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    Clutch Not Disengaging

    shoebear you hit the nail on the head! I pulled the transmission yesterday and found a finger on the pressure plate had broken off. I yanked it out and went back with a single mass flywheel, clutch and pressure plate from South Bend. Took it for a test drive last night after I got it all back...
  2. JMS TDI Pics

    JMS TDI Pics

    JMS TDI Pics of car and parts
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    Failed TDI Pressure Plate
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    Clutch Not Disengaging

    I've got a 2005 Jetta TDI with the BEW engine coupled to a five speed transmission. I bought the car with 152k on it and to my knowledge it has the original clutch in it. It now has 230k on it and in the last few thousand miles there has been an intermittent issue where the clutch does not...