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    Would you buy your Diesel wagon again?

    I loved the torque of the diesel but can't say I was that fond of the wagon. It went to a small family that could use it better than me and I still got 150k miles out of it. Between the clutch going early, sunroof drains leaking, intake valve, DPF problems, etc, I can't say I was happy with...
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    MY2010 Bosch HPFP

    Agreed, that is a myth. Bosch actually to change the HPFP to try and make it last. There is a reason the warranty was extended to 120,00 miles. Because some of the earlier HPFP's had issues. Yours is in the earlier range and I would highly recommend a 2micron filter (If you don't have one) if...
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    loss of power after HpFp replacement

    Or full of metal from the HPFP. You can usually find them on Ebay for about $125 each, way cheaper than the dealer. Just remember to write down the code for each injector and which position you put them in the car. You will need VCDS to correctly install the injectors. Other things to...
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    FS: 2Mircon Filter housing & window deflectors

    Contain kit still available for anyone interested. All parts included, except a new filter.
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    NC Buybacks

    Buyback was on a Tuesday, received Chase email Wednesday evening, completed Chase transaction request Thursday, funds in bank Friday morning.
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    Bosch to pay VW TDI owners too

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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Just a plug for EFT Turned in car Tuesday afternoon. Received Chase email late Wednesday evening. Filled out Chase transfer Thursday. Money in bank Friday morning.
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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    Buyback completed yesterday without any issue. Buyback specialist had all my documentation ready to go. Dealer rep took the car and verified it ran and the specialist took pictures and verified the mileage. Then it was just a matter of completing the paperwork. It was a great car and...
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    Not sure what to do

    Agreed, it would cost more than the car is worth to install a fix. Gen1 buybacks will go to the crusher. To the OP, as mentioned already, don't skimp on the maintenance. You are due for a timing belt now. As the saying goes, if you don't make time for maintenance, your equipment will make...
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    HPFP Replacement on the cheap...

    Awesome, glad the DIY helped. Just a couple more days and I will be turning mine in as well.
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    FS: 2Mircon Filter housing & window deflectors

    2MicronTech billet aluminum contain kit. A must for those with a 2009-2012 2.0 TDI. The HPFP has been a known issue in these years of cars, hence the extended warranty to 120,000 miles. Installation of this kit will contain any metal particles in the high pressure section of the engine and not...
  12. Weathertech window deflectors

    Weathertech window deflectors

  13. Fore Sale

    Fore Sale

    MKV parts for sale
  14. 2micron filter housing

    2micron filter housing

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    Buyback COMPLETED Car is now in Dealership Lot

    VW is finally getting the process down, received email yesterday evening on appointment reminder for next week.
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    RCD 300 Broken?

    As the germans would say, its kaput. Unless you are into working on electronics, not a lot you will be able to do. My radio kept giving me an CDC HARDWARE fault. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I finally pulled it out and bought a decent Alpine, way cheaper than getting a...
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    Is my 2009 CR about to die from HPFP ?

    It could very well be a spot of bad fuel causing you this issue. If you could do an OBD scan, see if there is an P0087 code in the memory. That is the low fuel rail/system pressure fault code. If you are getting that, your HPFP could be going bad. Also open the fuel filter housing and see if...
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    Fixing HPFP Failure as cheaply as possible....

    I have done this job, it can be a pain. Easiest way to complete this is to replace the HPFP and flush the fuel tank and lines. See if someone can loan you the timing tools and go to town.