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  1. dieselgrandad

    silver lining to emission scandal

    LOL Really? In addition to using fact and logic, I also rely on experience. So just what facts and history support singling out non commercial diesels for higher taxation at the point of fuel sales? Did you bother to think about the cost of implementation, enforcement, etc? There is NO logic to...
  2. dieselgrandad

    2015 Jetta (after congress)

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say VW will get through this, not unscathed, but they will definitely survive. Let's not forget, they are the biggest automaker in the world with manufacturing worldwide. That carry's a LOT of clout. We wouldn't let GM go under. I don't see Germany letting VW...
  3. dieselgrandad

    Sound Off on Current Diesel Price

    Might be. Up the road a bit here in Fondy we're $2.699 diesel $2.449 Reg. Fleet Farm will give you a $.04 discount if you have a receipt coupon.
  4. dieselgrandad

    black smoke on hard accel

    I was going to say the B4 never burned a drop of oil - although I changed it every 5k, and a member graciously let me drive his heavily modded Jetta at one of gtg's - it smoked like a coal fired train when you got your foot into it. So yes I agree, steve6 has it backwards.
  5. dieselgrandad

    silver lining to emission scandal

    Yes, yes ..... you can postulate, speculate, hopothesize, and wild a$$ guess any scenario you like, but I assure you it isn't going to happen as you describe. :rolleyes: However, if you are really adamant about sticking it to private diesel passenger vehicle owners, why not apply some K-I-S-S...
  6. dieselgrandad

    Pay fine and fix emissions problem or buyback?

    At what time , sir? One thing about snorkeling or ventilating in heavy seas, it kept your ear drums flexible. :eek:
  7. dieselgrandad

    black smoke on hard accel

    Black smoke is a sign of over-fueling (someone please correct me if I'm wrong), and is normal (to a point) under hard accel, at least on the older cars. FWIW my '97 Passat always "blew soot" for a few seconds on hard accel, even before I had it chipped, and even more so if the wife had been...
  8. dieselgrandad

    Pay fine and fix emissions problem or buyback?

    LOL in your opinion. IMO - if the US auto manufacturers put half as much money into development and marketing of diesel passenger vehicles as they did into lobbying Congress (particularly lobbying to keep foreign cars out), there'd be no "Fred's" and we'd all be driving diesel Focus's, Cruz's, etc.
  9. dieselgrandad

    Pay fine and fix emissions problem or buyback?

    Really? So how do people who live where emission tests are mandatory pass the test, bribe the tester?
  10. dieselgrandad

    silver lining to emission scandal

    Yeah ..... pretty safe to say that's not gonna happen. For one thing, just how are the POV pumps (as you call them) going to differentiate between passenger vehicles and small commercial diesel delivery trucks and pickups? And how would you stop the small vehicles from using the truck pumps? I...
  11. dieselgrandad

    Volkswagen's Clean Air Act violations on 2009+ TDIs spark huge recall, investigations

    Read this:
  12. dieselgrandad

    Keep or sell 2005 Passat TDI

    Let's just say the Passat costs you $1500/year in maintenance. Can you really replace it for less than that? Where are you getting it repaired? If it's a dealer, well .... There is probably someone nearby who is a TDI guru/mechanic who can do it for less. If you can't do your routine...
  13. dieselgrandad

    Pay fine and fix emissions problem or buyback?

    Was it the "our tree hugging EPA" or was it lobbyists and an auto industry that has shown no interest in small diesels for the consumer because they don't think there is a market?
  14. dieselgrandad

    Is regular Mobil 1 5w30 ok?

    Read this: If that doesn't answer the question, check the owners manual spec against the spec on the container or on Mobil's website.
  15. dieselgrandad

    best method to splice 2 wires together

    I will second GreenLantern TDI in that you stagger the butt splices to minimize the bundle. I would also suggest that the marine (not Marine ;) ) type butt-splices, with the glue and shrink tube, provide at least a degree of strain relief. I am not arguing that the WE splice is inferior, but...
  16. dieselgrandad

    Is regular Mobil 1 5w30 ok?

    Ask them flat out "is the oil to VW's spec", and if (when) they say yes, make them state that on the work order/receipt (even if it's hand written), and that you get a copy SIGNED BY THE SERVICE WRITER. If there is a problem after that because it's the wrong oil, it's on them.
  17. dieselgrandad

    NOx Question

    Don't get too worked up. There's always been a lot of "snarkyness" on the boards. Just learn to ignore it. It is unfortunate the VW chose to cheat and lied - but they aren't the first nor will they be the last to do it. Hang on to your car and enjoy it. Oh and in regards to your Spit, as a...
  18. dieselgrandad

    TDI for sale?

    It's still too early to tell how values will be impacted (IMO). If, once a fix is announced and depending on what the fix is, the herd starts dumping their cars, the price will naturally fall. But you've got the right idea, keeping it is the best strategy.
  19. dieselgrandad

    Mechanical Question:Diesel to Gas Conversion

    Mmmmmm, I think after you've been around the boards a while you'll understand the question of sanity around here (and who is or isn't) is VERY subjective. I submit the "TDI Power Enhancements" as credible proof. ;)