When my driver's door wiring started to break apart, the first problem I noticed was that my doors wouldn't lock with the remote. I was able to catch it quick enough to solder the ends of the wire back together and put shrink tubing on the splice. I was also able to break a wire-tie or tie-down...
  4. abakos

    Car-b-que April 2nd @ my shop in Asheville

    Argh...I'm always looking for a reason to jam out to Ashvegas, but alas, I'll be in Nashville this weekend! Are BMWs welcome? :)
  5. abakos

    windshiled washer fluid not spraying well - fluid runs out quickly?!

    yeah...this is kind of a feature. On the passenger side. Can't miss it.
  6. abakos

    A5 GLI Brake Set w/Hawk HPS Pads

    Put these on my '06 because I couldn't stand the factory brake performance... Zimmerman Rotors fit for GLI size, along with OEM caliper brackets and Hawk HPS pads up front. The OEM caliper brackets were important to me because I didn't like the looks of the machining on the cheap ones that are...
  7. abakos

    Disarm power door locks???

    Don is correct...with the VCDS cable and software it only takes a minute. Literally, 60 seconds. Try posting in the regional forums too to find someone close to you-
  8. abakos

    06 tdi missing and smoking / intermitten problem

    east tn by chance?
  9. abakos

    Doin's at Dan's

    Hi Dan- Glad to see you're keeping busy! A suggestion on the compressor- Since you already have the large tank, you might consider picking up a cheaper smaller compressor and use the large tank to maintain pressure. I doubt that you use air fast enough to have that much of a problem with...
  10. abakos

    06 golf stalled and won't restart

    sounds like fuel not you run any additives?
  11. abakos

    Showing my ignorance (oil related)

    I did a cam inspection at dan's earlier this year...worth the trip; you'll learn a LOT.
  12. abakos

    dweise- One Last Thread-Contact Info

    dweisel rocks, and I don't even rock a VW anymore. Peace man :)
  13. abakos

    How Fans Forced BMW To Fix This Faulty Fuel Pump

    My sincerest apologies! I do enjoy some good sarcasm, so please carry on- Since I ditched my own MKV I'm a bit out of touch with the TDIClub...:o
  14. abakos

    How Fans Forced BMW To Fix This Faulty Fuel Pump

    Is this sarcasm? If "Customer Oriented" means a strategy centered around blaming the customer then I would agree. How many people have posted about "bad fuel...fragged hpfp...won't honor warranty..."? No auto manufacturer is perfect, but I've never had a bad experience with BMW. My local VW...
  15. abakos

    Need a second opinion

    wires are broken...99% sure of it. Search in the forum- lots of threads with pics.
  16. abakos

    Window and door issue manual fuel door release- Never looked on mine before I got rid of it...but worth looking